Sunday, July 8, 2012

Song of the Day: "Calling Me Names"

Good Old War are from Philadelphia. They take their name from substrings of the 3 band members' last names, which I think is clever.  Come Back as Rain is their third album.

Normally I'd take the presence of the word "war" in the band name as a jumping off point to remind everyone that George W. Bush is a criminal against peace/war criminal, and Dick Cheney is both plus war profiteer.

Or I'd point out that at nearly 11 years (and counting), our War of/on Terror in Afghanistan is America's longest war ever!!! I'd mention how never before had American's been given a tax cut during a war which is a significant cause of the deficit (no wait, sorry, current guy's black, it's all his fault) and how troops returning from war aren't getting the mental health or medical support they need, which is a fucking travesty (SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!!! should not mean "support the idea of war"; it should mean supporting the actual men and women who answer the call to serve [and their families], possibly by not sending them into a war that should never have happened [I saw Colin Powell on The Daily Show--he's the only member of the Bush Administration that I've ever seen show regret over Iraq, and even he says he's glad we invaded, to git Saddam]).

Or I'd even point out that now the US is losing more troops to suicide than to combat.

But I'm just not up to it today.

Did I mention the band's from Philly?

Song: "Calling Me Names"
Artist: Good Old War (Goodwin, Arnold, Schwartz)

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