Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Your US Diving Team summary (the men anyway)

OMG you watched, right? You totes watched and you know, you must. How could you not?!

Many of the men discussed previously (or perviously as I may have typed before) made the US Olympic Diving team, the most impressive of which is that Troy Dumais is going to his fourth fucking Olympics. Dude is 32 and that means that he's been a competing Olympian for half his life. Watch him kick some ass here (I can't embed but his dives rock, although I find it a little tedious that Nancy Grace is one of the diving commentators).

While I... watch a lot of TV.

Dumais is only the second athlete to qualify for 4 Olympics (maybe from the US, maybe from the whole world, possibly just in diving, I'm not really into looking for the exact claim) -- the first is Greg Louganis (seen here, for no clear reason, in a bubble bath).

And because Jimmy Carter is History's Greatest Monster, surrendering all US Olympic Gold Medals from 1980 to the Russians Soviets, Louganis qualified for, but did not compete at, 1 of his 4 Olympics. So Troy would be breaking new ground for whatever qualifier limits him (for US Divers, US athletes, all Olympians).
One of these things is not like the others (click to embiggen)
Troy Dumais (3M springboard and synchronized springboard with Kristian Ipsen), David Boudia (platform and synchronized platform with Nick McCrory) and Nick McCrory (same as Boudia) dive in 2 events; with Kristian Ipsen (synchronized springboard with Dumais) and Christopher Colwill (3M springboard) round out the men's team.

Sadly no one took me up on my generous offer to stay at the house.


I assume there's a girl's team too. Wasn't really paying attention.

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