Wednesday, June 27, 2012

R.I.P. Rufus

2012 continues to suck.

We said goodbye to Rufus in a somewhat bittersweet way this afternoon.

The tale of Rufus has 2 sweet bookends. Early on when Kelly and Phaedie adopted him, Kelly told me Phaedie, then 3 or 4, was playing in the backyard when she her a ruckus and came out to find Rufus positively snarling at the gas company meter man who he the audacity to enter Phaedra's yard. Over the last 10 years this dog let kids of all shapes and sizes ride on him, pull his super curly tail, and otherwise torment him without evoking so much as a flinch or side eyes. But the 1 time he thought his little girl might be in danger, stand back.

Kelly told me this story and I said that was exactly what she wanted to happen.

Rufus has been in declining health of late. I'm worried about Midge, but Midge still has plenty of tail wags and trotting. Rufus was farther along.

This afternoon was the day. The vet who came to Kelly's house to help talked to Rufus for a while. He was ready, but he worried about Kelly trying to raise Phaedra alone.

Frankly I was a little offended he didn't think I'd try to pick up some of the slack, but this wasn't really about me.  An hour later he would literally shit on me.

Taking a cue from Clark who was thoughtful enough to get me the hell out of the house when it was Rebel's time, I suggested Phaedra take their friend Angela to show her where they would walk Rufus. This made it easier for Kelly, easier for everyone.

There was a sudden, palpable calm in the room the instant the second injection did its job. A strange serenity mixed in with all the sadness. I helped Kelly load him into the vet's car--Kelly's a strong gal, emotionally, physically. I had his back end. Yeah.

The vet saw a rose on one of the bushes calling out to go with Rufus. And so it did.

If you're at Last Thursday on Alberta tomorrow come see Phaedra perform with Joy Now. We're meeting up at Binks as early as 4:00 and we will have leis. For Rufus and the girls, a celebration of 10 great years of one great dog.

Rest in peace buddy.

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