Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Song of the Day: "Youth Without Youth"

I got a haircut yesterday at one of Portland's hipster rock and roll barbershops. Because it's trying to be hipster it's actually not (which is why I was eligible to get my hair cut there). I asked for "number 4 clippers" for the sides and back, like I have for 10+ years now, and dude said "wha?"

Helpful girl dude cutting hair next to us said "half inch guide" (or guard, whatev).

But because original dude was European that didn't help him. And because I'm a 'Mercian, I don't know the metrics for shit. I mean, if surrenderer Jimmy Carter had his way, we'd all be working on solar powered communes and only talking in litres and eating organic endive. Which is not what Ronald Reagan wanted or would allow.

Ronald Reagan: he stopped the commies! So what if he armed Iran and lied to Congress. You've got to break some laws if you want to make an omelet. Or have the million or so illegal aliens you just granted amnesty make you an omelet. Whatever. The real Ronald Reagan is soooo different from the idealized Ronald Reagan of today that it's almost quaint. Of course as a, cough, 27 year old I'm sure I don't remember him at all. "You mean the guy who hosts the dog competitions on USA Network?"

Here's the band Metric from their forthcoming Synthetica.

And 0.5 inches in 12.7 millimeters. Jimmy Carter told me so.

Song: "Youth Without Youth"
Artist: Metric

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