Monday, May 7, 2012

Song of the Day: "Big Girl"

Pooping here is so
much nicer
By not posting any update for Midge over the weekend I may have given the impression that she isn't doing well. She's hanging in there -- in fact her disappointment was palpable when I told her we weren't going for a ride last night when I went to shut off the dome light in the truck and let her come with me to enjoy her front yard privileges (front yard privileges are like the lavatory in the front of an airplane: it's reserved for the first class passengers; the back yard is available for all the other passengers and also for first class passengers if they want to take a really smelly crap discreetly because no one cares what the people in coach think).

She sat down and gave me an exasperated sigh that is probably quite similar to whatever it is I do when I become impatient, bored or otherwise find disdain for other humans (you know, days that end in "y"). Based on that, I can understand why I'm not everyone's favorite person.

I figure that if she has the energy to get indignant with me, she's doing okay. She's eating and, aside her obvious disappointment with me, seems generally happy. The current plan is to assess her situation on a daily basis (which for me will be twice daily cause I'm really good at judging) and react to that appropriately. It's called living with the Specter of Death and it totally rocks! (sigh)

Pet Cheaters, coming soon to FOX
That being said, I was really surprised to see Midge on TV this morning, two-timing with some other family (the Harlots, I believe is their name). She denies that it's her, claims that it's some kind of identical cousin (AS IF!!!) but look at that picture.

That is totally her.

As Dr. Dog says in today's song "she's a big girl now she can't be your baby anymore." Hopefully the Harlots provide some kind of an address where I can send the vet bills. It's another track from Be the Void, their seventh album.

With seven albums Dr. Dog is due for a major label bidding war just like the one Virgin Records won over Mariah Carey had 10 years ago. Good luck with that!

Song: "Big Girl"
Artist: Dr. Dog

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