Saturday, May 5, 2012

The big holiday weekend

Go time!!
This weekend is the Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo and Casimir Pulaski Day. I knew the first 2 coincided this weekend thanks to Jimmy Fallon on the Twitterzes: Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo AND the Kentucky Derby! Or as stupid hats call it, “Go time!!”

When you think of music associated with the Kentucky Derby, nothing comes to mind. Well, nothing comes to my mind as I really have no context for the event aside from hats, mint juleps and horses. It's possible that bluegrass is appropriate as Kentucky is both the Bluegrass State and the site of the Kentucky Derby (what a lucky coincidence there, right?). But I didn't get there before I typed "musicians from Kentucky" into the Google and saw the name Steve Gorman right smack in my face, second name in the middle column, well above Tom T. Hall who is probably more associated with Kentucky than Steve, the former drummer for the Black Crowes (sorry, Black Crowes LLP) and one of the nicest dudes you can meet.

He's my original NCAA Hoops go-to guy (I probably disappointed him by picking Davidson and I just don't know it). Fun facts: he played basketing balls for Western Kentucky (which is ALSO in Kentucky) and now hosts Steve Gorman Sports! on The Game (102.5 FM in Nashville). First, kudos for including the exclamation point in the show title; second, how lucky that he and the show have the same name!!! (That joke doesn't get old does it?) Steve also won something at one of the MTV Rock & Jock Basketball games, and since there's no clear info online (internet fail!) I'll proclaim him the MVP, ahead of Tiffany Amber-Thiessen, Dean Cain and Flavor Flav.

I also learned the Steve has a new project with Joan Osborne and other people (a couple singer/songwriter types I'm unfamiliar with but in the future I will totally act like I've known of them forever, and "sometimes" there are various dudes from Widespread Panic, Georgia Satellites, Royal Court of China [not that you'd know who they are, but we played them 25 years ago, when I was 4], a Scorcher, and other Crowes whose last names aren't Robinson [you know, hired help]) called Trigger Hippy. Joan Osborne, ALSO from Kentucky.

And through this convoluted logic, here's Trigger Hippy covering Neil Young, in honor of the Derby. Is Kentucky in the south? Sure. It's south of something, right?

When looking for music in honor of Cinco de Mayo I thought "Richie Valens" so, naturally, here's Los Lobos -- this song was used in the opening credits of La Bamba and I really like it.

I discovered that it's also Casimir Pulaski Day because my dad sent me an ecard referencing the relatively obscure holiday. He probably doesn't know that Sufjan Stevens has a song with that title on Illinois, his second release in The 50 States Project (2 down, 48 to go). I'm pretty sure he doesn't know the song exists, let alone that it's about a dude whose wife died from cancer. Awkward. But hey, that's where I get it from! Some of it anyway. And in all honesty the card was funny and I didn't remember the specifics of the song until I re-listened to it this morning (I only remembered that it was pretty mopey).

Oh, and tonight's a super moon, another sign of the end of the world. Or so I've been told.

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