Monday, March 12, 2012

Song of the Day: "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings"

What do lesbians do after the first date? Rent a U-Haul
What do gay men do after then first date? Exchange names*
This might go a long way to explain why I do a bad job at remembering names as, cough, "culturally" they haven't been very important to my people. Or maybe I just don't like expending effort on things that are so fluid -- there are probably a dozen "rules" of grammar that have disappeared since I was in a formal English class, but my trusty math remains constant... like a constant (math humor).

So when I tell you that Father John Misty is dude from Fleet Foxes, don't even worry about it. I think he was (past tense) in FF and is no longer. But it's changeable. He was in FF when he was, so it might be that he will be again later when is again. Or not. But when/if I have sex with him, I probably wouldn't need to know his name (if history serves [although history, subject to change, apparently]).

Oh, and "Father John Misty" is not his real name. Like Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Jay-Z and Prince's symbol name (also FUCK PRINCE), he's using a different performing name even though he's a solo artist.

* The judges would also accept "what's a date" as a response for gay men.

Song: "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings"
Artist: Father John Misty

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