Monday, December 31, 2012

Song of the Day: "Nowhere, Massachusetts"

Black Prairie are from Portland, ergo they're all my neighbors. They may or may not (probably not, although vaguely I think maybe...) have something to do with 90s indie faves The Spinanes (indie fave=Wharton Rob liked them and introduced them to me, possibly in time for our 1994 virgin visit to Portland... when we were both 8 years old). I'm sure reading my confused ramblings from first thing in the morning are a highlight to your day. You're welcome.

The band definitely has something to do with my other neighbors' band, The Decemberists. 3 of the dudes in BP are also 3 of the Ds. Their second album, A Tear in the Eye Is a Wound in the Heart, features this track and coincidentally (or was it planned) their first official music video.

I like it a lot so you should too. More importantly, it will make you look super hip when you're buying khakis and this song comes on, you'll totes impress the sales clerk. Associate, the sales associate.

Just because he's folding slacks doesn't mean he's not a person.

I guess.

Song: "Nowhere, Massachusetts"
Artist: Black Prairie

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Song of the Day: "Champagne Coast"

Blood Orange, not to be confused with Mock Orange or Deertick.

You're welcome for that.

Song: "Champagne Coast"
Artist: Blood Orange

Friday, December 28, 2012

Song of the Day: "Hospital (Win Your Love)"

Also via You Ain't No Picasso comes Jesca Hoop, sounding like a hypothetical combination of Tori Amos and Carly Rae Jepsen. This track was the #2 favorite song from 2012 for him (them? her??!!).


Song: "Hospital (Win Your Love)"
Artist: Jesca Hoop

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Song of the Day: "Thrift Shop"

Fly beats, dope lyrics, "this is fucking awesome." This track from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is #3 on  You Ain't No Picasso's Favorite Songs of 2012.

Take that Carly Rae (number 14, pfff) and Madonna (file not found).

Song: "Thrift Shop"
Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Song of the Day: "Colours"

Young Liars live in the Phoenix, Hot Chip, MGMT area of the genre map. They seem to pull it off without sounding derivative, although it's possible I could confuse this with Phoenix without much effort.

Homesick Future is their debut EP.

Song: "Colours"
Artist: Young Liars

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Song of the Day: "Rude"

Lou Barlow takes the wheel on this recent Dinosaur Jr. track.

He probably took it from Jesus.

Song: "Rude"
Artist: Dinosaur Jr.

Monday, December 24, 2012

The on-going danger of slutty girls, what not to wear edition

The dangers presented to society by slutty girls are easily overlooked but that's part of the danger, their inherent overlookability (whatever)! So it's a good thing that the Supreme Court of Iowa was able to recognize that a female employee's overtly slutty appearance was grounds for termination. The employee was given a clear dress code:
"...if she saw his pants bulging, she would know her clothing was too revealing"
The employer's wife, a fellow employee, felt threatened by the slutty-looking female employee, so the employer and his wife met with a pastor. The conclusion, which surprises me, was that the slutty-looking employee should be fired. That seems weird since really the pastor should have helped them conclude that the wife is supposed to stay home and shut up and the husband can have as many concubines as he wants (read your Bible). The entire complaint is here but I think we can all see the dangers of both slutty girls (or at least slutty-looking girls, but c'mon, you know she's also a slut, look at how she's dressed) and also wives that work (outside the home, you know, real work).

You know what, honey, let the
men pick the syllabus.
Fortunately for the employer things didn't get that bad. And now he knows his wife is arrogant and opinionated and thinks she matters as much as him. Which is wrong. Things went really bad for a police officer in India because of another slutty girl, a 23-year old student who forced 6 men to rape her on a bus because she dressed like such a slut. At least it's been pointed that girls could help prevent (well, reduce but not necessarily prevent) these rapes by simply wearing a burqa. I mean outside--obviously they'll want to be attractive at home, for their husbands.

These liberal hippie types at the girl's college did a protest thing and then a police officer died as a direct (or possibly indirect) result. Over a slutty girl getting what she deserved. It's wrong. At least the girl died too. It's karma, which is a thing they believe in over there so maybe it was just placebo effect.

The courts in Dubai at least know how to keep girls in line. For example they recently fined a girl who was raped because she had been drinking. Like a slut. When 5 guys are trying to rape a girl there's a very real possibility one of the guys could get his eye poked by a penis or otherwise injured, so you need to take these cases seriously.

Why can't girls be more like Ann Romney and less like Bristol Palin?

Seasonal classics: "Merry Fucking Christmas"

God is going to kick your ass You infidelic pagan scum

A volume of gender studies in 24 seconds

Thanks to Family Guy.

Song of the Day: "From Here to the Moon and Back"

2-time Oscar nominee Dolly Parton ("9 to 5" from 9 to 5 lost to "Fame" from Fame, throw in "The Other Song from Fame" from Fame [actual name "Out Here On My Own"] and "On the Road Again" from Honeysuckle Rose and you've got 4 solid nominees plus a song from another movie that you're not going to guess... let's just say it was Randy Newman and get on with it; later she would lose to "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" but since you don't remember what song she was nominated for, let's just assume the best song won) has 3 songs on the short list of possible Best Original Song nominees. All from Joyful Noise; the movie was roundly panned by critics but the soundtrack itself has better reviews.

I haven't looked at the songs from the short list to see if there are others that Warner Bros. will put its weight behind instead of these. If they have some from a movie currently in theaters, they'll likely focus their resources there. If not, this could pop in. There's always a weird fifth nomination (when there are 5 nominees), so Dolly could do that.

Supposedly this song tugs at your heartstrings. Apparently I don't have heartstrings.

Song: "From Here to the Moon and Back"
Artist: Dolly Parton

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Song of the Day: "Love Dance"

Christmas is coming (h/t Erin for pic)
The Koxx, from their second EP Bon Voyage. I'm sure most of you are already fans of The Koxx.

If you're not familiar with The Koxx, they are from the K-pop world, the place that brought us "Gangnam Style"

Song: "Love Dance"
Artist: The Koxx

Saturday, December 22, 2012

So close

Ugh. Are there no Gen X copy editors? Really?

Needs superfluous periods to underscore the disdain.

Worst. Apocalypse. Ever.

Customer Service Avoidance Angst

The dogs got Clark a gift basket because my dogs are really fucking thoughtful. It was sent to his mom's, where he's staying a couple of weeks because then he could share the treats with her and his family. That was nice of them, right? 

I know, because, as I said, my dogs are really fucking thoughtful.

So it was frustrating to discover that instead of the basket, Clark received this. I'm not sure what it is, but it's not a gift basket. 

At least it's a quality product.

Now here's my problem. Amazon is set up really efficiently if you want to return a book. Or electronics. Basic non-perishable items.

Not gift baskets with food. These are non-returnable.

If you receive an incorrect item you simply follow the steps for a replacement or return. And if your item is non-returnable you...
Ugh. In times past I've had to call Amazon customer service. I find it tedious. I hate talking on the phone.

I was thrilled to find an email address for the company who makes the gift baskets, only to be told that I need to contact Amazon (they gave me the phone number, hooray).

UPDATE: I found a form I could submit online by using a not-really-appropriate pulldown selection and that got the job done without me picking up a phone. All this angst for nothing. Pff.

What liberty looks like to me

Worst menorah ever? No, Christmas
lights defended by ACLU
First of all, kudos to Sarah Childs, who took an argument with her neighbors to a logical and satisfying next level.

Well, it's logical to me, fuck you for thinking it's not. I don't even care what the argument was about (unless someone was defending the current season of Glee, cause obviously there's no defense for that).

A simple 3 step process for conflict resolution:

  1. Try to work it out.
  2. Erect a crude display venting your frustrations.
  3. Repeat as needed.

The process is clear. Problem solved.

But no, the lame neighbors, who are lame, went and filed a complaint with the local police. When threatened with a fine, Childs took the lights down, but later returned them. Then the local police threatened to arrest her for violating Denham Springs' obscenity statute. I mean Denham Springs' NONEXISTENT obscenity statute. Denham Springs, come for Antique Village, stay for the NONEXISTENT obscenity statute.

The ACLU defended Childs against something (not entirely clear from here and here but as it's Louisiana it was probably just "pissing off a cop").
“In a free society, we cannot allow law enforcement to invent ways to coerce people into conforming to their neighbors’ tastes or desires. In fact the police have a duty to protect the rights of dissenters, and the City of Denham Springs has failed in that obligation to Sarah Childs.”-Margorie Esman, ACLU of LA
I'm sure the Denham Springs police officers have all learned a wonderful lesson from all this, and Childs and her neighbors are probably getting on just fine. Or, as it's Louisiana, one of them drove their house to a different spot in the trailer park.

Song of the Day: "The A Team"

Dirk Benedict, star of
The A-Team
"Who the fuck is Ed Sheeran?"I thought to myself when reviewing the 2013 Grammy nominees. He picked up 1 nomination, for Best Song of the Year. For context, I had similar thoughts about Skillsaw Skrillex and Esperanza Spalding mere weeks before they won their first Grammys, so it's entirely possible that when I have that response, it directly results in a Grammy win. Why do people keep calling me narcissistic?

I typically assume the answer is "American Idol dude" (not for Esperanza or Skilly though). He's not. In fact, he's not even an X Factor dude or Canadian Idol dude or Nashville Star dude. He's none of those dudes (or their metric equivalents). He's just a dude. British dude. + is his debut (no, seriously, the title is +). This song has already won him the Ivor Novello Award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically. The Ivor Novello Awards are songwriting awards, so "musically and lyrically" is kind of like "best song in the way a song is a song and not, you know, a car." There is no Best Song Highest Average MPG or Best Song Under 50 Calories.

Meanwhile, back at Ed Sheeran, turns out he was inspired, at least in part, by seeing Damien Rice in concert. Rock on!

Song: "The A Team"
Artist: Ed Sheeran

Turns out there may actually be 20 bak'tuns, not 13

Mayan Calendar via

Could it be that everyone overreacted (you know what, I could just stop there and this could apply to pretty much everything) to the Mayan calendar?

It's almost like our intellectual curiosity about ancient cultures boils down to "hey, there's no more pages on that calendar, guess that means the world will end" without considering that maybe, just maybe, next year's calendar is coming. With 5,126 or more years between eras they had some cushion before they had to start carving the next one.

I made 2 of these someecards. Unfortunately not the funniest of the 3.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Song of the Day: "Scavenger"

Lucy Kaplansky's first ever music video comes from Reunion, her seventh album. Seems kinda weird that someone whose musical career exists entirely post-MTV, although it's not like MTV is playing music videos any more (despite the whole VMA thing).

That's all. Oh, seems the world didn't end, but there's still time.

Song: "Scavenger"
Artist: Lucy Kaplansky

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Song of the Day: "'til I Met Thee"

I left Cody ChesnuTT off my list of the wealth of great neo-soul we've gotten in 2012. In some ways he represents a little more than that, if not some of the best of that. He's like the nephew of both Terrence Trent D'Arby and Marvin Gaye, who's found salvation and wants to share the glorious news. And there's no denying the talent.

Personally I appreciate that he annotates the lyrics, letting us know which is verse 2, etc.

Song: "'til I Met Thee"
Artist: Cody ChesnuTT

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fun from the milieu, episode 2,726

"They always thank me after they succeed."

Do they always succeed? Shouldn't they thank you for your help even if they don't succeed?

Manners, dumbass.

Fun fact: Donald Trump is up to 4 bankruptcies (and counting), 2 divorces (and counting), recently sent investigators to Hawaii (he, cough, totally did) to look into Barack Obama's alleged birth and announced that they had found some interesting things but never actually disclosed them, then announced that he had amazing information on Barack and Michelle Obama's divorce plans (0 and counting), and then was super cool on election night declaring the end of America.

And you people think I'm a dick.

I have so much to learn still.

Song of the Day: "Thread"

Threads, the album from Now, Now with this track, is ranked #34 on Amazon's Top 100 Albums of 2012. Just below Metric and Magnetic Fields.

Since those are known quantities to me (my affinity for them varies, but at least I know them) I was curious. And so I listened.

Me likey.

And here we are.

That's the process.

Song: "Thread"
Artist: Now, Now

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Song of the Day: "Abraham's Daughter"

Not a lot of time to post today, so here's another possible Best Original Song contender (although as I listen to it now, no it's not). Arcade Fire from Hunger Games.

I have a hard time seeing this nominated ahead of Dolly Parton (coming soon) and yesterday's track.

Song: "Abraham's Daughter"
Artist: Arcade Fire

Monday, December 17, 2012

Song of the Day: "Everybody Needs a Best Friend"

I love Seth McFarlane. I'm looking forward to him hosting the Oscars. And possibly winning one. He wrote this Original Song contender, along with Walter Murphy, from his summer hit Ted (which I haven't seen but seems like a good Red Box rental).

Take that Diane Warren.

Murphy's worked with Seth on his recordings and live performances,  but is best known as the dude who arranged "A Fifth of Beethoven" (and possibly inspiring The Ethel Merman Disco Album but don't hold that against him). Murphy shares an Emmy with Seth for "You've Got a Lot to See," the Outstanding Music and Lyrics winner from Family Guy in 2002. Apparently it's a well-oiled machine (expect an Outstanding Music and Lyrics nomination for the Oscars opening number at next year's Emmy).

Singer Norah Jones is my cousin. She wouldn't get an Oscar although that seems inevitable for her, in a Christopher Cross kind of way.

Song: "Everybody Needs a Best Friend"
Artist: Norah Jones

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Notes on Silver Linings Playbook

I am not shirtless in this movie
Bradley Cooper is easily on his way to his first Oscar nomination (Best Actor) for his work in SLP and this is disappointing to me. This sets a bad precedent. It rewards him for films in which he does not take his shirt off. This is wrong. I implore every member of AMPAS to recognize this and vote for Daniel Day Lewis. Or Bill Murray. Someone we're not expecting to take a shirt off.

Or Channing Tatum, because he does.

The movie also breaks the 10-year rule with an unacknowledged 16-year gap between Cooper and a solid Jennifer Lawrence. She's likely also on her way to her second Oscar nomination--I think he's a sure thing (until my super-influential blog upsets him) and she's on solid ground. But since there's nothing specific to the story about that character being in her early 20s, I can't help but wonder why not Samantha Mathis, Emily Mortimer or Neve Campbell (with her actual dance background). I started the 10-year rule because of actresses like Mathis get forgotten when they turn 30 or, even worse, 40 (shudder).

Hell, why not Kim Basinger?! (Just kidding, she's awful.)

The movie is a strong contender for nominations for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. Robert DeNiro (Best Supporting Actor) probably has the strongest shot beyond those 4, with director David O. Russell picking up a nomination for Best Director (he'll already be nominated for the screenplay), and Jacki Weaver (Best Supporting Actress) as dark horses.

I don't see the movie picking up nominations for cinematography, editing or score (Danny Elfmann, you can't win, sorry dude).

Song of the Day: "Here We Go"

If your heart is broken
You will find fellowship with me
Christopher Owens, previously referred to lovingly as "dude from Girls," now has a name (as he is no longer in Girls ((if the band even exists without him))). Via Girls, Owens became a regular fixture on my year-end favorites lists every year since 2009.

Lysandre, his first solo release, will be out in January. I'm not sure if the title is related to the character from A Midsummer Night's Dream, but by mentioning it, I establish my literary cred. I'm not all pie charts and cynicism.

Song: "Here We Go"
Artist: Christopher Owens

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Song of the Day: "Safe and Sound"

Another Golden Globe nominee for Original Song, this one from Hunger Games. It's written by the 2 from The Civil Wars and T-Bone Burnett; it's performed by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars.

The Civil Wars are hot right now; they won 2 Grammys last year and could easily pick up an Oscar nomination. I'm not sure if it's irony or poetic justice or something else that the 2 (Joy and John) are calling it quits. They can't stand each other anymore. She keeps stabbing him on stage or something, sounds pretty brutal. They're nominated for 2 Grammys for this song, so maybe they can split the awards: one of them gets the Grammys and Golden Globes, the other gets the Oscars (if nominated). They should settle that up soon since the Golden Globes happen 2 days before Oscar nominations are announced, so that person (let's say Joy, no wait, let's say John, it's easier for dudes, just need a tuxedo) gets the Golden Globes (don't even need a tux) and if they get an Oscar nomination he also goes to the Grammys, Joy goes to the Oscars; if they don't get an Oscar nomination, Joy goes to the Grammys. Either way she needs treatment for the stabbing--that's not healthy.

Song: "Safe and Sound"
Artist: Taylor Swift/The Civil Wars

Friday, December 14, 2012

The real question is where I will actually use this

Clark will roll his eyes at the thought of me getting a new tote bag, but hopefully he'll understand it was a gift from my older sister. How can I refuse?

Thanks to Christina, and to whoever created the tote. It's actually been a while since I feel like I've needed something like this. I must be getting soft in my old age because it sure as shit isn't the case that Millennials are actually responsive.

Song of the Day: "Not Running Anymore"

Grammy winner (and Oscar nominee) Jon Bon Jovi received his second Golden Globe nomination for Original Song for a track from the up-coming Stand Up Guys. He won with his first nom, "Blaze of Glory" from Young Guns II, besting Stephen Sondheim, Shel Silverstein and Carmine Coppola (there actually was an original song in The Godfather III). Of course Sondheim's not really a music guy, he's more about, um...

The song is unexpected. I love the spare quality to it. It sounds a lot like someone, not Springsteen, but I can't think of who. But it also sounds like Springsteen, a la "The Wrestler" (oooh, possible bad omen). I confirmed with sister Jackie, a Bon Jovi fan from the very fucking beginning, who says this is an unusual sound for him (it's him, not them [the band], as with the earlier Golden Globe nomination).

The movie opens in limited release late in December, for Oscar eligibility, and will likely make its way to your town sometime mid-January after everyone's seen The Hobbit. With Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin and Julianna Margulies... I hope Julianna is Al Pacino's daughter and not his love interest, otherwise we've got a clear violation of the 10-year rule.

Song: "Not Running Anymore"
Artist: Jon Bon Jovi

Thursday, December 13, 2012

R.I.P. Ravi Shankar

While I was distracted with a local shooting, 3-time Grammy winner, Oscar nominee (Original Score for Gandhi) and father of Norah Jones (ergo he's my uncle, since she's my cousin by virtue of the surname Jones) passed away at the age of 92. He may pick up a fourth Grammy in February; he's competing against daughter Anoushka for Best World Music Album (take that Liza).

I'm told the Album of the Year Grammy winning The Concert for Bangladesh is brilliant. It seems like the kind of thing my dad would have had in whatever the quad speaker format of the 70s was called (it apparently is not the name of The Who album). Except I don't think it was art rock-y enough or something. I wouldn't be surprised to find out he had it, I just don't think he actually did. Or he had it but never listened (Yes, ELP, War, these he listened to). And hearing this 9 minute opening track from Ravi I'm not sure I'm about to rush out to get a copy.

Rest in peace dude.

"He Was An Asshole, How's That?"

(h/t Erin)

The Onion has been brilliant this year. I mean, sure, they've been brilliant for decades now, but this year they seem especially so. Here's their article on this week's shooting here in Portland.

Authorities Not Even Going To Bother Looking For Motive Behind Oregon Shooting

'He Was An Asshole, How's That?' Officials Say

CLACKAMAS, OR—Following the shooting at a crowded Oregon mall that killed two people Tuesday, local authorities confirmed they were not even going to waste their time trying to find the killer's motive, having determined that the individual was "really awful and a piece of shit human being and that's that, sound good?" "Look, we could do a whole thing where we delve into his personal history and find out what, psychologically, made this particular murderer tick, but screw that, here's our conclusion: He was a complete asshole and a crazy prick, and he shot random, innocent strangers for no reason at all, because he was terrible," Clackamas County Sheriff Cody Arnold told reporters, shrugging his shoulders. "Fuck 'em, you know? Guy was a really shitty person. There's your motive right there." Authorities also confirmed that insane assholes who are allowed to have guns tend to do insane things with them, "How about that?"

Song of the Day: "For You"

I wonder how many people sat through the end credits of Act of Valor, riveted by the action and emotion and heroism of our brave troops and then thought to themselves, "why the fuck is a god damned Kiwi singing?!"

Seriously, Keith Urban? I guess Kenny Chesney, Randy Travis, Tim McGraw and Travis Tritt were all busy. Randy Travis was busy getting arrested, but I'm sure the others had some availability.

This track picked up a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song today. That's the only reason it's getting a song of the day slot. And Urban shares the nomination with Monty Powell from Resaca, Georgia. I've never heard of it either.

But, very important, here are the top comments on the youtube:
Oh shut it kiddie. You don't have to worry. Everyone on here is just as stupid as you. That's why they're drawn to such nationalistic rubbish like this movie. As for your brother...He wants to do something useful. No wonder Indians are coming to America and getting all the jobs needing some sort of brain work :))--Jolly Rodders
Yeah ya know its based on real navy seals so its not unrealistic its based on real people just a different storyline. Its a movie! its for entertainment, of course people are gonna watch it and i bet half the people that are listening to this video right now are here just for the music and probably havent seen the movie.Stop ruining this video for everyone and dissing americans. Just stop talking put it that way. Like the kid say quit ruining it and just leave it alone. Bye--Krystal Lieder
Like the kid say quit ruining it and just leave it alone.


Song: "For You"
Artist: Keith Urban

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Song of the Day: "Blue Ice"

Blue ice
Blue ice, the frozen contents of aircraft lavatories, seldom causes damage or injuries (there are 27 documented incidents from 1979 to 2003, although why those dates and no others seems weird [details here]).

Why Shout Out Louds would write a song about frozen biowaste and disinfectant is beyond me as well.

Unless he's saying "blue eyes" but coyly calling the song "blue ice." But that would just be silly, wouldn't it?

Optica, their fourth album, is scheduled for release in February 2013.

Song: "Blue Ice"
Artist: Shout Out Louds

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rich people feel things more deeply than the common man

It's just common sense.

Song of the Day: "& It Was U"

Despite the song title, I'm pretty sure Prince had nothing to do with this song because, and I can not stress this enough, FUCK PRINCE. After earning millions of dollars on hypersexualized music, Prince has the fucking audacity to object to marriage equality because "you just can't go sticking it every which where" because that's exactly what loving couples wanting to affirm a life together are doing. Asshole.

No, this is not Prince (FUCK PRINCE), this is How to Dress Well, the alter ego of Tom Krell.

It's not fucking Prince.

I would not post Prince on here except to mock him for being a hypocritical douche.

Meanwhile Tom Krell has not pissed me off like that. Yet.

So enjoy.

Not sufficiently trippy for you? Try this remix.

Song: "& It Was You"
Artist: How to Dress Well

Monday, December 10, 2012

Song of the Day: "Tears Always Win"

Between Bruno Mars (also on here), this and some of R Kelly's stuff, 2012 has some real retro-soul gems among the year's releases. I might have to check out Bruno's other stuff. He was actually pretty likable on SNL.

Not that I watch that show.

Song: "Tears Always Win"
Artist: Alicia Keys/Bruno Mars

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Song of the Day: "The Waves"

I discovered Villagers back in 2010 when they were short-listed for the Mercury Prize. Since then they've popped up as collaborators with Charlotte Gainsbourg, regulars at Record Store Day and... oh, crap, I thought there was more. Well, it has only been 2 years. And this new track is rocking my world.

Up until about 3:20, when it gets a little too OK Computer.

And even with that I have an amused respect for Conor O'Brien for refusing to be put in a corner, like Baby. There's something about the song the reminds me of Talking Heads, not musically, but in its lack of concern for style.

Also we would have TOTALLY watched this video at Club Rio back in the day.

With Rob Lowe.

Song: "The Waves"
Artist: Villagers

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Song of the Day: "Learn Me Right"

The Oscars peeps (AMPAS) say there will be 5 nominees for Best Original Song this year. It's entirely possible the somewhat weird scoring they do during the "bake-off" to select nominees (you assign a score of 6-10 for each song, not 1-5... the lowest score you can give is a 6, WTF?... then you need to have a minimum average score to be a nominee unless there aren't 2 songs with that minimum in which case however many songs they need to get to 2 nominees [maybe 1 song had the minimum, maybe not] with the highest average scores, those are the nominees) might be confusing. I know.

This gives today's song of the day, from last summer's Brave, a pretty good shot at a nomination. It just picked up a Grammy nomination in the Best Song Written For Visual Media category. Mumford & Sons did, vocalist Birdy didn't. She's just the singer, they wrote the song. I wonder if AMPAS will enforce their arbitrary cap on the number of songwriters eligible as nominees (Counting Crows, you're all in; Beyonce, take a hike)...

I haven't seen Brave; it's about a girl who does... stuff. Obviously it's part of a liberal agenda to make girls think they can do... stuff... too. Girls should be princesses, in peril, awaiting their prince. If girls think they can do... stuff... they might think they have some intrinsic value on their own, outside the context of traditional marriage and family. They might think that maybe, just maybe, they deserve a vaccination for HPV if it means that maybe, just maybe, that can prevent ovarian cancer decades later. Or to have their birth control covered by health insurance that always covers boner pills for guys. That's slutty thinking, and we can't have it. Ergo I haven't seen Brave.

I'm doing what I can to keep the liberal agenda from destroying America.

Also I don't see movies nearly as much as I used to.

Song: "Learn Me Right"
Artist: Birdy/Mumford & Son

Friday, December 7, 2012

Song of the Day: "Pique"

I finally got the recent Menomena album, Moms. The band are my neighbors (they live somewhere in Portland) and this, their fifth album, marks the band's first as a duo. Thematically the album deals with the band members and their relationships with their moms. 

If I hadn't read it, I wonder how long that would have taken for me to pick up on.

Still, I'm digging the album. It's broad and brassy and bold. Or not, my head hurts.
"Now I'm a failure
Cursed with male genitalia
A parasitic fuck
With no clue as to what men do"

Song: "Pique"
Artist: Menomena

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I've never heard Nickelback sound better

(h/t Eric)

Song of the Day: "I Can't Live Without You"

I crashed early last night and as I was about to drift off to sleep, I checked on Grammy nominations on Twitter (the Grammy peeps were tweeting nominations during the concert thing, which happened at 7 p.m. PST, so they should have all been on Twitter, if you actually are wondering about the logic). Here's what I learned: Justin Bieber wasn't nominated for a single Grammy, and that's okay because Michael Jackson didn't win his first Grammy until he was 22. The list of nominees was somewhat expected provided you reviewed the short list of 30 candidates for each of the top 4 categories (otherwise seeing The Black Keys and Jack White nominated for Album of the Year might have seemed surprising). Once you go beyond those 4, all bets are off.

When I got to category 9, Best Dance Recording, I found today's song of the day and, frankly, I found joy.

Al Walser is a recording artist, producer, mixer, DJ... he's the man who makes the nights of a lifetime, an entertainment mogul (what kind of mogul are you?)... He's a man who needs someone fluent in English to edit his bio page. And he's a man who makes 1985 seem not so long ago. Watch the video. Suddenly you're there with President Reagan lying to Congress, "Where's the beef?" amusing the nation and Cagney & Allie on the TV.

Who's the woman? It doesn't matter. She's never mentioned and is probably just a figment of your imagination.

This song is nominated for a Grammy... your move Liza Minnelli.

Song: "I Can't Live Without You"
Artist: Al Walser

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bring back the filibuster, the REAL filibuster

The talking filibuster, where you have to stand up and talk. As you originally had to do.

And I hope Ashley Judd kicks Mitch McConnell's ass, primarily because I hope anybody kicks Mitch McConnell's ass.

The memes have eyes

It seems like every time I use the word meme here it related to a cover of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." But because I've liked the various covers and fan videos, I keep posting them (gratuitous beefcake never hurts).

It's a catchy fucking song.

And back to that well again: this cover by Maston is straight out of Brian Wilson's afternoon nap.

This reminds me, I need to get my tambourine repaired. And I need a nap.

Song of the Day: "Walk Home"

If you find yourself as infatuated with the bright happy pop sound of this track from the second Sleeping Bag album, help yourself to a free MP3 download of it here. You're welcome.

I should probably write something snarky about the band or the fact that they're from Bloomington IN or something, but haven't we evolved beyond that? Probably not? That's probably right.

Song: "Walk Home"
Artist: Sleeping Bag

R.I.P. Lucy

"Lucy brought joy – and sometimes terror – to all those she encountered over the last 8-1/2 years."
Jack had to say goodbye to his 4-legged friend Lucy yesterday, a few weeks shy of 16 (which is 112 in human years, right?). Lucy shared Willy's most notable trait: the ability to make it very clear that something IS happening by barking as loudly as possible. I'm sure if shit goes down, Willy will draw gunfire away from us (and if so, he will finally prove himself useful).

I did a birthday post for her brother Koda, but never did one for Lucy. Since Koda likes the Beatles, I'll imagine that Lucy likes the Stones. You know siblings never agree on stuff like that.

Jack and Mary started calling her the Dowager Countess after Maggie Smith's character on Downton Abbey. I really should watch that show. But since I don't, here's Desi Arnaz.

Rest in peace dude. And condolences to Koda, Mary, Chowder and Jack. These damn dogs, they only go and break your heart.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Song of the Day: "Standing at the Sky's Edge"

Richard Hawley picked up his second Mercury Prize shortlist entry this year with Standing at the Sky's Edge. Since you know Alt-J won, you also know, through the power of deduction, that Richard didn't. I'm sure it was an honor just to be short listed. Both in 2005 and this year. Hopefully there was a gift bag or chocolates or something.

In addition to losing Mercury Prizes, Hawley also is trying to help Lisa Marie Presley relaunch her music career, which is interesting since I didn't realize LMP had a music career. I mean, I know she's tried, but does it count when Eagle Eye Cherry has more hit records than you? A little nepotism goes a long way...

As for Hawley, I like this a lot. It's masculine and direct and just a bit fuzzy and is a suitable replacement for the umpteenth use of a Leonard Cohen song in some brooding indie film.

Song: "Standing at the Sky's Edge"
Artist: Richard Hawley

Monday, December 3, 2012

Song of the Day: "Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work"

Solange sounds more than a little like a Style Council b-side from 1989... or maybe I'm just imaging things.

True, her, god, what album is this for her? Was she in Destiny's Child, for like 20 minutes? According to this True is her third solo album. She was in D's C, as a replacement dancer and, at one point, a replacement for Kelly Rowland when Kelly either broke her toe or was attempting to leverage more money from Mathew Knowles (Bey's & Sol's daddy and the manager of D's C, duh), as if to prove to Kelly that no one was there to see her.

Solange probably should be offended.

But she's not. She's just giddy to get back on stage (like Lucy Ricardo).

Song: "Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work"
Artist: Solange

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Song of the Day: "Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1"

From the newish Transcendental Youth, John Darnielle wrote this song after Amy Winehouse's death, for all "the other Amy Winehouses in the world who aren't famous, whose deaths go uncelebrated."

I'm sure I have no knowledge of anyone like that.

Nor do you.

Song: "Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1"
Artist: The Mountain Goats

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Song of the Day: "Roman Ruins"

Lovell House
Guest curator Lee did all my work for me today: "They sound like REM! They smoke! They drive a Vanagon! They're adorable! What more can you ask?"

A million dollars? Oh, that might have been rhetorical. Never mind.

LA's Line & Circle enthuse about the Lovell Health House (left; emphasis mine): "We find a lot of L.A.’s architecture inspiring, especially this Richard Neutra house in Los Feliz. It’s bright and forward-thinking, yet also surprisingly beautiful in its simplicity. There’s a lot of lessons about making music to be learned from this house."

That's all I've got.

Line & Circle "Roman Ruins" from Black/White Iris Music on Vimeo.

Song: "Roman Ruins"
Artist: Line & Circle

Friday, November 30, 2012

Old Navy to be the first ever sponsor of Burning Man

And here I thought it would be Pepsi.
Actually a parody, via Laughing Squid

A sign of good luck or a portent of doom

Or just a refraction of light off water?

Via someone's Facebook thingy
The morning commute was beautiful and sunny. There was a rainbow.

And OMG there was a ghost!!! In the upper right corner, a ghost.


Thanks for the reminder that I'm getting older Apple

iTunes 11 screenshot, click to embiggen and see the WTF small font
Maybe it's just me, but in an era where companies seem to be leveraging personal information willy-nilly (aka "big data"), you'd think companies would strive to be more transparent to avoid what I think is an inevitable backlash by consumers prompting a variety of ill-considered legislation that effectively does nothing... although even as I type that I realize they might be trying for that very thing, well played Apple. All of this seems eerily out of South Park.

Song of the Day: "Take Us Alive"

I don't recall how this new track from Stillwater OK's Other Lives crossed my path. Listening to it a few times this morning had me convinced that it wasn't via radio--the musical qualities that make me really dig it don't hold up well in a typical radio set. Subtle rhythms, ambient orchestrations, a slow build, this is coffee shop music, maybe a sex scene in an independent movie. Not radio. Unless it was and managed to catch my attention (always an iffy proposition, unless shirtless dudes or new electronics are involved).

So check it out in isolation. If you play it between "Call Me Maybe" and "Pound the Alarm" I doubt you'll remember it.

Mind the Gap, their recent EP, includes new remixes of older songs (by Thom Yorke [I know!]) and new tracks like this one... I know you were wondering.

Song: "Take Us Alive"
Artist: Other Lives

Today in sports: UK university rowing

The University of Warwick Boat Club, my favorite of all the UK rowing teams, has a new calendar for 2013 (I guess, maybe the 2014s are out). Watch the video here. Buy a print version here. And, best of all, follow them on Twitter @naked_rowers.

Your move colleges that are close enough to my home that I can drive there.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Girls can't be trusted with anything, it seems

We all knew this would happen with the whole suffrage thing: girls thinking they're as good as men. They're not, it's science. Apparently girls are now the sole reason that man don't want to get married. They're pretty much the reason I avoided it (no penis? fail!). Colbert takes it from here.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Word - Sisters Are Doing It to Themselves
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogVideo Archive

Song of the Day: "Taking Down the Tree"

Previously, in the War on Christmas, Christians co-opted existing Pagan holidays focused on the winter solstice and made them about Jesus, going so far as to rebrand the evergreen boughs used to decorate for Saturnalia as a CHRISTMAS TREE (not a holiday tree, bitches). It's almost like Bill O'Reilly has no sense of actual history.

That couldn't be right though, could it?

Anyway, even the Pope is all "well, it may not be December 25th at all" (cause, you know, it's not addressed in the Bible, date-wise, but God did make it clear he wasn't thrilled with people decorating with trees [Jeremiah 10-1 to 10-5; Minestrone 2-4 to 2-7 (one of those is real)]). In Jesus of Nazareth -- The Infancy Narratives, a title that does not at all sound like it was developed by some book sales-focused editors, Pope Benedict 16 (I can read Roman numerals, but not everyone can, so I'm single-handed-ly going to move the world away from using them) attributes the error to a blunder by a sixth century monk and not a craven maneuver to annex new followers through crass appeal and confusion (much like Republicans did when they nominated Sarah Palin, trying to pick up Hillary supporters unhappy with the anti-colonial Kenyan who won the nomination with all his hopey/changey bullshit).

And then something else happened and now everyone is making Christmas albums. Did we talk about Scott Weiland's Christmas album? No? You got off easy. Who's jumping on the bandwagon this year? Rod Stewart, Lady Antebellum, Olivia Newton John & John Travolta, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, an American Idol runner-up and others. One of those others is Tracey Thorn.


Between her and Sufjan, I'm hitting holiday music way too early for my own sanity.

Tracey covers "Hard Candy Christmas," a Dolly Parton song from the movie version of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas that I adore. Now if I can just get "We Need a Little Christmas" (from Mame) more exposure, my work will be done. But I opted for this track, a cover of Low, because it includes Green Gartersnake (possibly not his actual last name) from Scritti Politti. How's that for nostalgia this week: Dexys and Scritti Politti. And we're not even done (although I think we are).

Song: "Taking Down the Tree"
Artist: Tracey Thorne/Green Gartside

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Song of the Day: "She's Got a Wiggle"

Obscure reference
I was a little surprised to find Dexy's (no apostrophe?! ever!!!) Dexys Midnight Runners on MOJO's Top 20 Albums of 2012 list because, you know, they're Dexy's Dexys Midnight Runners. Do they even exist any more? (Spoiler alert: yes they do, but only since a 2003 reunion--my cynicism failed to account for the lucrative reunion tour.) Welcome back to relevance Mick Talbot!

MOJO ranks this between The Black Keys and Leonard Cohen as the fifth best album of 2012.

As the list is comprised of a lot of stuff I was unimpressed with, it's entirely possible the people at MOJO are just fucking with us. Also the band is called Dexys now (no apostrophe), so MOJO editors (if they exist) are sleeping on the job. 

Dammit, Dexys would have been a great name for a boutique research firm. Maybe Dexus.

I assume they will be at the Clark County Fair next summer, either performing or working as carnies.

Song: "She's Got a Wiggle"
Artist: Dexys

Baby Elephant Watch 2012!!!

One of the best things about living in a smaller city (or a really big small town, as Portland seems to be) is the tone of local news stories. I've seen live reports from outside a Target where a woman's purse was stolen out of her cart, and from a parking lot where someone had been hit up for money from someone with car problems only it was the exact same story from earlier in the week (apparently the beggar didn't recognize the beggee as a previous mark) and there was concern that some people asking for money might be scammers. I know. Why that didn't earn a Peabody is beyond me.

Vancouver WA's
Lance Bade
Bronze medal &
3-time Olympian
Still, it's wonderful that regional athletes get as much attention as non-regional gold medalists during the Olympics. Single trap skeet shooting, it's a thing.

UPDATE: Apparently there's trap and double trap, so while single trap is a thing, it's not called that thing, it's just called trap.

FUN FACT: Portland-area resident Lance Bade shares the world record in Olympic trap shooting, shooting 125 in a qualifying round. 7 others also share the record, so I'm guessing that's the highest possible score. If Bade is at all narcissistic he may run across this blog post and wonder WTF he has to do with baby elephants.

So the local news teams are LOVING the pending birth of an African elephant at the Oregon Zoo (my attempts to rebrand it as ZooOregon didn't pan out). After all, there have only been 28 elephant births at this zoo in the last 50 years. Yes, it's an every 2 years or so thing, amazing! [NOTE: Maybe they meant at all zoos in the country, but that's not what they said. But it's definitely been a few years since the last round of baby elephant watching.]

The real story is that they sell the babies to be turned into Ivory Soap, but no one ever reports on that. Where's Donald Trump when you need him? (Rhetorical question, no one ever needs Donald Trump.)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Song of the Day: "Secret Days"

School of Seven Bells from an EP called Put Your Sad Down, a follow up to Ghostory from earlier this year. I'm confused too.

Song: "Secret Days"
Artist: School of Seven Bells

Monday, November 26, 2012

Song of the Day: "Salt"

Justin Paul Lewis comes my way via superior blogger You Ain't No Picasso. Go there for frequent, thoughtful live concert reviews.

Remain here if you enjoy watching me confuse We Are Scientists with Arctic Monkeys.

You are allowed to do both, by the way.

Song: "Salt"
Artist: Justin Paul Lewis

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Song of the Day: "Lumberjack Christmas/No One Can Save You From Christmases Past"

Instagram by Erin Leedy
Sufjan Stevens... I'm already exhausted just typing his name. The new album? A 58-song collection of holiday music, some original, some not (sigh).

Your move Jack White.

The tour supporting the new... collection... is titled “The Sirfjam Stephanapolous Christmas Sing-A-Long Seasonal Affective Disorder Spectacular Music Pageant Variety Show Disaster” so there's that.

See you at the Aladdin if we both happen to be there. I'd be parked in the back, away from the throng of hipster humanity, if that wasn't already clear from my general personality stuff.

Song: "Lumberjack Christmas/No One Can Save You From Christmases Past"
Artist: Sufjan Stevens

Song of the (Yester-)Day: "Deep Heat"

Apparently my life was such a whirlwind of entertaining and dog management that I missed my regular blogging window. Roller Trio, another Mercury Short Lister who didn't win, was 2012's jazz entry. And that's all I have to say about that.

Song: "Deep Heat"
Artist: Roller Trio

Friday, November 23, 2012

Song of the Day: "Pelican"

The Maccabees were short listed for the Mercury Prize for Given to the Wild, their third album. They lost to Alt-J (but you probably knew that), but they still deserve a SotD entry, at the very least. Think of me as the Mercury consolation prize.

A really shitty gift bag, right?

The band took their name from randomly opening a Bible, but the band say they are not religious. Why they didn't use a dictionary or A Tale of Two Cities is beyond me. If you're not hip to the Biblical Maccabees, read more here. If you want to know more about the band (as if this wasn't comprehensive enough), read more here.

Song: "Pelican"
Artist: The Maccabees

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Song of the Day: "This Head I Hold"

Half of the band Electric Guest is a dude named Matthew "Cornbread" Compton. As you make your cornbread stuffing (assuming you make some cornbread stuffing), be thankful for a little neosoul.

If you don't make cornbread stuffing, be thankful for a little neosoul.

Really the 2 things can happen independent of each other, and the reference to cornbread stuffing is really just my way of filling a post for a band about whom I know nothing.

You're welcome.

Song: "This Head I Hold"
Artist: Electric Guest

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Song of the Day: "Is Your Love Big Enough?"

It doesn't impress size queens, but then what does? Oh, wait, that might be rhetorical. Or not about my penis. Either way, this is Lianne LaHavas, one of the 2012 Mercury Prize non-winners (she was shortlisted, I posted late, it's better than "loser").

Given she's only 23 and only been releasing music for a year or so, I'm impressed. Or I'm just easily swayed by enthusiasm for ice cream.

Ice cream, ice cream.

Song: "Is Your Love Big Enough?"
Artist: Lianne LaHavas

Happy birthday Tamarah!!!

OMG I thought I was so stupid but no, I am not. I am smart. I set myself a reminder to do a birthday post, but I set it for yesterday and when I finally figured out WTF the reminder meant, I thought, d'oh, too late. But no, I set it for a day early. Rock the fuck on!

Except, d'oh, my sense of what makes for a good birthday post for her is, shall we say, hazy. That's never stopped me before. She can grade my work.

I don't care how much of a cynical hipster you are (and I don't think she is), you can't not like Journey, at least a little.

My dad gets in tomorrow. For 12 days. Yes, I know. I'm planning to take him to see Springsteen next week because I have 2 tickets and he will be here. 12 days.

Bon Jovi is probably a  cheat, an assumption that she and Jackie share musical roots.

Okay, that's about it for me. Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Song of the Day: "Living a Lie"

Aimee Mann and Shins dude from her recentish Charmer album.

I'm sure the rest of the details just fill themselves in.

Song: "Living a Lie"
Artist: Aimee Mann/James Mercer

Monday, November 19, 2012

Quote of the day... bitch slap really

"The fact is that Ryan is and always was a fraud. His plan never added up; it was never, contrary to what people who should know better asserted, “scored” by the CBO. What he actually offered was a plan to hurt the poor and reward the rich, actually increasing the deficit along the way, plus magic asterisks that supposedly reduced the debt by means unspecified."--Paul Krugman A Public Service Reminder: Paul Ryan is a Con Man at his blog at NY Times
Paul Ryan is very handsome and so clean and neat. I'm sure he'll do fine.

Song of the Day: "Saratoga"

So Cal's The Soft Pack released their second LP, Stacked, back in September.

This is from that.

Carry on.

Song: "Saratoga"
Artist: The Soft Pack

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Revenge of the memes: shirtless military edition

(h/t to Smith)

Are we sick of "Call Me Maybe" yet? Wrong. We are not sick of the song, nor will we be surprised when it tops my 2012 singles list. (Sorry, "spoiler alert"...) Enjoy.

Maybe we should try to ignore the problem harder, maybe that will work

It is a shame that Mittens and Paul Ryan go away without fully explaining their budget plans (who has that kind of time when there are 4 hours of Kardashians on the TV?!) because I don't know what magic incantation they planned that would have made tax cuts yield job growth (since 10+ years of tax cuts have not, in fact, created jobs). More eye of newt perhaps?

US Fiscal Cliff, CBO projections

At the end of the year, the country faces a scenario where temporary tax cuts expire and notable spending cuts across many departments will happen. In the illustration above it's a continuation of the blue line (higher is bad in that illustration). If you've ever complained about how things are ruining the future for your kids, you want the blue line... for the children.

The gray line is what's likely to happen because America can't ever take responsibility for its bad habits. We'll hit the snooze button again, continue with the "temporary" tax cuts despite the fact that the unicorn fuckers job creators who benefit most are actually off-shoring more jobs than ever. All that 1% stuff that the smelly Occupy people go on about? That's a validation that the unicorn fuckers are doing way better than ever. They are fucking some expensive unicorns and they can afford it.

The middle class? That's becoming a quaint notion.

I am sure Congress will hit the snooze button. I am sure the "temporary" tax cuts will continue.

The same thing is repeating with businesses who were expecting Obamacare to be overturned by the Supreme Court or for Obama to lose and Obamacare to be repealed. "Oh, you mean we have to comply with the law?" 

I am sure businesses will get 6-month extensions. It's possible when forced to actually participate the appeal of universal healthcare (which, technically, America spends enough to pay for already) will grow. Or not. We make a lot of bad decisions, individually and collectively. Did I mention the Kardashians?

People underestimate the juice-ability of endive

Endive juice (also apples, pears and a lemon)... delicious.

Adding a lemon or lime or some ginger to juice made with leafy greens or beets helps the taste in my never-humble opinion.

Candid movie reviews from the dude returning DVDs to the other Red Box kiosk

Times are hard (thanks a lot, Obama) and times are tough. I guess they're also tough. $1.20 for a DVD is a lot of money to spend for a day's rental (back in my day they only cost $3.99 which, oh wait, it's cheaper now? WTF?) and you have to be careful with how you spend your money. So it is a real help to get these honest reviews from the talkative dude returning discs to the kiosk next to me.

Prometheus: "it's pretty good"

Dark Shadows: "if you like Johnny Depp it's pretty good"

The Raven: "it's pretty good"

The Campaign: "that's good"

Join us next week. Or not, we might be out of business (that damn Obamacare, grr!!!).

Song of the Day: "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life"

Hot ("hot" a term that one can use loosely) on the heals of her album of covers, Macy Gray releases a cover album wholesale: her take on Stevie Wonder's Talking Book. Does Macy have the musical gravitas to take on something so audacious? Should she have set her sights on something a little more reachable, like Sheila E or Luther Vandross. Chaka Khan or Freddie Jackson.

Would you rather watch Macy slam dunk a Freddie Jackson cover album or fall short with a classic? Well it doesn't matter because here we are.

Here we are.

Song: "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life"
Artist: Macy Gray

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Greetings from the end of the world

Not from me, from Lee.
Lee at Patagonia (or so he claims)

It's nice, but no Starbucks?

In my dream I was drowning my sorrows
But my sorrows, they learned to swim

"Until the End of the World" U2

Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn -
world serves its own needs, regardless of your own needs.

"It's the End of the World as we Know It (And I Feel Fine)" R.E.M.

Note: yes, the songs are thematically about the end of the planet's existence while Patagonia is merely the farthest edge of the world. Get your own blog.

Quote of the day, boys are better than girls edition

"it is my opinion that hollywood has robbed america of its manliness and made us a nation of eunuchs who lacking all manliness welcome in the coming police state."--new owner of the Niagra Falls Reporter to its now-ex film critic Michael Calleri
The email is fantastic (here) and includes the word "manliness" 4 times. He's very concerned that men never be portrayed as less than women in films. Ever.

No psychological issues there, pretty sure. All clear.

Song of the Day: "Doom and Gloom"

"Doom and Gloom" 2012 in a nutshell
I am not sure what is up with the Rolling Stones. They plan to tour.

Mick is almost 70, Keith a year behind (Charlie is the oldest but he gets to sit when he's working). They remind me of my Nana who, at nearly 90 (I mean, cough, 66) she is perfectly happy mowing her own lawn. In Florida.

And it's not a small lawn.

She can open for the Rolling Stones.

According to this they've sold as many albums as AC/DC and Celine Dion. If the 3 of those toured AND my Nana opened, I would totally go to that concert!

Song: "Doom and Gloom"
Artist: Rolling Stones

Friday, November 16, 2012

Today in business-ish news: failing upward

" the company was preparing to file for bankruptcy earlier this year, the then CEO of Hostess was awarded a 300 percent raise (from approximately $750,000 to $2,550,000) and at least nine other top executives of the company received massive pay raises. One such executive received a pay increase from $500,000 to $900,000 and another received one taking his salary from $375,000 to $656,256."-- The Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers International Union
Hostess, the maker of snack cakes and type 2 diabetes, is closing plants and filing for another round of bankruptcy. They've almost failed as much as Donald Trump.

Obviously this is all Obama's fault.

Obamacare and Michelle Obama's anti-obesity kick.

We cannot raise taxes on unicorn fuckers job creators like the executives at the floundering Hostess. Who doesn't triple the salary of the people running a business that's failing? That's the free  market at work!

Profit motivation makes everything better.

General's Hospital (a love pentagon)

Colbert on the Patraeus scandal--if we were still fighting a war in Afghanistan wouldn't the news be reporting on that instead?
I'm part of this story

What's up with my dogs and furniture?

As I said earlier, normal dogs are boring.

UPDATE: Also Tyler is a cyborg.

Song of the Day: "¡Corre!"

Jesse & Joy had a big night at the Latin Grammy's last night (but look who I'm telling this to, I'm sure you were watching) picking up 3, including Record of the Year (the article says Recording of the Year but something tells me Yahoo! News is wrong) for this song.

Since the Latin Grammys don't seem to ameliorate any of the hundreds of awards in the Latin category at the actual Grammys I'm sure they'll win an actual Grammy as well... OMG, Liza, learn to speak Spanish! It worked for Sheena Easton! How long before the Latin Tonys or the Daytime Oscars?

I have nothing to do with this song.

Meanwhile, if you heard "shirtless FBI agent" in any of the reports of General Patraeus you might have been disappointed that I didn't have anything for you.

Now I do.

You're welcome.

Jesse & Joy, see you at the actual Grammys.

Song: "¡Corre!"
Artist: Jesse & Joy

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Song of the Day: "(I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing"

Field Music is another one of the Mercury Prize non-winners for 2012.

The band centers around 2 brothers who I've decided are as volatile as the Gallaghers. This is probably not true, but would explain why their Wikipedia entry confirms that they haven't split up.

That's totes Noel/Liam.

Plumb is Field Music's fourth album. Like the song. A little Talking Heads, maybe some Gang of Four. And sibling rivalry (probably).

Song: "(I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing"
Artist: Field Music

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Song of the Day: "Default"

Django Django are one of the Mercury Prize short list non-winners (it seems nicer than loser). The band met at art school in Edinburgh but are described as British, not as Scottish. I know Scotland is part of Britain so they can both be true, I just want to know whether or not to consider them as I determine whether I love all Scottish music (or not).

I like this track a lot (it went to #22 in Belgium!) but haven't heard the whole thing. I promise I won't automatically love them if they're Scottish. I'm not in college and them British.

Frat boys
"We're here, we're queer (probably), we
don't even know Django Reinhardt"
I mean they are British, I'm just not in college. I am into frat boys but that's a whole other thing.

They're not named after Django Reinhardt. They're probably not named after Mary Chapin Carpenter either (just a guess).

Song: "Default"
Artist: Django Django