Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well this is disappointing

The blog is ranked 16,064,400 in web traffic (per Alexa), which is LOWER than the last time I remembered to look (October 2010, when I was in the top 14 million).


I guess I need another defective page-a-day calendar to pick things up.

Note that Alexa shows my keywords as shelly ryan, harry conick birthday, vatican assassin, happy birthday, and david bowie.

DAVID BOWIE! Love him!

Song of the Day: "The Rest is Silence/There is No Me... Without You"

I close 2011 out with 2 tracks (well, 1.5 really) from Glen Campbell's swansong, Ghost on the Canvas. "The Rest is Silence" is an instrumental... or is it? Maybe it's just a lyric-less song since I think there's a voice in there, giving it a mournful quality reminiscent of the Beach Boys, Bobby McFerrin and a little Bon Iver (just a tad).

It's as good a symbol for my end of the year melancholy as any. This last month has had all the drama of a sweeps month of Melrose Place episodes.

I really fucking hate 2011. If I go postal on a neighbor tonight because they set off fireworks and traumatize Midge, it is NOT premeditated. Despite what you're reading here.

Song: "The Rest is Silence/There is No Me... Without You"
Artist: Glen Campbell

Friday, December 30, 2011

Song of the Day: "Change the Sheets"

Kathleen Edwards worked with Justin Vernon as co-producer on Voyageur, her fourth album. At first listen I like the sound for her as a fresh expansion of her style, but I can also see myself getting burned out by Bon Iver overkill. Bon Overkill. Damn I'm good.

Song: "Change the Sheets"
Artist: Kathleen Edwards

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Marianne Faithfull

Not a lot of time for a post, but here are a few songs:

"Sister Morphine"

"I Got You Babe" with David Bowie

And finally "Song for Nico"

Oh, yeah, and she's a Baroness.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Quote of the day

“We have a federal government that is out of control from the standpoint of spending, and I wish I could tell you I knew every Supreme Court case… I’m not a lawyer but here’s what I do know, I know they’re spending too much money in Washington, D.C.”--Governor Rick Perry (R, TX) on Lawrence v. Texas

First, isn't it awesome that Rick Perry is actually collecting a pay check for being governor of Texas what with his not actually doing that job and all. I guess most of the other candidates, and Obama, are equally guilty, but still, hooray.

And second, why does Rick Perry hate Vicki Lawrence so much? That's what Lawrence v. Texas is about, right? That was the case that awarded Vicki Lawrence a billion dollars a year every year, paid directly from unicorn fuckers (that's my term for "job creators" as they are both equally true--I think the ruling actually says "job creators" though) from the money they were totally going to use for new jobs. That damn Federal government and activist judges and all off the spending. And for what? They're not even making Mama's Family any more.

The third thing is...

Song of the Day: "Terra Incognita"

Another track from Atlas Sounds's Parallax, one of my favorites of 2011.

Song: "Terra Incognita"
Artist: Atlas Sounds

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Song of the Day: "No Light, No Light"

Holy crap I almost forgot to post a song today. Here's some Florence + the Machine channeling a little Siouxsie and the Banshees (in a good way).

Song: "No Light, No Light"
Artist: Florence + the Machine

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You may laugh, but so far there have been no hijackings by cupcake

(h/t Towleroad)

A few years ago I had a panic attack on a flight so I started taking Xanax for when I travel. Or when I mistakenly think the bike path is an on ramp (after, not before). Or when I'm bored.

I actually now take 1/2 so that it kicks in as I go through the security check point as I am fairly certain that at some point you will see a video of me being tasered by TSA on your nightly news. Apparently they don't like it when I say things like "are we still pretending shoes are a threat" while I wait. And don't bother pointing out that the official size is 3.3 ounces (or 100 milliliters in EVERY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD EXCEPT THE US, BURMA AND LIBERIA!!!) of liquid, not 3 ounces. Unless you want the pat down.

But to the TSA's credit, their quick thinking has stopped another would-be terrorist from using her terrorist cupcake to terrorize a flight. They have also prevented countless attacks by sharks, one assumes. (You haven't heard of an attack via carried on shark, have you?)
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"Her mocking smile says it all"

It's Marlene Dietrich's birthday, and maybe in the future she'll get a proper birthday post, but for now we'll celebrate with Suzanne Vega's "Marlene on the Wall" inspired by a poster of Dietrich Vega had up in her apartment (on the wall, get it!).

When Eric, Clark and I went to see the Indigo Girls a few years ago, Eric commented that they will be playing "Closer to Fine" at least 300 times a year for the rest of their lives. I wish this, and not "Luka," was Vega's obligatory early hit. Once again life doesn't conform to my wishes. Morans.

Song of the Day: "My Heart"

Loney, Dear is the name used by Emil Svan√§ngen (I had to paste that in because I don't know how to make those tildaswintons in HTML), a Swedish singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist (as if I didn't need to feel lazier, they had to throw multi-instrumentalist into the description).

Hall Music is his seventh album, and for the life of me I can't recall where or how I first heard him, but it's been just in the past few months. It was further complicated by my assumption that "Loney Dear" was a typo on my part (Lonely Dear, duh), and it was, but the actual typo was leaving the comma out: Loney, Dear. As in Loney, dear, take the recycling out before you go to bed. I assume.

Song: "My Heart"
Artist: Loney, Dear

Mitt Romney never even responds

I've been heckling Mittens for months with nary a reaction (although some retweeting), but all it took was one mention of that time Boy George chained someone to a radiator to get a little love.

First Pakistan, then Grammy winning future Dancing with the Stars participants... who's next? Place your bets now.

And George, please, make a new record sometime. You can record in my basement if cost is an issue (I have a Mac, and based on everything I've heard, that is all I need).

And if I actually get hit by a bus, make sure you let him know that.

I'm always surprised when the fourth marriage doesn't last

I am sure this is another casualty of teh gayz wanting the special privilege of marrying (next up: marrying a snake! [because snakes can enter all other kinds of legally-binding contracts, so this makes perfect sense, FOX News] [FUN FACT: snakes cannot actually enter any kinds of legally-binding contracts, but they do taste surprisingly like chicken, although when you consider their common evolutionary path, maybe it's not that surprising... hello, eggs! duh]) and not just because someone with three divorces has a very high probability of divorcing again. Also wasn't she a Lesbian for like 45 minutes?

Anyway, guess who's getting a big gift basket from Kim Kardashian!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Song of the Day: "Dirty Dreams"

This is the third song of the day from Work Drugs in 2011, so it's impressive that they've only been together a year.

Or it's not, I can't decide.

Either it is, or it isn't.

But I definitely like their music, so that's a good thing.

You can download the track here for free.

Song: "Dirty Dreams"
Artist: Work Drugs

Sunday, December 25, 2011