Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Bradley Manning

In a time when George W. Bush is responsible for making America less safe and empowering Iran (or so I'm led to believe), Bradley Manning needs to be credited with getting the U.S. out of Iraq. I mean, allegedly (if found guilty, you know, in the trial that's finally happening). Glenn Greenwald explains (here):
In other words, whoever leaked that cable cast light on a heinous American war crime and, by doing so, likely played some significant role in thwarting an agreement between the Obama and Maliki governments to keep U.S. troops in Iraq and thus helped end this stage of the Iraq war (h/t Trevor Timm). Moreover, whoever leaked these cables — as even virulent WikiLeaks critic Bill Keller repeatedly acknowledged — likely played some significant in helping spark the Arab Spring protests by documenting just how deeply corrupt those U.S.-supported kleptocrats were. And in general, whoever leaked those cables has done more to publicize the corrupt, illegal and deceitful acts of the world’s most powerful factions — and to educate the world about how they behave — than all “watchdog” media outlets combined (indeed, the amount of news reports on a wide array of topics featuring WikiLeaks cables as the primary source is staggering). In sum, whoever leaked those cables is responsible for one of the most consequential, beneficial and noble acts of this generation.
Oh, wow, he also gets partial credit for Occupy Wall Street then. Sweet.

Shit is fucked up and bull shit. And I have never done anything as brave as Manning (allegedly) has.

Happy birthday dude. Good luck. Rock on. Stay strong.

Song of the Day: "The Keeper"

Also nominated for a Golden Globe this year is Chris Cornell (I think that's him in the video, even though this dude is wearing a shirt).

It's from a movie starring Gerard Butler called Machine Gun Preacher.

Just to be clear, that's these 2:
Chris Cornell/Gerard Butler

Song: "The Keeper"
Artist: Chris Cornell

Friday, December 16, 2011

Song of the Day: "Lay Your Head Down"

Among this week's Golden Globe nominations is this Song of the Year nomination from Albert Nobbs (or Albert Noobs if you don't read it carefully). Sinead O'Connor provides the voice, but Glenn Close wrote the lyrics (she is also nominated for Best Actress in a Drama for her performance in the movie). Brian Byrne wrote the beautiful music and I thought "hey, two actors" and then realized that there IS a difference between Brian Byrne and Brian F. O'Byrne (although I will grant partial credit for that answer).

This could be a sneaky way for Close to finally pick up an Oscar, and if so, good for her.

Song: "Lay Your Heart Down"
Artist: Sinead O'Connor

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Song of the Day: "Honolulu Blues"

Dude from the Hold Steady has a solo project coming soon. This is from that.

Song: "Honolulu Blues"
Artist: Craig Finn

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Song of the Day: "Waiting for Something"

It's been 3 or 4 years since Nada Surf's "Whose Authority?" trapped me in its pure pop embrace. They had a covers album last year, and The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy, their seventh album, will be released next month (which is also next year).

You can download a different track here if you're interested (actually, I assume it works even if you're not interested).

Now to get ready for my 6:30 a.m. flight.

  Nada Surf - Waiting For Something by indieisnotagenre

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

From Islamabad to Karachi, I am huge in Pakistan

I got some love for my tweet about Obama asking
for the downed drone back from Iran.
Actually I went to see my doctor last week and weighed in--apparently I'm huge here too.

But that's not important right now. What is important is that I made people in Pakistan laugh with a tweet, and apparently that's enough to help my self esteem.
Obama asks for drone back. What's farsi for bwahahahahahaha?

Colbert and Daily Show recaps

First, Mittens, out of touch? Say it isn't so!

And the idea that "Newt" comes from a line that includes Pussy Galore, Honey Ryder and May Day, actually makes sense. But his last name really should be Ratzenberger, or Unfaithfullo.

Song of the Day: "I Can See Through You"

I have a feeling we are in the middle of a post-grunge heavy shoegaze revival (the kind that would cite Catherine Wheel or Chapterhouse or Curve, ahead of Bauhaus or My Bloody Valentine or the Housemartins [just checking to see if anyone's paying attention]).

Skying is the third album from The Horrors and I got through most of this post without checking to see if I'd ever put a songs of theirs on the blog before. Turns out I have (here)... not all my stories are interesting.

Song: "I Can See Through You"
Artist: The Horrors

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wait, what's that about the terrorists?!

(h/t @DeadHostess via Twitterzesses and Good)

Infographic from Prose Before Hos

It's what Christo would do to mask police brutality

From no tent to tent in seconds!

And, AND, it's in the 2012 Pantone Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango (details here; h/t to The Lars for that one).

I'm sure what the Houston Police Department saves in sun block and rain bonnets will more than make up for the extra lawsuits those evil violent protesters bring after being abused arrested in a totes respectful manner. There is no reason to cynically assume the tents are to block photos and videos of hippies getting kicked, beaten or pepper sprayed. Because that shit happens right out in the open!
Say when.
On behalf of white people let me just say I'm shocked that there are cops who behave like complete dicks when one hasn't really broken a law. This thing, which has JUST STARTED must be curtailed soon as it is an outrage.

Now, go fight the power.

Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Portland
Occupy the Ports

Oh snap of the day

"I will say this, as the father of two daughters: I think it is important for us to make sure that we apply some common sense to various rules when it comes to over-the-counter medicine.”--Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Take THAT Reproductive Advisory Committee, Reproductive Health Drugs Committee, Drug Safety Committee, and Risk Management Committee of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration!

Next time use some common fucking sense!

I'm sure all the girls planning their Plan B One-Step Sweet Sixteen™ parties will be crushed.

Those slutty, slutty girls.

And you know what causes that... Gardasil.

What's up with all these pharmaceuticals that empower girls to be so slutty?

Song of the Day: "Hoop of Love"

When did duos become the new quartets? I'm gonna assume this is Jack White's doing, and move on with my life (it saves me some aggravation).

This is Dominant Legs, a side project from a dude from Girls (a band I officially "like a lot" [strong words]), and a girl dude who is not a dude or in Girls.


Song: "Hoop of Love"
Artist: Dominant Legs

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Win $10,000 from Mittens Romney

UPDATE: Mormons are opposed to gambling. As a Mormon, Mittens should have never made the bet, and also as a Mormon, Huntsman should have never accepted the bet. Good times...

As you know, the 748th Republican debate was held over the weekend. I think. I was busy organizing porn on my external hard drive so I didn't watch it personally, but I'm told it happened. I'm pretty sure Jesus, tax cuts and American exceptionalism all came up at least once.

Mittens bet Rick Perry $10,000, which is a little rude what with 99% of Americans not really having $10,000 to toss around so casually--at least make the bet in private, it's less odious. And Jon Huntsman, the perfectly reasonable candidate who's only actually in the race because his daddy is a billionaire who is very supportive of his son's hobbies.

But you know what, it depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is, right? It's so easy to criticize Greatest President of Ever Bill Clinton but sooner or later, everyone comes to Rick's (Rick's being my nickname for all the clumsy doublespeak dodges and/or lies Clinton made over his 8 amazing years of peace and prosperity... [yes, he lied about getting a blowjob during a civil trial deposition, but at least he didn't invade a country under false pretenses, or cheer in prep school]).

Anyway, poor Tim Pawlenty. His perfectly rational decision to exit the race actually makes him appear more qualified than most that are sticking it out. Of course Gracie eating poop in the backyard makes her also appear more qualified than Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry. And Newt.

It would be interesting, just one time, to see someone like Mittens or Newt actually own up to something they said/believe that might be slightly off from current party orthodoxy. They're flip-flopperific. Like 88,209 times more than John Kerry ever was (and you know how you hated him).

I can find this amusing because I was not inconvenienced

However, had I been ON that flight and subject to a delay because an entertainer wouldn't shut off his fucking iPhone, I would be less charitable toward Baldwin. The LA (and in this case NYC) Cult of Narcissism for Celebrity goes something like this: "the rules don't apply to ME."

Song of the Day: "Can't Relax"

20+ years ago I wrote that the Dead Milkmen's "Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance to Anything)" implies that Book of Love are European when they are from NYC (actually originally from Philly, as are Dead Milkmen). Someone from the Dead Milkmen didn't take that well and let fly the angry rejoinders.

I stand by my statement.

The King in Yellow, their ninth studio album, was released earlier this year. I probably have higher awareness since I listen to radio from Philadelphia via the inter-webz (it's not a dump truck).

Song: "Can't Relax"
Artist: Dead Milkmen