Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jack and Jill and the 10-Year Rule

Not that I was going to see the new Adam Sandler movie, but c'mon. Sandler is older than me, while Katie Holmes was born in 1978. That makes the movie in violation of the 10-year rule. Fail.

It seems like a shitload of movies have a 12-year difference without flinching. What's up with that?

Actresses within the 10-year age difference who might have appreciated the work? Calista Flockhart. Maybe I should just stop with that, cause, poor girl, she could really use the call.

Bridget Fonda, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Janeane Garofalo, Ellen Cleghorne, Sarah Jessica Parker (note: as one of the highest paid women in entertainment, she doesn't actually need the work), Kristin Davis, Josie Bissett, and Alyssa Milano all could have used the work. Some more than others.

Mostly Calista. (You're welcome girl.)

Song of the Day: "Pinky's Dream"

Karen O also shows up on director David Lynch's first album, Crazy Clown Time (for some reason I feel like that should be Klown, but it's not). Lynch supplies the music, which comes off as much as hopped-up Angelo Badalamenti as anything else. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just, you know, clear about the influences. Unless Badalamenti was just a pseudonym. Hmmm...

Song: "Pinky's Dream"
Artist: Karen O/David Lynch

Friday, November 11, 2011

Song of the Day: "Immigrant Song"

Immigrants: they took our jobs.
Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs shows up in a couple of interesting spots this week. First, she's the voice over Trent Reznor's music in this cover of that song by that band that a lot of people like. Lead something.

And it's in the movie based on the book that all the kids liked, but not the one with the vampires. And it's the English version, not the original (and also not the one with the vampire where they also did that). Um, spoiler alert: no vampires.

Song: "Immigrant Song"
Artist: Karen O/Trent Reznor

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marriage IS hard :-(

Song of the Day: "I Really Need Love"

The Bees, or possibly A Band of Bees, are from the Isle of Wight. They're like this blissful overlap of The Kooks and Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear. Seriously, tell me your endorphins don't just instantly kick in with this song.

Okay, maybe the sitar is a little much, but that's good. That means you won't get addicted.

Speaking of addiction, here's a new thing to investigate: ayahuasca. Remember, if it's natural it's probably bad for you.

Song: "I Really Need Love"
Artist: The Bees

...and a player to be named later

Rick Perry am super smart. Rick Perry am Bizarro President!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Here's something for Leland to think about today

Namely, how fucking stupid are Barenaked Ladies? Not a one of these ideas is useful. Well, maybe the Kraft dinners.

Song of the Day: "Where Do All the Good Girls Go?"

Stevie Jackson, he of Belle & Sebastian fame (aka the white Earth, Wind and Fire)--he's the less clever, more obviously heterosexual one (they are both straight, surprisingly... or Stuart Murdoch doesn't find me attractive... nah, both straight). His new solo outing, I Can't Get No (Stevie Jackson) is, well, decidedly not B&S. I like him singing on B&S songs, but he's got the aural packaging around their broad stylized music then. Here it's... less.

I mean, it's not Creed or Avril Lavigne or Pitbull, by any stretch of the imagination. Still...  I think all the good girls are going back to iTunes to check out what else is new this month.

Song: "Where Do All the Good Girls Go?"
Artists: Stevie Jackson

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Everything you need to know about Mittens Romney in 1 photo opp

R.I.P. Heavy D

Dead at 44. A cautionary tale for me? We shall see. (Probably not... but you never know.)

Rest in peace dude.

Too little, too late dude

Listen, I know I used to talk about campaign finance reform because I genuinely believed that it was a necessary step to becoming a truly democratic country.

Then my buddy became a millionaire. Now that I'm 1%-adjacent, that shit is bad. Suck it, working class (including me). We gots to take care of the rich. They work really hard for what they have. Sometimes you have to drive almost an hour to cash in your lottery ticket (an hour!) -- why would you deny someone like that the ability to buy an election? (NOTE: he's actually not thinking that far ahead [in fact he keeps talking about the charities he likes], but I am. He really is worthy of this luck.)

Anyway, blah blah blah reform. Here's a hippie talking about vegan granola reform sandals Nash and Young shit:

Occupy the Status Quo
Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Portland
Hippies Off My Lawns

He will do whatever it takes for you to stop ignoring him

Mittens Romney: he makes Hillary Clinton seem principled.

The status quo, it's IMPORTANT to maintain on account of its importance

Thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obammer, we don't have to change shit. And he hasn't. Except for deaths by armed drones. But computers never make mistakes so those dead children must have been terrorists. America, fuck yeah!

Anyway, as I said earlier, it's Election Day, and Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA, one of our generation's greatest satirists, explains why this country don't need no stinkin' campaign finance reform.

"Just because my penis is in your vagina, doesn't mean we're having sex."-Colbert

Song of the Day: "Amplifiers"

(h/t Jeremy)
Atlas Sound is Bradford Cox (which may or may not also be a porn name), and Bradford Cox (the non-porn one anyway) is a dude from Deerhunter. Not Deertick. Or Tickenwolf (an entirely not funny joke I made last night and won't let go of).

The new Atlas Sound album is reviewed and streaming at the New York Times T Magazine (here), so you know it's dripping with liberal bias and arugula. Both of which are good for you. At least arugula is, check out its nutrition profile here -- nutritious and filling!

Here's a track from Atlas Sound's (aka non-porn Bradford Cox) Parallax:

Song: "Amplifiers"
Artist: Atlas Sound

"Hi guys, by the way, are you aware you're being illegal"

It's Election Day, just not for me (no ballot in my district), which means I am fucking tired of campaign ads that do not apply to me. I don't care if Costco is trying to buy an election just to make more money, or no. That's Washington state. It does piss me off to watch ads that claim the bill does 2 completely opposite things. Huzzah for the status quo in political campaigns! No need for reform here.

Here's the Duran Duran side project known as Arcadia from 25 years ago. I am old...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Deep Thinkingsishness with Fred Thompson

Fred Thomspon, who used to be on Law & Order and ALSO used to be a Senator and once dated Lorrie Morgan and who is still married to the 20+ years younger than him trophy wife (so kudos on those family values, Newt Gingrich wonders what your problem is) and who once proposed that no one could have an abortion until they watched an ultrasound of his daughter Hayden (or something, it was like "abortion is bad, so don't have an abortion mmmkay") is back. And in his deep thinkingishness ways, he's deeply and thoughtfully thinking thoughts about sexual harassment, and not totes because of Herman Cain, but TOTES because of Herman Cain. Here he is in the National Review:

Moreover, people are on to the sexual-harassment scam. In typical fashion, Congress took a situation where women had no protection for legitimate grievances and created a solution rife with unintended consequences. Now businesses are regularly making payouts for the flimsiest of reasons. It’s obvious that these alleged victims and their lawyers — no matter what they may say publicly — are champing at the bit to come forward for their day in the limelight and the inevitable book deal. Who can pass up being the new Anita Hill, who to this day periodically receives glowing newspaper profiles?
I remember when Anita Hill was on Dancing with the Stars, which she was only doing to help sell more of her Anita Hill action figures, and thinking "hey, why is this bitch famous?! Who did she fuck?" Turns out nobody. Meanwhile she destroyed the career of Clarence Thomas, a man so damaged he couldn't fill out a simple form. And, AND, she never even paid to use his likeness in her action figure collection. No wonder Ginni went all Oklahoma on her ass.

Fred's deeper thinkingness includes the idea that SOMEONE tipped off people about the whole sexual harassment scam thing. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, it wasn't the lib-rul media (Mittens Romney or Rick Perry). Since most "reporters" are just fucking stenographers, I'd say that's right (Rick Perry or Mittens Romney). But who could have had the insight into this part of Cain's history (Mittens Romney and/or Rick Perry)? Which means that despicable Republican campaign tactics are being used against other Republicans. And that makes Fred sad. Because that happened to Fred. Which is the ONLY reason Fred isn't President.

Anyway, boycott Anita Hill's talk show and her chain of salons and her shampoo. She's just a scammer who never did nothing of merit. And definitely don't buy her action figures.

Song of the Day: "In My Arms"

I picked up Glen Campbell's Ghost on the Canvas over the weekend, so I want to post another track from that. The album is somewhat elegiac, which makes this optimistic track all the more bright and distinctive. It was written by Teddy Thompson, son of Richard and Linda (got your attention now Eric?), and features Chris Isaak (he of the large penis), Dick Dale (surf rock guitar legend [also it's entirely possible that I've seen his penis, not in person, and like 25 years ago]), and Brian Setzer (no penis reference here).

Ugh, apparently I can't get the original via youtube and I can't add it to soundcloud. So Chris, Dick and Brian aren't here in the live version from Jimmy Kimmel, but 8 or 9 guys whose penises I haven't addressed yet are.

This really could have gone better, but I work with what I've got. And that includes penises.

Song: "In My Arms"
Artist: Glen Campbell [not included here Chris Isaak/Dick Dale/Brian Setzer]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kent State had a triangle triangle!

(h/t Bill in Exile)

Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Portland
Occupy a Sense of Humor

Song of the Day: "All I Ever Wanted"

It's weird that I haven't posted a song from The Airborne Toxic Event as a song of the day before today. I've done a variety of artists from the softer side of chamber pop, so it's weird I would leave them out.

All at Once, their second full length album, has been out since April. I really am behind with them.

Song: "All I Ever Wanted"
Artist: The Airborne Toxic Event