Friday, October 7, 2011

My lite lunch

In the interest of eating a little healthier, I'm just having some pickle slices, a salad, and some iced tea.

Fried pickle chips with ranch dressing [JOKE: How do you get a straight guy to suck your dick? Coat it in ranch dressing.]

A simple salad (with fried chicken):

And my refreshingly long islandy iced tea (I am in a GREAT mood, why do you ask?):

Song of the Day: "So American"

Portugal. The Man relocated from Wasilla AK to Portland OR to be near me (duh), and while we've yet to spend any quality time together, I'm happy that they seem to be having some success with In the Mountain in the Cloud.

The video for this song caught my attention because it's filled with shirtless boys I thought it was filmed at the same beach that we took the dogs to last week (Thao with the Get Down Stay Down also filmed a video there). It may be on the Columbia River, but maybe not (it's the sail boat--but maybe closer to the 'couv you see more of them)--the house near the end looks like Portland, and that's totes what caught my attention. Or at least what I'll admit.

Loving the stuff I've heard from this album by the way. It's big and lush and overproduced but in a good way. The way XTC's Skylarking is overproduced. It really is a compliment.

Song: "So American"
Artist: Portugal. The Man

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Song of the Day: "Playing House"

Previously on the Rebel Agenda we discussed Active Child when he/they collaborated with Princeton (band not university) on an earlier song of the day.

I like the song in the same way I like that song from that dude but I can't seem to find much info about him/them. So, in the interest of being at the place I need to be on time (my body thinks it's 4:56 a.m. right now), I will stop here. You're welcome.

Oh, wait, I didn't mention that there's also a quality vaguely reminiscent of Lonely Island, did I? That's probably going to come off as less flattering than my earlier mention of James Blake (no, I totally did, go back and look), but in fact they're equally flattering from my perspective (and I will let you figure that one out on your own).


Song: "Playing House"
Artist: Active Child

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The jokes pretty much write themselves

I took this photo at O'Hare airport while changing planes.

I'm going with "who hasn't had their nuts on Clark?"

Leave yours in comments.

Song of the Day: "What Did I Do?"

Kele Okereke from Bloc Party is going directly from his first solo album to a solo EP while Bloc Party are working on their fourth album. So clues seem to indicated the Kele (luckily he's going by Kele so knowing how to spell Okereke is unnecessary) and the band are parting ways.

I've finally stopped confusing Bloc Party with Arcade Fire (I like them both), so hopefully both the band and dude can thrive separately.

I don't know anything about Lucy Taylor who sings on this track.  According to Wikipedia she was a finalist on a BBC reality show about choristers. I guess I do know something about Lucy Taylor after all. Also, choristers, that's a fancy way of saying singer in a choir.

Song: "What Did I Do?"
Artist: Kele/Lucy Taylor

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A little geography lesson

From the Daily Show, on the more than 100 places with "Niggerhead" in the name.

More birthday cards

From Darrin

From Bek (duh)

From Erin

From Jack

From Kassie

From Chris

The statistically unlikely birthday greeting commonality

I received 2 more ecards this morning. First up, from Lisa:

Next up from Melanie:

The same card!!!  Which is unlikely but not impossibly so.

Here's where the weirdness happens. They both have the same birthday: December 1. zOMG!!! What are the odds? [Answer: the odds are 1/(365.25^2) x 1/whatever the number of bitchy birthday ecards they have^2)--I'm omitting the probability of using someecards since I know 1 of them was the first to introduce me to them and the other is an early adopter as well.]

Happy Birthday Me

The earliest greeting from Johnny boy (whose sleep is erratic from chemo and not from a mid-life crisis-inspired meth addiction, so far as I know):
John was first... after my Nana

And this one from Christina made me laugh (although "douchy" isn't a word I've ever thought to associate with her [OH SNAP! unless she means Jackie!]). I don't know if she made this one, but I tried to encourage her to play around at their site because think she could make some great someeards (not as great as mine, but that goes without saying despite the fact that I'm saying it)... and douchey, which isn't actually a word, has an "e":

Jackie sent me a sweetly earnest ecard which has no place on my blog. It would just confuse my readers.

And now, for no particular reason, here's Donna Summer's "MacArthur's Park Suite"--no one left my cake out in the rain, but my toaster oven did cause similar issues.

Happy birthday me! Rock on! (ha!)

We didn't start the fire... intentionally (we totally started it though)

Birthday breakfast in bed has been canceled

How hard is it to make toast? You put your bread it, turn the knob, go blog, get off on a tangent about health care in Sweden (which is, technically, not Switzerland), read up on their current economy (it's not all ABBA and Ikea) and then, 10 minutes or so later you think, "what's that smoke?"

Funny story: when I was shopping for a toaster oven to replace my last one (Clark loves him some toast, so it gets used more than my microwave of my KitchenAid stand mixer [can you believe it?]) there were a series of similar looking pictures in Amazon's user reviews for the product (here).

Images from Amazon customer reviews
Anyone who knows me well knows my thoughts at the time: "those people must be idiots." But since I am not an idiot, clearly we are looking at a product defect that can only be remedied by a costly class action lawsuit.

GE, we bring good things to life... and then destroy them in a kitchen fire.

Crap, apparently I missed out on a kitchen remodel by catching the fire in a timely manner. Sigh.

Song of the Day: "Ritual Union"

Little Dragon
"Ritual Union" is the title track from the third album by Swedes Little Dragon. If it's not Portland or Brooklyn, it's Sweden, like 90% of the music I post seems to come from those locales (with a margin of error of +/- 60%).

This little tangent led me to look into Sweden (which is not Switzerland, apparently) and its health care system (since ours apparently will not reform quietly), and then, a few minutes into that tangent I found myself thinking "what's burning?" (See the next post for the answer to that.)

I don't know much about the band, but I love the track. I don't know if they sample the weird tape snag from Death Cab for Cutie's "I Will Possess Your Heart" or if that's merely an effect with a similar sound, but there's something about it I like (you can hear it around 0:20 and later [okay, just re-listened to the DC song, and I'm pretty sure that's not it]). Apparently this album is being called a fusion of the best aspects of their first 2 albums (per the critics), or a complete sell out (per the hipsters who only like their first album--you know the type). Enjoy.

Song: "Ritual Union"
Artist: Little Dragon

Monday, October 3, 2011

Back to the beach

I'm trying to make an annual practice of taking the dogs to the beach for the "last good day of the year" (that phrase inspired by the song by Cousteau)--some weekday, late in September or early October when it's hot but probably not many people will be there because it's after Labor Day. Crap, now I've given away the concept and next year will be crazy crowded. Sigh!

Anyway, this year we did Sauvie Island and here's what it looked like. Check out Willy in action!

Willy really is a total spaz.

Gracie is coming around on the water. She wasn't having any of it on the first trip, and begrudgingly played last time. There are no normal dogs in my life, it would seem.

Midge, like me, does enjoy a nice shady spot to sit for a while. Can you blame her? It was hot!

How does my garden grow?

You'll have to ask my guy. But here are some pictures.



Song of the Day: "9 O'Clock"

If you watch Family Guy with any regularity (in any of its 3 runs), you've probably heard Emmy winner (2-time) Seth MacFarlane croon. He's done it as Brian and Stewie (I guess technically he's done it as Peter also, but that's decidedly less smooth).

So really MacFarlane's traditional pop stylings shouldn't be a big surprise to you, it isn't to me. His goal: a classic, Sinatra-esque album; and he scores. I like what I've heard from his album far more than any of the tracks from the new Tony Bennett.

The album is filled with standards. This track (free at iTunes, probably until tonight) was written by Bob Merrill (his biggest songs are "How Much is That Doggie in the Window" and "Mambo Italiano" but he's also part of the songwriting team behind Funny Girl).

Song: "9 O'Clock"
Artist: Seth MacFarlane

They made a huge mistake (in canceling the show)

(h/t John)

I mentioned that a friend at work is doing Netflix and asked for TV recommendations, and I only said "Arrested Development." I hear The Wire is amazing, and Friday Night Lights is high quality and beefcake-laden. And Melanie's probably pissed that I didn't pick up Being Erica (although if it wasn't B.E. it would be Vampire Diaries or some other show on the CW I'm sure... or One Tree Hill [is that still on the air?]).

But the enthusiasm for the show continues beyond just me (although clearly I started it), and now they've announced both a return to TV (10 episodes) and the long-awaited movie. Details here.
Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz announced at The New Yorker Festival Sunday that the sitcom will return to television for one abbreviated season.

The series will focus on what the characters have been doing since the show was canceled in 2006. The new season will serve as the precursor to an Arrested Development movie, which has been kicking around for years.

Now to get the same thing for Gilmore Girls!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lil' Poundcake turns girls into sluts

Based on what I understand from many of the Republican candidates for President. Once you've been vaccinated against HPV, everybody gets a ride (it's like you're Bristol Palin!)...

None of these modest proposals includes eating poor children

(h/t Bill in Exile)

...ergo FAIL! [NOTE: Reference to a "modest proposal" based on this. If you don't get that, try some advice from Handy.]

Oh, and if this IS class warfare, it's about fucking time.

The middle class is seriously in jeopardy. My generation will not enjoy the same "luxuries" as my parent's but at least I had public schools to take advantage of. Good luck in 30 years when the people working at your hospital have inconsistent training in reading and math (of course, there will be apps to do everything by then, so everything will be done flawlessly).

Me, I'm hoping Elenin really is the blue star kachina of Hopi lore, and that whatever hits take me early. I'm not much for fighting zombies.

Song of the Day: "Police Dog Blues"

Enough people have told me that I should *love* House, or that House from House reminds them of me, for me to get that Hugh Laurie's character is some kind of an asshole.

I mean, an asshole who gets results, to be sure.

An asshole who actually knows what the fuck he's doing unlike most of his coworkers.

An asshole who probably works harder than everyone around him, despite the drug "issues" (my drug issue? I'm out!).

But ultimately an asshole who can't seem to win a fucking Emmy. Although I'm sure he will tell you it's an honor to just be nominated.

I wouldn't know.

Neither would Lauren Graham. So I'm in great company. Except she's probably not typing profanity-laden blog posts before 7 a.m. on a Sunday.

Anyway, I don't watch House but here's Laurie singing an old Blind Blake song.

Song: "Police Dog Blues"
Artist: Hugh Laurie