Saturday, September 17, 2011

Suddenly Midge is here

(h/t Clark)
She is always adorable.




Song of the Day: "Body and Soul"

Amy Winehouse's final music video, with Tony Bennett. Here's what I'll say about these 2 singers: the brutal reality of their actual voices are, um, well suited for each other. I'm sure someone's got an album of duets coming out. And it will win 3 Grammys.

Song: "Body and Soul"
Artist: Tony Bennett/Amy Winehouse

Friday, September 16, 2011

Isn't technology great?

This is a picture of Kelly V-V's monitor, which is showing their home IP camera watching her dog Gracie (HER Gracie, not mine) sprawling on the couch that she (Gracie) is not supposed to be on.

It's interesting that Gracie (hers) sprawls much like my Gracie--it's as though my Gracie feels the need to maximize her presence in any given space. Like a gas. A 100+ pound gas.

Anyway, I'd get one of these but I think I'd just get depressed at all the happy frolicking times they have without me. Sigh.

Today's yum: Brunchbox

(h/t Erin and Clark)
Today for lunch I went here:

And got this:

Officially it is this:

And it was damn good!

Next up: how to hide so I can nap.

Colbert commemorates the end of postage

Buy it here. You know you want to.

Song of the Day: "Red Alert"

What can I tell you about CSS that you don't already know? I mean, you probably know they're from Brazil, they're part of the "new rave" scene, and they had that big-ish hit with "Rat is Dead" a few years ago (stop yawning). That I had them as song of the day in July with "Hits Me Like a Rock," you remember that too, I'm sure. Um, La LiberaciĆ³n, their third album, was released in August. Duh, right?

Well, today's song of the day features Brooklyn hipsters Ratatat. Put a bird on this one, I'm done.

Song: "Red Alert"
Artist: CSS/Ratatat

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Infographic of the day

This is part of actual FBI training. See the presentation here.

I'm not sure what's going on in the graphic but it appears that Moon Knight may have bowled a very tough split.

Oh and also Muslims are ALWAYS violent, and Christians are NEVER violent, according to this.

Wow, that makes everything very simple.

America, fuck yeah!

Song of the Day: "Born Alone"

Another track from the forthcoming Wilco album, The Whole Love, out in a few weeks.

This song is available as a free download from iTunes through next Monday.

The album is out later this month, and the tour began last night in Indianapolis (yes, get that one out of the way, it's all uphill from there). They have 2 nights scheduled at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre (yes, that's how they spell it, pretentious no?) but no nights scheduled for Portland.

I blame Eric.

Song: "Born Alone"
Artist: Wilco

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Dan Cortese

Um... yeah.
Wonder what he is up to. Maybe he could get a gig with the dude from 98 Degrees (no the other one, no the OTHER other one).

Happy birthday dude! Rock on?

Song of the Day: "Honey Bunny"

Girls, the San Francisco-based band that consisted of 2 dudes (now up to 5 peeps) impressed me with their debut album, Album, 2 years ago. And their follow-up EP managed another single among my favorites of 2010 ("Heartbreaker"). So when Amazon put their second full length album on sale and eligible for another $1.50 discount, I jumped on  it.


But I am enjoying Father, Son, Holy Ghost and all its hip retro feel. And hey, if this song ends up in an Axe Bodywash commercial, then good for them!

Song: "Honey Bunny"
Artist: Girls

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Song of the Day: "Brendan's Death Song"

The Boss (he's a cross between this and this) brought in the new Red Hot Chili Pepper's disk (I'm With You) last week and I finally listened to it yesterday afternoon. As I write this I'm not recalling the last album of theirs I listened to from start to finish. It may have been Mother's Milk. I am old. And apparently not sufficiently into RHCP to listen to an entire album in one sitting. I think it's my ADD which, hey look, shiny!

They have the internet on computers now!

Anyway, I wanted to pick a song that wasn't "Under the Bridge (redux)" ("Scar Tissue"), but I may have failed. But the song is really great and its provenance genuinely touching (details here).

Song: "Brendan's Death Song"
Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Good luck with the jobs bill

Jon Stewart covers the re-emergence of Candidate Obama ("Yes we can!" rather than "Fooled ya, I'm really a Republican! More wars! More tax cuts!") with regard to a new jobs bill. I'm sure Eric Cantor will whine about how Obama never once said "please" and how deeply offended he is. Oh, and Obama will cave just to get something passed. Maybe he should offer to rename it The Obama REALLY WAS Born in Kenya and Other Trivial Efforts to Create American Jobs Bill.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Song of the Day: "If I Wanted Someone"

Another track from Dawes' new album Nothing is Wrong.

Still liking it.

Song: "If I Wanted Someone"
Artist: Dawes

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Harry Connick Jr.

Emmy winner
Birthday boy Connick won an Emmy yesterday, at the Creative Arts Emmys (or the "Schmemmys"), his second. Both are for Music Direction.
Grammy winner, although not necessarily for this

He also has 3 Grammys.
Tony nominee

And he's fared pretty well on Broadway, picking up Tony nominations as both a performer (Pajama Game), and as a composer (Thou Shalt Not). He returns in On a Clear Day You See Forever in December.
Certificate of Shirtless Valor winner
Something something Katrina New Orleans help.

Hey, here's a song:

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "Fascinated"

Ivy/All Hours
I am such a tremendous fan of Adam Schlesinger (full EGOT nominee) that I had no idea he's in the band Ivy.

Or that Ivy is a band.

But both things are true, and what better day than today to learn such things?!

All Hours, their first album in 6 years is out later this month. Just as Fountains of Wayne begin a tour. This is confusing, but Schlesinger will be in Portland Oct. 8th at the Wonder Ballroom, so try to ask him to clarify things then. If you don't mind.

Song: "Fascinated"
Artist: Ivy