Saturday, August 20, 2011

Song of the Day: "Lie Down in Darkness"

Moby's 10th album, Destroyed, came out back in May and I don't think I realized it until the other day when Amazon had this as a free download.

And here we are.

It reminds me of his hit, "Natural Blues," but in a good way.

It's great music for the chill out tent.  Stay hydrated everybody.

Song: "Lie Down in Darkness"
Artist: Moby

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm too frail for the sun

We did an office outing to Edgefield yesterday. I think my new phone case is blurring the camera lens or whatever focuses the image. It's wonderfully scenic there, despite what is displayed here.

Miriam kicked my ass

I didn't get many pics, but my foursome included 2 covertly good golfers: Miriam (above) and Diane both have really nice swings. And I, for the most part, hit the ball. Actually the first hole I shot 1 over par. And I'm sure the first hole is really the most complicated and not, in some small way, the easiest to help people warm up. I'm SURE of it.

And after 3 hours in the sun, and only 1 beer, I got home and passed out for heat exhaustion/fatigue/something. I am such a dainty flower. Can someone bring me some lemonade?

Song of the Day: "Junk of the Heart (Happy)"

John says he hates my music (by which I presume he means the music I post as songs of the day, and NOT my original compositions typically sung only to the dogs and whichever unfortunate housemate is unknowingly within ear shot... whatev).

But I defy him to deny the sheer pop joy of this new track from The Kooks. And even if he does, I'll accuse him of lying.

Cause that's how I roll: I'm right, you're wrong, infinity.

Song: "Junk of the Heart (Happy)"
Artist: The Kooks

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Song of the Day: "Already in Love"

Here are some things I'm just learning about Exene Cervenka from the seminal American punk band X: her new album, The Excitement of Maybe is the 23rd of her career (including solo albums, stuff with X, and other side projects); she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 2 years ago; she used to be married to (and thus has had sex with) Viggo Mortensen. You go girl! And get some stem cell treatments in a country where science isn't hampered by faux christian retardation. I hear Costa Rica is a nice option.

I like this song, and it's not meant as a dis, but I can totally hear John Doe singing this song in my head. I'm sure that means it sounds like an X song to me. So there you go...

Song: "Already in Love"
Artist: Exene Cervenka

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"The calm hides stormy weather"

It's Belinda Carlisle's birthday.

Belinda sings with the Go Go's.

Their Talk Show album is fucking awesome.

Ergo, here's a song.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

So the singer from Journey is running for President?

Repressed Homosexual Ken Doll/Openly Gay Ken Doll new from Mattel
Just a quick recap:
  • Donald Trump, who was never really running but was leading the Republican candidates in the polls for a time, is not running, although he says he would have won
  • Tim Pawlenty, by all accounts a moderate Republican posturing as a conservative Christian, lost an inconsequential popularity contest in Ames IA and is out
  • Newt Gingrich, who fared even worse in Iowa and also had pretty much his entire staff quit on him is still in the race and conveniently has a campaign stop in Hawaii soon--the state has no strategic value at this juncture but the stop does happen during his wedding anniversary (I mean for his third marriage; it would be awkward otherwise, although there's still time for a fourth, I guess)
  • Mark Sanford, who ran off to Argentina to fuck his mistress (as Christians do, Hypocrites 7:12), isn't running but says he would win if he did
  • Ron Paul, who was a close second in Iowa and delivers thoughtful and consistent speeches about true Libertarian ideals (not just "no taxes") can't catch a fucking break in the press
  • Sarah Palin, who isn't actually running for anything still manages to show up wherever there's an opportunity to fuck with the actual candidates
  • Rick Perry, who recently was advocating sedition (wait, if he wanted Texas to secede would that be sedition or treason?), was the serious candidate 2 days ago but apparently 48 hours of him talking is all its taken for many to start shopping for a new candidate (I still say Jeb Bush gets called up late in the game--Perry is just this year's Fred Thompson)
  • Piyush "Bobby" Jindal released his birth certificate months ago, not that anyone asked
  • Rick Santorum made the philosophically sound argument that a napkin is not a paper towel today and for some reason the media covered this (meanwhile my mother is feeding raccoons which sounds like an awesome reality show, and no one is following her with a camera--they are equally likely to win the Presidency)
  • Michelle Bachmann celebrated Elvis's birthday today (the anniversary of his death; his birthday is actually in January)
And best of all, Mittens Romney isn't winning! There was a time, about 10 years ago, when I thought Romney was a great opportunity for me to find common ground with a Republican candidate. Then he went all Hillary Clinton and is this weird conservative chameleon, claiming to be a lifelong hunter "of varmints" and attacking Obama over jobs while making millions running a company that profits by buying failing companies, dismantling them, and shipping jobs overseas--HE PROFITS BY ELIMINATING AMERICAN JOBS all while enjoying the tax cuts he receives as "a job creator."

Once again, it's official: irony wins.

Proud to call Portland home

The redness is actually a syphillis chancre
(or, cough, so I've heard) reports on the Top 10 Most Promiscuous Cities in America (here) and Portland ranks #1. This is based on the percent of users based in each city that indicate they are looking for casual sex on OkCupid, so it's good for a press release but not necessarily going to stand up to rigorous methodological scrutiny.

But it sure passes my test of face validity.

Also it rains a lot here so it's nice to have indoor hobbies.

I recently went to the wonderful Star Trek in the Park with some friends, including a guy in college, one of my "protégéys." He talked about his class on gender and sexuality, and said that by age 25 the average heterosexual had 12 different sexual partners.

We all laughed.

Where was I? Oh yes, Portland. We do get around. And not just teh gayz. But definitely teh gayz.

Interesting footnote: Seattle came in at #2 and Portland at #1. But what if David had not moved here from Seattle? Did David secure the victory for Portland? And if so, how do we thank him? (Oh wait, duh.)

Oh, here is the full list:
#10 Houston TX (had sex there once)
#9 San Diego CA (had sex there on 2 of 3 visits although technically I was in the suburbs for one of those... wait, 3 of 4 visits)
#8 Denver CO (only on 2 of several visits)
#7 San Bernadino CA (if you count Riverside then yes)
#6 Dallas TX (lived there 4 years, may have had sex in that time...)
#5 San Francisco CA (I've lost count)
#4 Miami FL (despite living there as an adult I haven't had much sex here... but it still counts; add in Ft. Lauderdale and the stories get better)
#3 Pittsburgh PA (I have never been to Pittsburgh [yet--funnily enough I have a friend who recently moved there])
#2 Seattle WA (within the last 10 days)
#1 Portland OR (actually I tend to get laid more when I'm out of town, but yes, here too)

"I'm looking over the wall and they're looking at me"

It's the 50th anniversary of the Berlin Wall and even as I type this I realize that I forgot that Germany was 2 countries recently. The Berlin Wall was the most tangible symbol of Cold War, although the embargo of Cuba remains the most adorable (seriously, it's not working--let's end the embargo and Castro will be dead before the second Dunkin' Donuts opens).

It's weird to watch the Cold War fade as a reference point for America. Our primary creditor is China for fuck's sake. And George W. Bush (war criminal/criminal against peace/drunk/asshole) looked into Vladimir "Puty Putt" Putin's soul and pronounced him a good man! And people voted for George W. Bush twice! I seriously need to reconsider life in America...

Anyway, here's a celebration of the Berlin Wall (and its end) in song. First up, Sir David Bowie's "Helden" ("Heroes" in German). Bowie recorded "Heroes" (which apparently has quotes as part of the title) in West Berlin, about 500 yards from the wall, and was inspired lyrically when he saw producer Tony Visconti kissing one of the back-up singers in front the wall. Bowie was ambiguous about the lyrics at the time, which gave the song some mystique but apparently he just didn't want Visconti's now-ex-wife to find out. Who ever created this video used the video for "Heroes" and the mismatch makes it weird to watch. (There's also a version in French, by the way.)

Next up is the Sex Pistols. What can I say about the Sex Pistols aside from had Sid Vicious not OD'd at 21 they might be playing the Clark County Fair next week. Or Vicious would have OD'd at 22. Or 24. Or 25.

The more I think of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the more in awe I find myself of the whole construct. Angels in America is this huge, complex tale of religion, sex, politics and insanity told in 7 hours. Hedwig and the Angry Inch covers the same territory, with a soundtrack, in heels, and gets there in about 90 minutes! Try that one Tony Kushner (oh right, Caroline or Change).

Okay gotta go tear down that wall. Or pee.

Song of the Day: "Exile, Vilify"

You can infer what kind of a day I'm having based on what time I get around to posting song of the day on  the blog. If it's after noon I'm either having a whole lot of fun or a really shitty day. Today is the latter (in fact I am still at work, pensively waiting for someone to click send on something).

This is a new track from The National (they had my #1 song of 2010, but you already knew that), from the soundtrack to Portal 2: Electric Bugaloo. I have no idea what Portal 1 was but at this point in pop culture I feel like Portal 3D is inevitable.

The song is rich and melodic and somber and works for a day in which I was able to leave my chair only twice (which reminds me, I do kinda have to pee).

Song: "Exile, Vilify"
Artist: The National

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"The more you resist babe, the more it excites me"

It's Madonna's birthday, and while there's probably a much lengthier post in my future, I did want to post something this morning. Madonna recorded 2 songs that would go on to win Oscars, coincidentally for Broadway luminaries who share a birthday: Andrew Lloyd Weber (along with Tim Rice) for "You Must Love Me" from Evita (it's actually a great movie, despite the music [the ALW-ness of it, not Madonna]), and Stephen Sondheim for "Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man)" from Dick Tracy.

Here she is performing both.

Okay, you know what, this is really boring.

Much better. Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "D-Day"

Another track from Blondie's Panic of Girls, their ninth studio album. Duran Duran have a track called "Girl Panic" on their recent album so maybe young females panicking are the new pirates vampires zombies.

Here's a new drinking game for those of you with a still-functioning liver. Go to any video from any musician who released an album before 2007 and see how long it takes you to find a comparison to Lady Gaga. Then take a drink, I guess.

Song: "D-Day"
Artist: Blondie

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Ben Affleck

There's no telling how much of the screenplay for Good Will Hunting Affleck wrote, but his Oscar is every bit as large as Matt Damon's (that's not intended as a penis metaphor, by the way, not this time). The work is inconsistent, but ultimately I'm going to side with him. Is it because of this?


You don't know me.

Actually it's more because I flat out loved The Town, and he knocked this SNL skit out of the park.

This is a really great scene, but like Carrie Fisher in Soap Dish, I wonder how it would work if their shirts were off.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

"He's not vicious or malicious"

It's Lady Miss Kier's birthday. You know her as the singer of Deee-Lite, and therefore singer of one of the greatest one-hit wonder songs of ever, EVER.

Want to fill a dance floor? Just push play.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on.

To his credit, he did say "sort of"

Gawker's summary (here) of Thomas Freidman's NY Times column yesterday, "A Theory of Everything (Sort Of)" (I'm not linking to that shit) is great!
Not only are there multiple reasons; those multiple reasons are also different. Very important. And all these multiple as well as different reasons add up to: "The world's vaguest slogan." Coincidentally, "The world's vaguest slogan" is the backup inscription for Thomas Friedman's tombstone.
Do you know what the single most important trend in the world today is? Neither does he, but he gets paid for this shit!

Happy Birthday Steve Martin

He has an Emmy and 4 Grammys (2 for comedy, 2 for music), and deserves at least 1 Oscar nomination for his body of work (adapted screenplay for Roxanne, at a minimum). His rise to fame as a stand-up (around 1977 or 1978) came around a time in my life when I would enjoy his humor at its basest levels (I am making a "smoking pot" motion now, by the way)--apparently 12 year old kids and stoners have similar senses of humor (SEE ALSO: South Park; Cheech & Chong; Yo Gabba Gabba!).

There's a lot to love, but since I didn't have time to finish this yesterday (I had to go to a softball game... what?), we shall celebrate his 1983 collaboration with Carl Reiner, The Man With Two Brains.

And this little clip goes out to all my peeps with uncommon surnames. Whether they start with Kehe- or Wewe- or Lehn-, I'm sure you've done this little dance at least once.

Oh, and one last thing about this movie: one of the greatest twists ever, EVER! No spoilers here, but OMFG if you haven't seen it, you must. I wonder if Turner Classic Movies has run this yet?!

And Steve, happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "Ice Wharf"

I learned something today. Philly band Work Drugs describe "Ice Wharf" as the latest "summer jawn." Apparently "jawn" is a Philadelphia-specific word much like "dude" is for me: a context-specific replacement for actual nouns. Aside from my use of dude, the Smurfs (smurf) and South Park's planet Marklar (marklar, duh) have similar conceits. [NOTE: I looked up "conceit" to see if I was using that appropriately. I stand by my use, but agree that I am using it in the lowest-brow possible form, so all you Renaissance poetry fans can just back the fuck off.]

They describe it as something to keep you cool on a hot summer day, but we haven't really had any yet this year. I mean, we've gotten above 80 for like nearly a week, but that's about it. No 90-degree days yet this year. What, is that obnoxious? No, you're a towel.

Now check out your first-even jawn (unless this is Eric, J-rod or Smith).

Song: "Ice Wharf"
Artist: Work Drugs

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Song of the Day: "The Runner"

The Boxer Rebellion from their third album, The Cold Still.

I'm not sure how they crossed my path. It wasn't radio, so it was probably a free sampler I downloaded from Amazon.

Song: "The Runner"
Artist: The Boxer Rebellion