Saturday, August 13, 2011

Song of the Day: "Sadness is a Blessing"

Newish music from Lykke Li from her second album, Wounded Rhymes.

I'm still not sure what I think of Li overall--things seem disjointed (at least the way I've been exposed to her music), but this one has a nice quality, even if the video is a bit overwrought.

Song: "Sadness is a Blessing"
Artist: Lykke Li

In honor of Jill

Happy Birthday Jill

You can't spell Jill without "f"... Simon F.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Further adventures in family values

Anti-gay Indiana state Rep. Phillip Hinkle (totally gay!)
OMG y'all, dude invented a cure for cancer!!! Awesome!

JK, instead he solicited sex from an 18-year old male on craigslist, as instructed in the Bible (Rodney 4:69).
"Morning. Will be in town late this afternoon and staying at JW Marriot downtown. Cannot be a long time sugar daddy, but can for tonight. Would you be interested in keeping me company for a while tonight? Will make it worth you while, in cash at least LOL. I am an in-shape married professional, 5'8", fit 170 lbs, and love getting and staying naked," wrote Saturday, August 6.
Details here.

I'm sure Marcus Bachmann will be involved very soon. Perhaps they can compare notes on the secret gay longings they fight so desperately to suppress.

And Randy Travis can bring chips and dip. You can replace one of the lines in this song with "My wife has no penis" btw.

Song of the Day: "Senator"

New from Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks. Although to be perfectly clear, what the Senator EXPECTS is a blowjob AND a kickback. Duh.

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Senator by DominoRecordCo

Song: "Senator"
Artist: Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The soundtrack to this shitty year (part 3)

"It's not going to stop/'Til you wise up"

The soundtrack to this shitty year (part 2)

The first Mountain Goats song I ever heard (this isn't going to be all MG songs, I don't think).

"The scene ends badly as you might imagine/In a cavalcade of anger and fear"

Quote of the day

Image and quote both via Wonkette (here).
"...the rich are God’s voice on Earth, and as such we cannot afford provoking their ire."

The soundtrack to this shitty year (part 1)

"It's dark and there is nobody driving, and something has got to give"

Happy Birthday Eric

Let's start with Power Girl just so I don't forget. I have no idea who made this or why (well, I kinda know why).

Eric once told me about this musician he always keeps in his CD player, Paul Weller. Here's this year's trio, starting with "Smithers Jones" ("I hope it's the promotion you've been looking for"):

Next up, a song I'm sure he's heard while shopping for socks at Nordstrom Rack, "A Solid Bond in Your Heart":

I've got nothing snarky to say about "Sunflower":

I can't help but wonder if there is a pork pie hat in Eric's wardrobe history... here's Bros:

I blame him for the recent office obsession with Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Frankie say "we want our country back!" Frankie say "Obama's fault!" Frankie say "live the brand!" Frankie say recharge!

Okay, I gotta go have lunch with John, here's Altered Images:

Happy birthday dude! Rock on! Possibly tonight, at the Marshall Crenshaw show...

Song of the Day: "Called Out in the Dark"

At some point I will admit that Snow Patrol make enough music that I like that I am actually a fan of  him/them. I wonder if that time is now... oooh, shiny.

Where were we? Hey, I love this new Bell X1 song!

Song: "Called Out in the Dark"
Artist: Snow Patrol

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The series of tubes compensates for my poor photography (part 3)

Leaving Bainbridge Island we headed out via Poulsbo and Bremerton, along the western side of Puget Sound. Years ago Chris Wilson, Rebel and I drove through the Olympic Peninsula but that trip took me down highway 101. This drive is much more scenic. Or it would be if you aren't in a hurry to just get the fuck home to see your dogs. Which was my state this morning.

But I thought the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the thirty-first longest suspension bridge in the world, would be worth getting pictures of, partly because I liked the video I took when I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge [here], and partly because the there were some really beautiful bridges along the southern Oregon coast that I didn't get pictures of and wish I had. So I asked David to take a few pictures. See if you can tell which he took, and which I have acquired via Google Images:

The series of tubes compensates for my poor photography (part 2)

In order to make the "clean out the storage shed" trip seem more like a vacation, a night on the bucolic but upscale Bainbridge Island with a friend of David was part of the agenda. It helps that the friend lives in a nice house. And by "nice" I mean large, expensive, and mostly secluded (seriously, if you have 4 acres why would you put your house within 20 yards of your neighbor?). Once again I'm leveraging photos from Zillow to compensate for crappy pictures I took or nonexistent ones I didn't.

If you're interested, the place is for sale. It has 4 bedrooms, 5 baths AND a heat pump (it seems like a weird thing to have on the main page of a listing for a home priced just under $3 million). Did I mention that the easy directions from the ferry dock to the house include 11 steps? You can see Seattle from the living room, but it will take at least an hour to get there.

And again, guess which of these I took:
Oh, actually that one doesn't suck.

The burden of objects

Part of the reason for the trip to Seattle was to help David clean out a storage space whose lease was up. David's been here a while and was traveling light when I stole him from helping friends move up from California to help me while Clark was in the hospital for that stretch back in the Fall.

I hadn't really considered how much he still had (has) in limbo, and watching his stress at trying to sort through all his "stuff" reminded me of folks who used my basement for storage and lost track of that "stuff." My mom finally got her "stuff" out of storage and gave the furniture to one of the nephews. I wonder how many thousands of dollars were spent to keep that living room set.

David was just on the other side of the situation helping a couple of people with moves. It's easier when it's not your "stuff" but I will also point out that he has 2 boxes of alphabetized jeans.

I have an amazing and sad amount of "stuff"; no mere 5' x 8' space for me. One of Clark's on-going battles is an attempt to fix this with thoughtful decluttering, donations, and hypothetical sales on eBay (usually it's just easier to have him take shit "stuff" to Goodwill). Clark just ran across "stuff" someone left behind (years ago everyone was given like 3 months notice after which anything in my house became mine) in the basement--"stuff" that's not even theirs, but their ex's family stuff from years ago; stupid, random stuff that I don't even think anyone would ever miss. But that "stuff" is a burden: musty cardboard boxes filled with random unrelated papers, weird mementos or items considered too something (important, unique, valuable, useful for someone) to be thrown out. It's a physical burden, and a psychological burden.

Couple all of this "stuff" angst with my envy of Scott's zen-like clutter-free townhouse, and we might have a midlife crisis in the making. Or I might get distracted by reruns of The Nanny on TV Land.

All of this is a lengthy and weird introduction to the ferry ride to Bainbridge Island yesterday. I took the ferry back in 1995, on my first visit to Seattle, so I hadn't planned on documenting every aspect of it (since I have pictures in, um, boxes somewhere in the basement). But the morning and early afternoon had been this big wall of stress so I took a few random shots and otherwise we just sat quietly in the cold air on the top deck of the ferry (but don't tell my mom, she would have insisted I put on a jacket up there).

The series of tubes compensates for my poor photography (part 1)

I stayed in swanky digs during my trip up north, but my few cursory shots via my phone turned out really crappy. Lament!

Then I checked with Zillow and magically I have much better pictures. See if you can identify those taken by me, perhaps in an intoxicated state, and those taken by someone who was paying attention and using a camera not encased in plastic because its owner is prone to issues with gravity (by the way, using the same philosophy as those decrying evolution, I believe the science is still out on gravity).

First up, Scott's impossibly nice Beacon Hill townhouse. He has a garage door in his second floor living room (photo not found... how could I have not taken a picture of that... oh, right, nevermind). THAT'S MY IDEA! (I mean, it's an idea I had, although not for my current house, but I did flirt with replacing my kitchen wall that is all french door type windows with a garage door, and then I remembered I have 8,000 things to do before that.)

Which of the 2 photos below was taken by me?

Scott's place has concrete floors (as a man with a herd of dogs, these appeal), high ceilings, lots of bathrooms, and sliding doors... like living in Steam, only the sex is better. And, AND, the dude has no clutter. It's as though he entered the witness relocation program and left all the mismatched Tupperware and random crap one finds himself owning (yes, I do own a kick scooter I've used once, why do you ask?) behind. He even lovingly displays his vinyl while mine, um, never mind.
Basically the dude lives in a W Hotel. Which doesn't suck.

Unite and Take Over

(h/t Towleroad)

The Smiths inspire comic book stories. I'm submitting "Angst Patrol" as a possible title name.

The Palin Abstinence Extravaganza

Congratulations to Track Palin and wife of 3 months Britta Hanson (I use one of those to purify water, I think) on the birth of their daughter Kyla Grace Palin.

If you can do math, you know that 3 months is less than 9 months, and m-a-y-b-e Track and Britta ignored the teachings of the very sage Bristol "do as I say, not as I done did" Palin. I mean, how embarrassing to have the sibling of the spokesperson for abstinence knock up his girlfriend.

During a bout of insomnia recently I started tweeting TV show ideas, one of which was a show where Sarah Palin gets to explain her support for abstinence-only sex education in light of her own, her oldest daughter's, and now her son's inability to follow that practice. Wonderfully someone replied that Palin's mother and sister could also join the discussion. Good times.

I wonder if the Candie's Foundation docks Bristol Palin's pay for every family member that fails.

Oh, and you people think the gays are promiscuous. Shit.

Happy Birthday Jack Haley

He started as a vaudevillian and is immortalized as the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz (they originally cast Jed Clampett but he was allergic to the make-up). His second biggest movie, Alexander's Ragtime Band (nominated for Best Picture and 5 other Oscars, winner of 1 for score, and, AND, Ethel Merman!) is something of a footnote for Hollywood. I was surprised to see it at #2 on a list of all-time great movie musicals until I realized the list was in alphabetical order.

Here he is, sans metal make-up, in Navy Blues from 1941.

He was father-in-law to Liza Minnelli (son Jack Haley Jr. married Liza Minnelli, produced the Academy Awards several years [and won an Emmy for that work], and produced hit documentaries like That's Entertainment and That's Dancing... I'm not saying Jr. was gay but c'mon... Liza Minnelli!).
"But Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man/That he didn't, didn't already have"--"Tin Man" by America
"Um, that was pretty much true for all of them"--Me
Fun fact: tin doesn't rust! I can't embed anything from The Wizard of Oz so click here.

Happy birthday dude! Rest in peace.

Welcome home Mr. Smith

The artist formerly known as co-worker Smith (currently known as friend Smith, and who actually has a first name ["Richard" but somehow we kept getting confused at work]) moved from here:

to here:

In addition to a brand new [NOTE: new to him] bed, Smith enjoys this actual view. Now you can too:

Welcome home dude!

It's "for a friend"

Apparently there is no Nizoral shampoo in the Pacific Northwest (extrapolated from visits to 7 drugstores/grocery stores in Portland and Seattle over the past week).

Do I know how to spend a vacation? I believe we all know the answer to that.


We CARE about deficits (when the President's black)

(h/t CowboyDenver/Bill in Exile)

I think he forgot the unions. Those greedy evil unions.

Song of the Day: "The Way It Goes"

A second track from Gillian Welch's The Harrow and the Harvest. I'm back from travels but think catch-up blogging will wait for a nap, mmmkay?

Song: "The Way It Goes"
Artist: Gillian Welch

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello, hooray, there's a price to pay

(h/t Eric)

Eric says it's the perfect time for The Jam to reunite what with England today looking much like it did in the late 70s (except with iPhones everywhere). He also had a soundtrack for the revolution--not exclusively The Jam, but I'll take the overlap.

Song of the Day: "Down in the Valley"

My trek to Seattle concludes today, so I'm featuring Seattle's the Head and the Heart as song of the day. Sadly I won't see Melanie (her "mom is in town" and apparently she's embarrassed by me), but we will discuss Richard Smith's new apartment, Cafe Baja, and the fact that Scott's place is far nicer than yours ALL OF YOU (NOTE TO SELF: concrete floors, duh!).

Song: "Down in the Valley"
Artist: The Head and the Heart

Monday, August 8, 2011

Song of the Day: "Small Hours"

Robert Smith (yes, that Robert Smith) covering John Martyn. It's a lovely tribute.

Song: "Small Hours"
Artist: Robert Smith

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Song of the Day: "The Future Will Destory You"

New-ish music from Portland's own Viva Voce (ironically a band I've only heard by listening to Philadelphia-based radio).  I love this fan-made video. When you couple the song title with the images, it would seem that the future is actually a local cable access show from 1988! Rock on!

Song: "The Future Will Destroy You"
Artist: Viva Voce