Saturday, July 23, 2011

Star Trek in the Park 2011

Fun! Adore it! Even 2-1/2 hours early finding a seat was tough. Go, just go.

Atomic Arts/Star Trek in the Park details here.

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

Are you paying attention yet Lindsay Lohan?!

I was awake from 2:30 to around 7:30 this morning so I went back to sleep. Clark told me about Amy shortly after I woke up.

I asked what happened. We both stopped and laughed.

"Rattlesnake bite," he said.

They are deadly. Always wear boots LINDSAY LOHAN!
"This regret I got accustomed to..."
In honor of Amy, let's stop fucking ourselves in the head with stupid men.

Mark Ronson deserves a lot of credit for Amy's success. He crafted the wonderful retro sound for her frank (no pun) lyrics. Here's their cover of the Zotans' "Valerie."

Rest in peace dude.

Happy Birthday Slash

Here's his collaboration with Macy Gray from her album last year. This song would make a great movie opening track for some romantic comedy, possibly starring Ryan Gosling. And Ryan Reynolds. And Scott Caan. What, it's my movie.

Song of the Day: "Eyes be Closed"

I don't know 'bout you, but I's don't be nothing... This is the debut (maybe) from a band called Washed Out. But the music is totally some other song, I just can't place what it is. But it's totally fucking 1994-ish. For reals. Thank god I'm easily confused, otherwise I'd bust this one open like my Broken Bells-is-Everlast expose (seriously, Google it bitches--even electronic musician/producer Bt [Brian Transeau] thanked me, making him the third most famous visitor to my blog [that I know of]).

Know the song? Leave it in comments!

Song: "Eyes be Closed"
Artist: Washed Out

Friday, July 22, 2011

The history of rap part 2

(h/t to John)

At the risk of inflaming Becky by including Justin Timberlake, this is pretty good.

Song of the Day: "Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter"

I've been listening to Collapse into Now on this week's commutes--lets call it Automatic for the Monster. Here's another track.

Song: "Amplifier_Actuary_Auxiliary_Asshat"
Artist: R.E.M.

Notes on Bridesmaids

If you love Kristen Wiig, you will want to see this movie. If you hate Maya Rudolph you don't need to skip this movie, but maybe. If you both love Kristen and hate Maya wait for cable.

Awards? Golden Globe nominations for Best Picture Musical or Comedy, Best Actress Kristen Wiig. An Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay? Um... darkhorse, but sure, let's put it on the list.

The laughs come fast and feverish in the first hour. It was great to see the brilliant Wendy McLendon-Covey (Reno 911! y'all) on the big screen (ditto Wiig, ditto Melissa McCarthy). And the movie serves as a sweet post script for Jill Clayburgh (RIP).

Matt Lucas, why? Rebel Wilson, that's not Matt Lucas in a wig?

Also girls don't know how to assert themselves! Funny! And no one ever has opinions about his (or her!) own wedding, do they?!

Anyway, laughed my ass off the first hour. And, somehow they got all 3 original members of Wilson Philips, including 1 of the original noses!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Song of the Day: "What Happened"

Another track from J. Mascis's Several Shades of Why.

Song: "What Happened"
Artist: J. Mascis

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Song of the Day: "The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala"

The Arctic Monkeys with an ass-kicking new song. LOVES it!

What you waiting for? Sing another fucking shalalala

Song: "The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala"
Artist: Arctic Monkeys 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A sad 4-year anniversary

It was today that we said goodbye to Rebel. Here's the cautious side eye.
rebble yard 8

And here she is enjoying the sun (and giving you a straight-on look of cautious concern).
rebble yard 18

She had the softest fur of ever, EVER. And a ton of it.

Happy Birthday Brian May PhD

This is a rerun from last year, but I stand by everything in it! Rock on!

Brian May says he didn't know Freddie Mercury was gay?
Brian May says he didn't know Freddie Mercury was gay!
Brian May SAYS he didn't know Freddie Mercury was gay.

Oh yeah, Freddie Mercury was gay. I knew before I even understood what "gay" really meant--gaydar, it's real, and while I run in stealth mode (I am a fat slob, so clearly I am trying to star in a CBS sitcom, possibly with a hot 26-year old actress as my wife) that doesn't make it not real. Sometimes gaydar returns a false positive, but Freddie was at "11" so there's no mistaking. Unless you're his bandmate who's known him for years and sees him for weeks at a time (straight men=clueless, amiright?).

But this isn't about Freddie (any more), this is about May. A fucking legend in rock guitar something something. I was never a huge Queen fan, but I totally love that lots of straight boys, just as clueless as May, LOVE Queen. They fucking LOVE QUEEN. So satisfying. Oh, yeah, and Rob Halford... yeah. Nice. Thanks again Irony!

Queen are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but I can't find even a hint at a Grammy nomination. Seriously, even as I feel some expertise on Grammys, I am often hard-pressed to defend them. Survivor WON a Grammy in the Rock category... just saying. In fact, aside from the R&R HoF induction, the only award-type thing I can find is the Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music for Flash Gordon (which is teh aweSUM).

Meanwhile, Brian May, rock legend, is now an astrophysicist. (Or someone has a Wikipedia editor account and a vivid imagination ((oooh, who can I make an astrophysicist tonight?))--here.) I'm sure his parents were relieved when he FINALLY gave up on that whole ridiculous rock band idea and he did something respectable. Now he's DOCTOR Brian May, PhD. And he's Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University... I don't think any members of Survivor are doing as well, although one of them manages a nice new Olive Garden in Cherry Hill NJ, so there's that.

But, and I don't think I can stress this point enough, do you want your kids learning science from a man who, despite close proximity to Freddie Mercury for decades, did not know that Freddie was gay? "Let's look closer at this supernova"/"Sir, that's a Coke machine." Here's the title track from the their award-winning soundtrack to Flash Gordon.

Happy Birthday dude! Rock on! Or, perhaps, teach (your parents must be proud).

Song of the Day: "Don't You Remember"

Another new track from Adele's acclaimed second album. It seems she got her heart broken, and that always makes from some compelling music.

Song: "Don't You Remember"
Artist: Adele

Monday, July 18, 2011

My dinner with John-dre

He seems as young and pretty as ever, so hooray! But, in our theatrical lives, there is a sense of foreboding... dun dun dunnnnn (dramatic music, duh).

But for now, young and pretty.

Song of the Day: "Seapony"

Music from Blue Star... it's feels like 1994 all over again!

Song: "Seapony"
Artist: Blue Star

Sunday, July 17, 2011

An open letter to the woman SCREECHING in my ear at the Avett Bros. concert in Salem

"I'm a sloppy drunk who got ejected.... woooo!"
1. Yes, we all know it's the Avett Brothers. In fact, it says so right on the tickets! That, plus the fact that they never once did a Doobie Brothers song (or Allman Brothers or Osmond Brothers) means even the slowest among us might not have been helped by your banshee-like delivery of that information into my ear.

2. Fun fact: we actually were there to HEAR the Avett Brothers. I mean, the dudes are fun to watch on stage, because the boys get rowdy, but it really is the music first. So for everyone but you, your screeches distracted from their music. Tacky.

3. "Come to Portland" and "this is Salem"--wait what? A geography lesson? Come to Portland RIGHT THAT MINUTE... honey, they were doing a show. Did you want them to stop and pack up and go, where? "Portland!!!! Wooooooo!!!!!"

4. When your friends tell you they don't know why you're still single, they're lying.

5. The rest of the show was SUPER AWESOME for me, not that you asked.

Song of the Day: "Why Even Try"

New music from Theophilus London. His second album is out this month.

Song: "Why Even Try"
Artist: Theophilus London/Sara Quin