Saturday, July 2, 2011

My night at Club Cock... COUCH

It's Saturday night so naturally I'm posting shit to the blog and watching cable, and was reminded how much fun Damn You Auto Correct can be, such as...

Song of the Day: "Doors Unlocked and Open"

No, not another Craigslist ad, this is a track from the latest Death Cab for Cutie album.

There's a quality to the song's intro that reminds me of "I Will Possess Your Heart"--the way the instruments seem to appear one by one, only this time there's an urgency (perhaps that's why it happens a lot faster).

Song: "Doors Unlocked and Open"
Artist: Death Cab for Cutie

Friday, July 1, 2011

Song of the Day: "Crystalline"

Iceland's answer to Lady Gaga. Just, you know, 25+ years before.

Biophilia, her seventh solo album, is scheduled for release in September. Sorry, it DROPS in September. When did "drop" become synonymous with "release"?... Is it related to drop-shipping the CDs to the record store? Cause I get shit when I say I'm "taping" a show.

Song: "Crystalline"
Artist: Björk

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tom Hanks + Julia Roberts = 10 Year Rule Violation

Every time I see an ad for Larry Crowne, I assume it's some kind of fake movie made up by folks at The Onion. It just looks so, what's the word? AWFUL.

Not awful so much as a collection of everything that's awful about romantic comedy cliches. And that's before you add in Julia Roberts. And I'm probably one of the most Julia Roberts-tolerant people I know.

The 10-year rule is something I created to keep me from seeing (in the theater anyway) a movie where the romantic pairing includes a man that's more than 10 years older than the woman (unless the age difference is specifically part of the story). I created it because actresses I liked kept getting case aside for younger actresses, some of whom I grew to like only to have them cast aside for even younger actresses ... until you get to January Jones as Liam Neeson's wife. Tom Hanks is age appropriate to play Liam Neeson's love interest, but Julia Roberts is not age appropriate to play either Liam's OR Tom's love interest.

You know who is? And who very likely could use the work? Meg Ryan.

Tracey Ullman, Mare Winningham, Elizabeth Pena, Demi Moore, Nia Vardalos (who wrote the screenplay with Hanks), Rita Wilson (wait, who?), Phoebe Cates, Angela Bassett (OMFG she's so talented, why isn't she working all the time?), and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio all come to mind too. And one thing they all have in common: none of them is Julia Roberts!

To Tom's credit, Julia's only a year off,  and she is over 40 now, so maybe this is a pity job he's given her. Ooooh, I hope there's a really awful speech like she had in Notting Hill... which I'll see when it plays on HBO. Or Starz. Or TBS.

Song of the Day: "Blue Cassette"

The third time I've featured Friendly Fires with a song of the day, and this one I flat out love. It's got this big passionate chorus that I find irresistible--it's the anticipation of communal euphoria from dancing for hours, no chemical enhancements required. Aside from the endorphins.

And possibly some Ketamine. (I have no idea what that even is, I'm sure.)

Song: "Blue Cassette"
Artist: Friendly Fires

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Amanda Donohoe

Can you believe Lair of the White Worm is over 20 years old?! Me neither!

It was adapted from a novel by Bram Stoker (he wrote  "Bram Stoker's Dracula") and directed by the wonderfully ______ (I want say either "zesty" or "excessive" and I mean either of them in a great way) Ken Russell (whose birthday is coming up). It stars birthday girl Donohoe, and Hugh Grant, and it works on several levels (like Shaun of the Dead).

Donohoe won a Golden Globe for her work on L.A. Law, and was part of the show's lesbian kiss episode which is, wonderfully, a specific entry on Wikipedia (here). I love the inter-webz (it's not a dump truck)!

Since she made the unfortunate career choice of turning 40, Hollywood stopped caring about her years ago, but at least she's continued to work back home in the British-type stuff (West End, BBC, Channel 4, pip pip, spotted dick, Bob's your lorrey, lift).

Fun fact: At 49 today, Donohoe is TOO YOUNG to play Liam Neeson's love interest according to my 10-year rule! As it's a just a few weeks, I'm willing to cut her a break, but only because I miss seeing her.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on! (And if you haven't seen Lair of the White Worm, go get it from the library.)

Your guide to smart phones

Song of the Day: "Breakin' the Chains of Love"

Eric picked up the Fitz & the Tantrums album from the library (it was in my queue but E got it first) and listened to much of it yesterday. It's a solid album, so they get another song of they day.

Song: "Breakin' the Chains of Love"
Artist: Fitz and the Tantrums

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And he was born in America... (by which I mean he's white)

(h/t Scott at Bill in Exile)

Nate Silver is one of my favorite pundit types, because I can point to him and pretend I kinda do what he does for a living (also I get to make pie charts!). When I finally get to produce the Grammys I'm going to have him present with Taraji P. Henson, which will be hysterical to the 6 people who get the joke.

Nate contrasts the leadership of Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D, NY) with the [what's the word for the huge gaping hole where something OUGHT to be?] of Barack HUSSEIN Obammer in "Cuomo’s Presidential Moment Forms Contrast With Obama" (here).
I’m generally of the view that individual politicians receive both more credit and more blame than they deserve, with legislative and electoral outcomes usually determined by broad cultural, economic and political undercurrents. But the type of leadership that Mr. Cuomo exercised — setting a lofty goal, refusing to take no for an answer and using every tool at his disposal to achieve it — is reminiscent of the stories sometimes told about with President Lyndon B. Johnson, who had perhaps the most impressive record of legislative accomplishment of any recent president.

It’s also a brand of leadership that many Democrats I speak with feel is lacking in President Obama.
To which I can only add "word!"

If you're in Stepford, try the sushi

Whatever day the earthquake/tsunami in Japan was, I had a business trip to Seattle that got canceled while I was en route. That's probably the only reason I ever took the exit for DuPont, Washington (as a creature of habit, that's not one of the places I stop) so it took a disruption to get me to notice. It's a lovely planned community in the Stepford, CT style (I'm sorry but I need a very large sign to indicate that it's a McDonald's and not some other kind of business with a large playground attached to the front and a drive-through window), all of which is a really meandering way of saying "check out I Sushi Teriyaki" if you're driving that part of I-5, need a place to expense a meal, and have grown tired of the Shari's in Olympia (which IS one of the places I stop). Or if you're in the "exit only" lane, don't feel like forcing your way out, and need to eat anyway.
Sesame chicken and edamame

Michele Bachmann, you complete me

In as much as I don't have a part of me that just shamelessly, cluelessy, steals the limelight from Sarah Palin. Here's to you.

Song of the Day: "Coming Home"

It's older than I usually like for a song of the day, but I finally broke down and bought the Diddy-Dirty Money (look at that, their official name, including the stylized hyphen... don't get used to it) album Last Train to Paris late last week, so I've been listened last week, then got a cold, then got hammered on cold medicine, then went out of town for work, and now I'm here and "Coming Home" was running through my head. Since Diddy-Dirty Money won Best Group at the B.E.T. Awards Sunday (can you believe they beat Cali Swag District?!) and since Diddy was thoughtful enough to thank me personally (in as much as he thanked anyone who's ever listened to one of his records), I'm doing him a solid back.

Skylar Gray showed up somewhere, singing with someone (possibly Eminem) in the last year, so let's call her someone to watch. Or she's sleeping with Jay-Z (and don't call me sexist, I think everyone's sleeping with Jay-Z). But she's definitely got a great voice, as do Dawn Richards and Kalenna Harper, I feel like I need to give them props by actually learning their names. Dawn and Kalenna are probably the reason I've really taken to the album, so if they change their names with every subsequent album I will be pissed (yes, I am talking about you Sean).

Anyway, it's a surprisingly touching, earnest (or cynically calculated ["I lost my dog" just kills me]) song. And Puffy in a helicopter with 1 leg out (I would love to see whatever harness they had to create to get insurance to cover that shot, and then see the visual effects they had to use to make that disappear for the video). Rock on...

Song: "Coming Home"
Artist: Diddy-Dirty Money/Skylar Gray

Monday, June 27, 2011

What do you have against senior citizens, Uncle Sam?!

The Right Wing Uncle Sam Billboard (I think that's it's officially unofficial name), in Chehalis, WA (duh) is always good for deep thoughts (and an occasional curve ball, like the time it enthused about a new milk shake machine at the local Burger King), but the current (as of yesterday) slogan may be an all-time winner: Should people who receive entitlements be allowed to vote? (Or something like that--why doesn't someone have a compendium of the slogans?)

Seriously, way to talk shit about seniors (who collect Social Security and enjoy Medicare, 2 of the largest entitlement programs the Federal government provides), Sammy. I guess there was no tactful way to limit that to Blacks and Hispanics, so kudos to you!

But in all honesty, those are good shakes at Burger King (or so I've heard).

[UPDATE: The sign visible while southbound (okay, technically they are both visible while southbound, if you stop watching the road and look behind you, whatev) yesterday was about a local steak restaurant. Yawn. How does that marginalize seniors while eroding the foundation of our democracy? With all-you-can-eat salad bar? That does sound good.]

Congratulations Michele Bachmann

You're the next contestant on The Tax Cut is Always Right!
I made this!
If you're inspired to send my latest creation, it's here.

Happy Birthday Lorrie Morgan

Back when I lived in Dallas, a really good friend of mine whose name I am intentionally omitting worked at a major record label and worked from the Dallas branch (see, that could be 2 people right there). For one visit there was a party for Lorrie Morgan at one of the record executives' posh far north Dallas homes and I got to go! I had been to more than enough label things to not actually expect anything more than good food and free booze, but somehow I had the urge to get a picture with Lorrie and her clearly enhanced boobs (they are stunning). And as she struggled to leave, with her person saying "this is the last photo" my good nameless friend, blocked her, shoved me in place, and said commandingly "no THIS is the last photo." And it was!

Actually there was a perfect microcosm of southern politeness covering southern bitchiness in action there. The minute she left the room I said aloud (as I do) "those are fake, right" and like 12 people all said "yes" right away. Southern gentility.

I'm just remembering that I had just gotten my Honda Civic, and when the valet brought the car around he couldn't find the handle to open it and I didn't remember where it was located (it was the car's second or third day).

I like Lorrie's voice, but the girl seems bound to live the songs she's singing. First of all, her real name is Loretta Lynn Morgan. Can I get an amen?! The girl first appeared at the Grand Ol' Oprey when she was 13. She's the daughter of country music singer George Morgan, the widow of Keith Whitley, the former beard of Troy Aikman (oh, right, he's straight, nevermind), and the ex-wife of Sammy Kershaw (and 4 other men). She is on her sixth marriage, which I guess gives hope to my sister.

I think she got a Grammy nomination, for a duet with Keith, released after his death. Or possibly a duet with her dad, created electronically, many years after his death (like Natalie Cole).

Girl, stay strong. I love your quote "drama is something that lets you know you're still alive" but do you honestly need that much reassurance?

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "I Believe"

From the hit Tony-winning musical The Book of Mormon. My favorite lyric: "And I believe; that in 1978 God changed his mind about black people!" [Prior to this Mormons believed blacks to be animals and were unwelcome in the church. That is until the IRS moved to deny their tax-exempt status... God abides.]

I read Under the Banner of Heaven earlier this year (or possibly last) and the point is made that given similar scrutiny, every faith has beliefs that can be tests of faith. But Mormons (and Scientologists) seem to have a whole lot.

Song: "I Believe"
Artist: Andrew Rannells/Original Cast The Book of Mormon

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Joyful in Greenwich (Village)

Thanks to Young Nick who sends this visual from the extra-prideful Gay Pride in NYC today. Apparently the passage of Marriage Equality came at a really convenient time, all things considered.

What a thoughtful gift

Or what a thing N8 is currently amused by, but that interest may be fleeting...
N8 plays with the toy kitchen set from Guncle Rich

Song of the Day: "Eleven"

Thao and Mirah--Thao being Thao Nguyen, previously on her as part of Thao With the Get Down Stay Down, and Mirah being someone new to me (Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn lest you think I didn't check). It may sound like a whole lot of noise to you now, but something tells me it will work its way into my brain, the way Sleigh Bells did.

Song: "Eleven"
Artist: Thao and Mirah