Saturday, June 11, 2011

For Your Consideration: Hot in Cleveland

For the episode "Meet the Parents"
Suzanne Martin and Liz Feldman (Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series)
Wendie Malick (Actress in a Comedy)
Hal Linden (Guest Actor in a Comedy)

"The last fight we had was about whether the gun was loaded."
This was the first episode of Hot in Cleveland that I saw, and watching it again this morning I realize why I adore this show. This episode is the perfect introduction to the characters at their funniest. It's a great episode for Jane Leeves and Valerie Bertinelli, but Malick gets to play a touch of human in her otherwise over-the-top character.
"He seemed upset. And I think it was real; he didn't use any gestures or cheat to his good side."
Linden plays Malick's dad perfectly, and watching the two of them one-upping each other is a delight. And Linden could use a little Emmy love, going 0 for 7 for Barney Miller (he does have a nice set of Daytime Emmys, but is that even an award, or is that like "World's Best Dad"?! [commence your anger, now, Whoopi]).
"These track suits don't bedazzle themselves."
The show embraces traditional sitcom aesthetics so unabashedly that I don't mind the laugh track. Hopefully the show picks up more than just those few nominations, but I'm being parsimonious in my FYCs.

Song of the Day: "March into the Ocean"

As I am easily confused by similar sounding names, this is British India, not British Sea Power or British Electric Foundation. And they are Australian, not British or Indian. Other than that, enjoy. It's just a nice major chord, power pop urgency to it. Is it summer yet? Maybe.

Song: "March into the Ocean"
Artist: British India

Friday, June 10, 2011

Song of the Day: "Adolescents"

New music from Incubus. They're one of Clark's favorite bands and today's his birthday. There you go.

Song: "Adolescents"
Artist: Incubus

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Cole Porter

I don't have the brain power for a complete birthday post, so here are some songs from Red, Hot + Blue (a charity album filled with Porter's music).

Roddy Frame is doing some concerts this fall in England and Scotland. He's the last of my 80s artists that I *need* to see. Unfortunately flights are currently $1,000+, so it may not happen this year. D'oh!!!

I was surprised Jody Watley's fantastic version of "After You, Who?" didn't get more attention (I like it far more than Neneh Cherry's or Sinead's contributions, although those have their merits). Perhaps it was too traditional for the album.

I'll sign off with the late, great Kirsty MacColl, alongside the Pogues.

Rest in peace, Kirsty.

Happy birthday Cole. Rest in peace as well.

Song of the Day: "Save the World"

Swedish House Mafia are 3 Swedish DJs. But only 1 of them was born in Sweden. See if you can guess which one!

Song: "Save the World"
Artist: Swedish House Mafia

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Kanye West

What can I say, the dude is seriously fucking talented. And, AND he did this:

I don't have a filter either, so I totally understand, but here's the thing, Kanye: George W. Bush doesn't care about POOR people. And the victims of Katrina made the mistake of being poor, not of being black. If it was Oprah or Michael Jordan, Bush would have been all over that shit.

It's a weird coincidence that on today's commute I listened to West's The College Dropout for the first time (I'm so in love with his most recent album that I requested others from the library).

I don't know that I heard anything before "Gold Digger" but that seems forever ago (6 years), so it was weird that John had never heard the song before it was done on Glee.

And just when you think you've got him figured out, 808s and Heartbreaks. I think "Love Lockdown" was my #3 single of that year. Someday some marching band is going to do this as the drum feature, and it's going to blow everyone away. If they haven't already.

Did I mention dude has 14 Grammys? He shares a Grammy with Jay-Z and Rihanna for this one.

"Never was much of a romantic/I could never take the intimacy"
And late last year I listened to "Runaway" as I was trying to fill in my singles list for the year. I got the album from the library and was blown away with it. Still am. It's weird that he would write that song for me, since we've never met. (I'm pretty sure the song's about me, it sure sounds like me.)

Actually I was damn impressed with the arrangements, but instrumental and vocals, throughout the album. Like this opening track:

And I leave you with a video that might cause seizures.

Kanye West, you da man. Is it okay for a pudgey middle aged white dude to say that? No. Lucky for me no one's reading this.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

The raised bed is planted

(Click to embiggen.)
The urban gardener
Kathyn, Clark and David managed to fill the planter with soil on Monday, and today K and C planted.

Not sure how long it will take for the dogs to start grazing, but they are showing interest.

R.I.P. Leon Botha

The South African artist/performer who, along with Die Antwoord, gave the world "Enter the Ninja" passed away this week, a day after his 26th birthday, from complications due to progeria.

Rest in peace dude!

Song of the Day: "Abducted"

New music from a (new?) band called Cults. That's all I've got so far, so enjoy. Oh, yeah, it's retro-shoegaze with a Twin Peaks-esque video, so enjoy.

Song: "Abducted"
Artist: Cults

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For Your Consideration: Naya Rivera

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy (Glee)
Glee is all over the place in terms of quality, but its cast includes a variety of really talented performers. Sadly not all of them are the ones who are on the clear track to Emmy nominations. I love Jane Lynch, but Sue is a pretty limited character, yet thanks to her sister's death, voila, guaranteed Emmy nod. Amber Riley's been denied good story lines this season, so I'm throwing my considerable weight (this means I'm fat, not influential) behind Naya first (Dot-Marie second, then the hysterical Heather Morris).

Rivera's gotten some fiercely funny scenes this year, but her pained yearning during "Landslide" puts all the stuff to shame. Naturally that scene isn't embed-able, so here's a scene I can relate to.

Now if Heather Morris (or one of her friends) reads this, she'll start a series of Fondue For Two webisodes (and she'll be involved in its production) since that's probably a quick way for her to get an Emmy without battling all her costars.

Here's what Mittens' boy has to say

About Mittens' Presidential bid.
Wordle word cloud of Tagg Romney's post about this dad's latest Presidential bid
I wonder what the plan for them "jobs" is gonna be. More of the same tax cuts that fast forwarded us into our current situation? IHOPEIHOPEIHOPE!!!

Multimillionaire Mittens Romney, a private citizen, has enjoyed a decade of incredibly low tax burden. I wonder how many jobs he's created.

Note that there was a time when I actually thought I would like Mittens. That was before he felt the need to cater to the far right wing of the Republican party, and he's just a really fucking bad liar.

Varmints... priceless. Zero IS a number.

There were 2 crimes at this crime scene

So Portland is experiencing the kinds of gang activities most metro areas dealt with back in the early 90s. Perhaps it's just Portland's hipster retro thing and we're doing it ironically. Either way, there was a shooting close to the house last night.
B=shooting, A=me
But the real crime is this: Clark slept in and didn't know that KPTV's Marilyn Deutsch, our favorite condescending morning reporter, was a mere 10 blocks away! He totally could have been interviewed (they need to know how people who live near the scene of a news story feel about that news story, that's just good journalism).

Clark's real good at the local news interviews. One time, 15 years ago in Dallas, when we walked out of my apartment to find a 5 block kids' parade on my street (preventing us from going to a movie or Denny's or something), a local reporter asked as to comment on the parade (which had taken us by surprise). Clark declared that it was great that the little coloreds and the little spics and the little white kids could all march together in unity, even when it's hot outside.

Actually he did no such thing, but joked that he wanted to after we both declined.

I'm kinda sorry I didn't think of that.

"... roll over say goodnight"

Happy birthday Dave Navarro. I need to start a supergroup with Navarro, Chris Cornell, and Zack Merrick from All Time Low. They're all very talented and none of them owns a shirt.

Song of the Day: "Hey Neil"

Listening to YRock online yesterday, I heard the dude say something about Lloyd Cole. A few minutes later I heard this song, and figured it was a new song from Lloyd (he's on tour now, I guess there was an album last year).

I ran it by Eric who said he could hear some similarities.

Turns out it's a Canadian band called Pineapple... about whom I know nothing. Except that they're Canadian. And Lloyd Cole is not in the band (unless he is under an assumed name).

Song: "Hey Neil"
Artist: Pineapple

Monday, June 6, 2011

Big dick narcissism strikes again

Why is was a mere 5 months ago (here) that I used that phrase, big dick narcissism (which possibly ought to be big-dick narcissism, but I'm not sure) on this blog. But it's a condition that I've talked about for a while. As someone who works with statistics and profiles patterns of behavior and also notices penis, somehow it's just something I've done.

Not everyone who has affairs is afflicted with BDN. Certainly they're not afflicted with a big dick. But Anthony Weiner (D, NY) is.

Seriously, going around claiming a hack? Lame.

Pretty flowers on my walk home

I needed the walk home to clear my head. Word = stress and I barely left my desk. And since today's the first day of my company's walking challenge, I needed to steps.

I was reminded how great World Party's Goodbye Jumbo is. And the new(ish) Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Let it Sway, continues to impress.

And these are pretty flowers.

Song of the Day: "Embody"

French electronic artist SebastiAn. Did you see that hip capitalization in the middle of the name? Me too.

That being said, if you watch this video you will know what it's like to grocery shop with me.

Song: "Embody"
Artist: SebastiAn

Sunday, June 5, 2011

For Your Consideration: Harry Shearer

For Outstanding Voice Over Performance (The Simpsons).

Dude is the only core voice of The Simpsons without an Emmy for voice over work. And he's only gotten 1 paltry nomination for the work. The year was nominated he lost to Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer. It was Castellaneta's sixth win.

It's as if every member of the Beatles except George Harrison kept winning awards.

Seriously ATAS, fix this.

Kelly's big day

Technically it was last week, so today was like Orthodox Kelly's Birthday. I made the cake in as much as I paid for, and picked up the cake (technically David carried the cake).
Kelly got old

Phaedra added the candles.

And Kelly undoes all our efforts.

Happy (orthodox) birthday dude! Rock on!

Happy puppy update

(h/t Clark)

Still happy.

For Your Consideration: Raising Hope

Modern Family is still an excellent show, and Glee is wonderfully funny albeit inconsistent, but Raising Hope might be the show I'm most pulling for to win at the Emmys. Of course to do that they need to be nominated, and that's where I come in. They were absent from the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild awards, so hopefully they can rally with some well selected episodes (Emmys are based on a single episode for actors, and 6 episodes in total for a series). Don't underestimate the power of picking the right episode.

I wasn't planning to watch RH, but it was on between Glee and Unnamed Will Arnett Project which I seem to recall being excited about and now can scarcely recall. I wasn't even thinking about using it for the first FYC of Emmy season, but when I was catching up last week, the "Baby Monitor" episode had a plot device wherein their baby monitor was picking up another baby monitor's signal and hilarity ensued.
"I saw this on an episode of Modern Family and countless other sitcoms"--Virginia

Categories (for now): Best Comedy Series, Best Actor (Lucas Neff), Best Actress (Martha Plimpton), Best Supporting Actor (Garret Dillahunt), Best Writing ("Romeo and Romeo"; "Mongooses"). They have been so inconsistent with Chloris Leachman's character that I'm not going to push her for Supporting Actress. I don't begrudge her a nomination, but c'mon she has 8 Emmys, an Oscar and a Daytime Emmy, I think she'll cope. Although she's better in this than Betty White is in Hot in Cleveland.

We may come back to this after I start filling in categories, but that will do for now.

Happy Birthday Mary Kay Bergman

She originated pretty much every female character on South Park. She provided the 3 primary voices for this Oscar-nominated song.

Her voice talent graced most of the major animated works of the 90s, from Rugrats to The Tick to Family Guy, including 3 Disney features. 4 if you count the yodeling they kept for Toy Story 2 (Joan Cusack rerecorded role of Jessie, but they kept her yodeling). Hey look, someone did a montage!

She took her own life in 1999 after struggling with mental illness; she was 38. The Mary Kay Bergman Memorial Fund contributes to a suicide prevention service.

Her gravestone is actually pretty cool.

Happy birthday dude. Rest in peace.

Song of the Day: "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall"

New Coldplay, presumably from their fifth album coming soon.

Song: "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall"
Artist: Coldplay