Saturday, June 4, 2011

Song of the Day: "Mother"

New music from Blondie. Respect.

Panic of Girls, their ninth studio album, was either released May 30 or is coming out July 4. Hmm, Amazon shows it as an import coming out July 4, so, you know, good luck.

Song: "Mother"
Artist: Blondie

Friday, June 3, 2011

Colbert and a graphics department that won't sue for sexual harassment

Colbert's dancing on the (debt) ceiling

Song of the Day: "Jejune Stars"

I learned the word jejune back in high school, but I don't remember what it means. Will I now that Bright Eyes have a song with the word? Maybe.

I do remember that Kelly had to write the sentences that accompanied the words in a statewide spelling bee (but not this state) and jejune was one of those words. I have no idea what the sentence was either. God I miss my memory.

Oh, but this song, when he sings "green" it sounds like "Kodachrome" to me... and jejune means insipid, juvenile, or, YAWN, meh. Jejune = meh? Will that stand?

Song: "Jejune Stars"
Artist: Bright Eyes

They are the wind beneath my wings

(h/t Wonkette)

"Open up the Russellville Middle School yearbook. You’ll see the students’ pictures, the administration, and a pretty controversial list that’s supposed to be covered with a piece of black tape …. The list is titled 'Top 5 worst people of all time.' The top three, in order, are Adolph Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, and Charles Manson. Numbers four and five are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Superintendent Randall Williams calls the list 'an oversight.'"

These are Arkansas middle school students, so they don't have nearly enough historical perspective to understand that George W. Bush, war criminal/criminal against peace, and Dick Cheney, war criminal/criminal against peace/war profiteer, are W-A-Y worse than Charles Manson. Like 10,000 times worse (Bush) or more (Cheney).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Song of the Day: "Edge of Glory"

The big discovery, after listening to Lady Gaga's Born This Way? That 90s dance music is back. I guess "Express Yourself" "Born This Way" should have been an early indication. Anyway, get your tambourine or flags ready, we might just have to find a circuit party.

Song: "Edge of Glory"
Artist: Lady Gaga

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sarah Palin in the Big Apple

(h/t Dlisted)

"Excuse me while I whip this out"

Emmy winner Cleavon Little's birthday is today. This is an all-time classic movie line.

Happy birthday dude. Rest in peace,

Song of the Day: "Safari Disco Club"

Crazy busy today, so I'll just say this is a French band that new friend Mike mentioned to me. Enjoy.

Song: "Safari Disco Club"
Artist: Yelle

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron

His spoken word pieces inspired rap and slam poets (is that a thing? who go to poetry slams?), and his troubled life is worthy of a biopic, even if only made for Showtime. He'd long been a random footnote to me, a name I knew of but didn't know, until Kanye West closed his last album with his voice.

Rest in peace dude.

Happy Birthday Kelly

The post is a day late, the card made it to her on time.

Have fun in San Francisco! Party next weekend!

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "Asthma Attack"

Anita Blay records as CockNBullKid, and her debut album, Adulthood has been out a couple of months. The music is sweet and upbeat, but my cynicism toward record labels forces me to wonder if she isn't some post-Adele "we need more fat British girls" tactic.

Song: "Asthma Attack"
Artist: CockNBullKid

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ho-made donuts

I got Clark a deep fryer because we keep talking about eating healthier and weren't doing anything about it, and what's healthier than a deep fryer? Exactly.

Actually if you consider the number of appliances and accessories that I get that seldom get used, it might be a reverse psychology thing. Whatev.
Ho-made donuts

This morning Clark made donuts, thus the title of the post. Wonder if he'll see this to be offended...

Two more birthday gals

The first is Wynonna. Paired with momma Naomi, she won 5 Grammys and put on a rather "Vegas" style show when I saw them with Chris Wilson 20+ years ago at, shit... did they have concerts at Lake Lanier? Or was it Lakewood? I feel like we drove north, but I'm old and you don't care, so here's Wynonna covering "Free Bird." Every review I've read of this says "this is a song you shouldn't try to cover, but somehow she makes it work"... totally agree.

We'll discuss "Minuet" from Idina Menzel, circa 1998, after you listen:

I don't know how much of that was her, and how much of that was a record label A&R guy (or girl), but that song totally reeks of someone pushed into an Alanis sound after Alanis went multi-platinum (SEE ALSO: Meredith Brooks, Tracy Bonham). It's what record labels do. It's why record labels are useless. I mean, they're great when they're sending me boxes of new CDs, but otherwise they're focused on selling a lot of records not cultivating musicians. And if that sound was all Idina's, well, it was 1998.

Happy Birthday Stephen Tobolowsky

It's his birthday, so let's go to Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party:

I'm a little disappointed that I've only mentioned Tobolowsky once before this on my blog (for the late J.T. Walsh's birthday). If you've watched those clips, you know who he is. Some of you (John) even knew him by name already. I've been mispronouncing his last name for nearly 20 years (I think I learned his name after Groundhog Day and Single White Female) as Tow-ba-lau-ski (it's Tau-ba-law-ski).

He's only picked up a Tony nomination (seriously, not even a Screen Actor's Guild nomination as part of an ensemble?). That's weird. Hopefully he's at least well paid, otherwise he has the burden of high visibility, low appreciation and low compensation; that would totally suck. Although T-dog (it's a long name, and I'm tired of typing it) has this to say:
"The very best character actors are made of equal parts discipline and madness, and the fact that our faces are more familiar than our names is not our curse, but our blessing. The character actor's goal, after all, is not to earn the adulation of the public; it is to give lives to a hundred nameless spirits who make us laugh or cry, who are both familiar and new, who show us that their journey is our journey, and who, like everyone in the audience, never get to kiss Renée Zellweger."--ST
I don't think straight guys get to kiss her dude, so that's part of your problem.

Is Groundhog Day his best known work? I declare it so, thus allowing me to wrap this up.

Groundhog Day: the Musical? Hmm... patent pending.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "The Electrician"

It's Memorial Day, so I probably should post something related to that. So this is in honor of all the brave men and women who have served as electricians, plumbers and mechanics (why not?) in the armed forces. Ta da, it's related.

This is possibly a b-side from LA band Princeton (saw them open for Camera Obscura, drunkenly tried to buy a CD from one of the kids but kept asking for an LP which was awkward since they had vinyl... not all my stories are interesting) with a dude named Active Child (Pat Grossi) offering a musical assist. There's something about this sound that makes me think it's where Justin Vernon might have ended had he spent that Winter in Silver Lake instead of a cabin in Wisconsin (the result of which was Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago).

The video's a little upsetting, by the way--I typically listen while it plays in a browser window behind what I'm working on, and as I toggled over I caught some violins. There's too much violins on television (Emily Litella); you've been warned.

Song: "The Electrician"
Artist: Princeton/Active Child

Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Scream a symphony"

It's Noel Gallagher's birthday, and I almost posted "Wonderwall."

But his collaboration (he co-wrote and sings on the song) with Chemical Brothers in 1999, "Let Forever Be" is also favorite of mine. The video, directed by Michel Gondry, is a favorite of mine. The song samples The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows" which was frustrating to me (the song was familiar but, duh, I didn't hear the sample).

Happy Birthday Sir Bob Hope

Hope did so much to raise the spirits of American troops, year in and year out, that it's fitting to celebrate him on Memorial Day weekend.

I was going to knight him for that, but he was already knighted. Properly. I did not know he was British (or was born there). He holds the distinction of being the only honorary veteran of the US Armed Forces.

USS Bob Hope

His other honors include a Congressional Medal of Honor, a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Burbank airport is named after him, a naval ship is named in his honor, and he was allowed to dot the "i' in the Ohio State University marching band's script Ohio. When Stephen Colbert went to Iraq as host of a USO tour, he carried a golf club in Hope's honor.

Hope won 1 Emmy and that seems trivial when you see the list of accolades he's accumulated. He was never nominated for an Oscar and while frequently a host, liked to joke that Oscar night was called "passover" at his house. It's a great line, and one you hear over and over to this day. He did okay for a guy who was never nominated for an Oscar.

Thanks for everything Bob. Happy birthday and rest in peace.

Song of the Day: "Street Clothes"

Fool's Gold is not a Stone Roses tribute band. I don't know much about them aside from that. It may be a side project for one or many of them. Or they may have had sufficient success with their debut 2 years ago that they're making a go of it this way. Either way, this won't be on the final so you don't need to take notes.

Their second album will be out in August. As the lows here are still in the mid-40s, that seems like forever, but my peeps who teach in the south are done with their classes for the year, so I guess not.

Song: "Street Clothes"
Artist: Fool's Gold

Another Dancing with the Stars casting moment of brilliance

Birthday boy Rupert Everett, once so charming, so funny, so sexy... now, so not. Have you seen him lately? He says coming out of the closet hurt his career as an actor but did you see The Next Best Thing? Perhaps Everett can serve as a warning to other actors who consider making a movie with Madonna (SEE ALSO: Rosanna Arquette; Willem Dafoe).

Also he's pretty out-spoken and comes off really bitchy. Don't you hate those openly gay dudes who are just bitchy all the time and don't realize how negative they can come off?


Anyway, the pinnacle of Everett's career may be this scene from My Best Friend's Wedding. (Yes, he's very good in Another Country and some other movies too, whatev, there's no Dionne.)

ABC you can thank me by keeping Happy Endings on and keeping it funny.

And happy birthday dude! Please resume rocking so you can rock on.