Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kenny Chesney and I think alike, it seems

I'm on vacation next week. The plan is a road trip along the coast in Central and Southern Oregon and Northern California, to San Francisco, then home.

I started tweeting with the hash tag #GoingCoastal (which hopefully keeps me from going postal at work).

It turns out that's the name of Kenny Chesney's tour! zOMG!

The plan, as it's currently evolved, is Portland to Brookings on Sunday, then to Fort Bragg on Monday, then down the coast to Bodega Bay (but spending the night in Santa Rosa) on Tuesday.

Weds. night is the first preview of Tales of the City and we're going (me plus Clark). I explained that this is a preview; that we're seeing it before critics will review it. Clark said "great, this is just a dress rehearsal." So glad I am including him in this adventure.

Another day in San Francisco and then home before 4 p.m. on Saturday (when my rental car is due back). Here's my rental car (hey, the minutiae of my trip is important to you, I know that).

Oh, and if you're really bored, track me in real time at the Twitters (where pets are huge!), using #GoingCoastal here. You might need to wade through the Kenny Chesney stuff, but I like the idea of making him read my big gay tweets. I'm sure he'll be scandalized (and then he'll call).

And part of every day

(h/t Eric)
A lot of people don't realize some of the ancillary benefits of the PR Cruiser.

OMG I could do the Golden Girls!!!!!

Today's um: Bumblekiss

Went looking for a new brunch destination, found Bumblekiss via Yelp. 4-star review (out of 5), 1-$ price = check it out.

At Bumblekiss I learn the importance of considering all ingredients when making a decision on an entree. Mango lemondage: I like mango, I like lemonade. Mango + lemon isn't actually a great flavor combination.

On the menu of interest (which I did not order): oatmeal with pineapple and coconut. I like oatmeal. I like pineapple. I like coconut. I even like pineapple and coconut together. But all 3?

Mango pancakes also have initially compelling appeal.

Here's what we had.
Farmer's Benedict (I think it has a smiley face look from a different angle)

The Big Burly Benny (sausage and sausage gravy, although veggie alternatives existed)

Pig in a Pear Tree (ham/pear/havarti/caramelized onion) with apple slaw
Normally I title my posts about food as "today's yum" but while today's food was all quite adequate, none of us was feeling enthusiastic about returning or recommending the place. Ergo, today's um. I've got nothing bad to say about the place (and was happy that their mango lemonade came with free refills, but don't get it, it's not actually that tasty), but there are lots of other places I can get excited about.

My little lap cat

Once upon a time Gracie was named Pun'kin, and she was a tiny little thing. She's recovered.
Part mountain goat.

She is laying on me. All 105 pounds of her.

George W. Bush, war criminal

Who is responsible for more innocent deaths?
The ever wonderful Glenn Greenwald at Salon (here) explains quite nicely the reasons I call George W. Bush a war criminal, and a criminal against peace. (HINT: BECAUSE HE FUCKING IS.)

This quote is lengthy, and really the entire post "The quaint and obsolete Nuremberg principles" is worth reading (here).
No decent human being contests that the 9/11 attack was a grave crime.  But there are many grave crimes, including ones sanctioned by (or acquiesced to) those leading the chorus of cheers for bin Laden's killing.  To much controversy, Noam Chomsky recently wrote: "uncontroversially, Bush's crimes vastly exceed bin Laden's."  That claim prompted widespread objections, including from Andrew Sullivan, who specifically criticized Chomsky's use of the word "uncontroversially" in making that claim.  That semantic objection is not invalid: of course that comparative judgment is controversial, especially in the U.S.
Nor do I think such comparisons are ultimately worthwhile:  how does one weigh the intentional targeting of civilians that kills several thousand against an illegal, aggressive war that recklessly and foreseeably causes the deaths of at least 100,000 innocent people, and almost certainly far more?  Comparisons aside: what is clear is that Bush's crimes are grave, of historic proportion, and it's simply impossible for anyone who believes in the Nuremberg Principles to deny that.

His invasion of Iraq caused the deaths of at least 100,000 (and almost certainly more) innocent Iraqis: vastly more than bin Laden could have dreamed of causing. It left millions of people internally and externally displaced for years.  It destroyed a nation of 26 million people.  It was without question an illegal war of aggression: what the lead prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials -- as Ferencz just reminded us --  called the "the central crime in this pattern of crimes, the kingpin which holds them all together."  And that's to say nothing of the worldwide regime of torture, disappearances, and black sites created by the U.S during the Bush years.
 Where's karma when you need it?

Song of the Day: "Rad Racer"

The band is Work Drugs. They are from Philly and describe themselves as "sedative-wave/smooth-fi" so, you know, there you go. I do dig the song.

Song: "Rad Racer"
Artist: Work Drugs

The search engine war

I use StatCounter to see how many visits I get and what brings peeps here. "Edible lactose gold" is a winning phrase for me, but Scott Caan is traffic magic. And Jimmy Donn. And Chris Isaak's penis.

How do peeps find me? Through a search engine.

Which one? Well, StatCounter gives me a breakdown they call the "Search Engine Wars"... see if you can see why I find the word "war" so quaint.
Recent searches coming to The Rebel Agenda

Friday, May 13, 2011

Coal Cares!

The Coal Industry, who brought America Clean Coal, is now helping kids suffering respiratory problems as result of Clean Coal pollution... by making the inhalers they need to use seem cool!
Bieber/Elmo/Batman zOMG!

With Puff-Puff™ designer inhalers, easing a taunted child's burden of suffering has never been easier — or more economical!
If you're interested in ordering one for your ailing child, or finding out more about how Coal Cares, visit their website here.

Bea Arthur, be naked

A million years ago, in the early days of the inter-webz, I ran across someone selling these crudely made bumper stickers.

I bought several. I shared with friends. Viva Bea Arthur! Back in second grade when my friends and I would get together and play Golden Girls I always wanted to be Dorothy. I'm a total Dorothy. I'm Miranda when we play Sex and the City. These seem to be unpopular characters, but what's a boy to do?

Here's a really crappy video of Arthur singing during the Star Wars Holiday Special from TV. Love.

Oh, and I saw her one woman show when I was in LA! Love.

Bea won a Tony and 2 Emmys. And my heart.

Happy birthday dude! Rest in peace.

Happy Birthday Sir Stephen Colbert

I've knighted him but he was already knighted. And given honorary doctorates. And is a reverend. He was the Rev. Sir Dr. Stephen T. Colbert DFA, so now he's Sir Rev. Sir Dr. Stephen T. Colbert DFA. That's a mouthful.

He has Emmys. He has Grammys. He has Peabodys. He went to Iraq and shaved his head and wore a suit made from camouflage fabric. He declared victory in Iraq. He raps. He sings. And he's a pretty good interviewer.

The audacity to go in front of a war criminal like George W. Bush and call out his idiocy sums it up nicely.

Stephen Colbert Roasting Pres. Bush by NEW_FRONTIER

Oh, and he's been nominated for some Daytime Emmys. And had a spider named after him. And a bathroom on the International Space Station. And maybe a bridge in Hungary.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Happy Birthday George Carlin

[NOTE: Blogger was down yesterday so this post is a day late.]

My history with the word "fuck" is a long and fun one. I vaguely remember the first time I said "fuck" in front of my parents, probably in the second or third grade, and invoked a disclaimer that the joke was too funny not to tell and I shouldn't get in trouble for saying the F word. The punch line, "a duck for a fuck, a fuck for a duck, and a fucked up duck for $20" is something I remember decades later. My account name to check my 401(k) allocation? No idea.

Much later, in college, working my first solo shift at the radio station, the DJ I was covering for brought Joey Ramone by for an impromptu on air appearance. It was 3:30 in the morning, I was sufficiently nervous as it was, and I told him "just don't say fuck on the air." God bless Joey Ramone, I'm sure there was a lesson for my 18 year old self in his first open mike saying that Atlanta was "fucking fortunate" to have Album 88 and not have to hear any "Bon Jovi shit." And he asked someone to bring him beer.

I was sure the FCC would come down on me and end my fledgling career in radio. Or campus police would take issue with our all-commuter dry campus having random people showing up at 4:00 a.m. carrying beer and looking for a Ramone (the BEST Ramone).

At the time (before the first Bush administration deregulated the radio spectrum), Atlanta had inefficiently spaced signal allocation, and our college station was sitting on a very powerful signal. So folks who coveted our asses (against explicit instruction not to) liked to cause problems, thus the paranoia.

George Carlin's "seven dirty words you can't say on TV" routine is iconic and practical. The radio station used Carlin's list to inform guest DJs the words they weren't supposed to say, and we got their signature acknowledging said list in case they did and we had a complaint. Usually presenting them with a list prompted way more cynicism and bitchiness than it was worth. Whatever, dude from The Go-Betweens, get over yourself.

And the routine prompted a series of legal actions that found their way to the Supreme Court (sadly years before Clarence Thomas and the pubic hair on his Coke). My use of "fuck" in an email merely cost me a replacement Dilbert page-a-day calendar.

Comedy Central named Carlin the #2 stand-up of all time, behind Richard Pryor. I'm okay with that. And he won 5 Grammys.

Happy birthday dude! Rest in peace.

Song of the Day: "Wake Up"

According to FOX News, I'm supposed to be angry because a dude named Common did something. I'm not sure what, but I know violence and bad things were involved because, you know, FOX News, black dude duh.

So I wanted to see if Common had anything new and I found this super violent song that he collaborated on with John Legand (convicted murderer/thug), The Roots (a well known Philly street gang) and Melanie Fiona (she's Canadian! that's so cute!!!).

You can just taste the, what's the word Karl Rove used? Misogyny. Excellent. If Karl Rove's so worried about misogyny I wonder how he feels about war crimes.

Song: "Wake Up"
Artist: John Legend/The Roots/Melanie Fiona/Common

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Atlas is really a hypocrite and a dick

(h/t bobbamonkey in comments at Salon)

Ayn Rand, queen of the winners, went on Medicare.

Ayn Rand was a looter, a parasite, a moocher.

She just did it under the name Ann O'Connor (her married name) because OMG doctors are expensive (details here).

"Who is John Galt?" 

"We have a J. Galt waiting for unemployment payments, maybe that's him."

A is A. And I'm an exception, so for me, A is A, and I is A.

I is also A (but only for me).

Rock on Ann O'Connor/Ayn Rand.

Rock on.

Torture works, but you can't use the information for 7 years

At least that appears to be the logic from the Bushies (war criminals) who are trying to take credit for the death of dude the other day. Stewbeef:

Song of the Day: "Sail"

I'd been hearing this song recently but had no idea who it was--Clark used Shazam (it's genius!) and this is what he found. AWOLNATION is a solo project from dude from Hometown Heroes and Under the Influence of Giants (... me neither), and this is his/their first single.

Thanks to Clark.

Song: "Sail"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do as I say, not as I do

Newt Gingrich
It is a testament to the charms of the current pack jockeying for the Republican nomination for President that Gingrich is considered the smart one.

"Sometimes it's just a matter of who out-sorry-s whom."--Eddie Griffin, my high school debate coach

According to Gingrich's Wikipedia entry (here) he converted to Catholicism in 2009. That is going to make his next divorce awkward.

Well, probably not as awkward as divorcing your wife while she's recovering from cancer surgery, so I'm sure it'll be fine.

He claims that he had affairs because he loves the country so much. He really IS the smart one.

Happy Birthday Alden Brown/Matt Ramsey/Peter North


I wasn't really going to do a post on him but then I read his mini-bio on IMDB (here). He still continues to impress and amaze both fans and co-workers with his range. Heh.

Then I found out he sponsors a hockey team. The Peter North Stars.

And then I saw their logo.

As an actor he has performed in over 1,600 movies. If we assume 1 scene per movie, and 4 feet per scene, then he's ejaculated over a mile on camera. Oh, yeah, dude's a porn star. A serious porn star (duh, over 1,600 movies). And unlike Ron Jeremy, North is actually pleasant to watch.

Wait, he's Canadian, what is that in metric? It's got to be like 28,000 litres or something.

Since I'm intentionally not posting any of his work, there's not a lot more to add. Except that this dude, who has had pretty much the same, very handsome look since the mid-80s, and is said to be a reliable professional in a job that can challenge many men (or so I've heard), doesn't like having his hair touched when he's doing a scene. That's the way to take the wind out of his sails.

And nobody wants that.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "Super Bass"

Nicki Minaj, for the block. (That's a random Hollywood Squares reference, if you were wondering.)

Song: "Super Bass"
Artist: Nicki Minaj

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Gary Owen

From Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In to Blue Falcon to Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast. Respect.

The Man with the Golden Voice
Tags: The Man with the Golden Voice

Happy birthday dude! Rock on.

Song of the Day: "My Terrible Personality"

When I picked up the new Duran Duran from the library on Sunday (love it, by the way), I also got the last release from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (Let it Sway). Love it too! So even as it's pushing a year old, I'm including another song.

Yesterday's commute featured great new music. Will I leave early enough to walk to the train and luck out again? Hey is that something shiny? Ooooh, shiny.

Song: "My Terrible Personality"
Artist: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Billy Joel

What's your favorite Billy Joel song? You know you've got one. "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant" or "Just the Way You Are" or "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)""We Didn't Start the Fire"?

I think he's iconic, but I'm not sure if I'll knight him, at least this year. There's a lot of enduring music, and I probably take him for granted since he's always kinda been around for me musically.

He has an Emmy nomination and a Tony win to accompany his 6 Grammys (17 additional nominations). He is an inductee to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Songwriter's Hall of Fame, and the Long Island Music Hall of Fame (along with Cyndi Lauper, Lou Reed, and 3 of the 4 original members of KISS [suck it Ace Frehley]).

We recently discussed Joel at work. It was mostly positive. But prior to that I didn't realize that most of his early 80s albums were concept albums. I mean An Innocent Man, yes, obviously. I think Songs in the Attic throws me off (oh, it looks like that was release #7 under his Columbia contract--these tend to be live, greatest hit, or similar melanges). Okay, so maybe I just didn't pay close attention. He tried new wave. He tried the Beatles. He tried Motown. As the sixth best selling musical act, and third best selling solo artist, let's assume he did okay with those.

And now, here are some songs I like, and I will probably forget 2 or 3 that I love more, and that's the way it goes for morning blogging.
"They said the melancholy blues were dead and gone"

"You can't be bothered with those 'just for the night' boys"

"Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes--I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again"
"You got a nice white dress and a party on your Confirmation"

"Some people live with the fear of a touch and the anger of having been a fool"

"We promised our mothers we'd write"

"Oh you left out XXXX" or "I can't believe you picked YYYY"... let the complaints begin!

Happy birthday dude! Rock on.

Song of the Day: "Being Followed"

More from the newish Duran Duran, All You Need is Now.

They are back to 4 of the 5 original members. Andy Taylor is not back with them. And Warren Cuccurullo (below) is not with them. It's kinda weird that he's the one photo I'm including, right?
No longer with Duran Duran, why am I even posting this?

Song: "Being Followed"
Artist: Duran Duran

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Iraq makes Osama look like a bargain

I vaguely remember a quote from before the invasion of Iraq that said something about the war basically paying for itself. America was reassured by a variety of Bush Administration officials that there would be no additional debt thrust on the American people.

Here I'm talking about Iraq 2: Electric Bugaloo--in the first one, a dude named Bush decided that the country of Iraq was better off with Saddam Hussein in power; in Iraq 2 another dude named Bush proved the original Bush right.

In case you were out of touch with the cost to our foray into Iraq, here's the current tally of the approved funding since 2003 (details here).

Here are some quotes published in The Nation (here) back in 2008, the 5 year anniversary of that war.

Then: "Iraq is a very wealthy country. Enormous oil reserves. They can finance, largely finance the reconstruction of their own country. And I have no doubt that they will."--Richard Perle, chair; The Pentagon's Defense Policy Board; July 11, 2002

Now: Richard Perle is still alive (the same thing cannot be said of many Iraqis and thousands of American troops) and is still employed (the same thing cannot be said of many innocent bystanders of the George W. Bush Administration and War Crimes Fiesta).

Fun Fact: Perle advised Muammar Gaddafi in 2006 (details here) as part of his work for Monitor Group. Remember, they're only evil when they stop cooperating with us.

Then: "The likely economic effects [of a war in Iraq] would be relatively small.... Under every plausible scenario, the negative effect will be quite small relative to the economic benefits."--Lawrence Lindsey, White House economic adviser; September 16, 2002

Now: Still alive, but he appears to be considerably less employed. I mean, he runs a "company" but their website looks like a company with fewer than 10 employees. I'm sure everyone there makes a shitload of money for really deep insights, and I'm sure they all have good health insurance, but seriously, cheap-ass looking website (here). Do they have offices in 9 places (Hong Kong, not being a country, undermines my ability to say 9 countries) or are they just showing us where those places are on a map? And if that's the case, why did they label Mexico as the USA?

Fun Fact: Lindsey was an adviser to a company called Enron, back in the day. Of course so was Paul Krugman, but only 1 of them won a Nobel Prize for Economics although Lindsey WAS smart enough to see the George W. Bush economy coming as he sold all his stock in 1998.

Then: "It is unimaginable that the United States would have to contribute hundreds of billions of dollars and highly unlikely that we would have to contribute even tens of billions of dollars."--Kenneth Pollack, former director for Persian Gulf affairs National Security Council; September 2002

Now: Still alive, and still employed. One wonders if his imagination has expanded since 2002. He is a Senior Director at Albright Stonebridge Group which means he somehow works for Madeline Albright. I am now very sad.

Fun Fact: Madeline Albright appeared as Rory's dream mother on Gilmore Girls.

Okay, weirdly that Madeline Albright thing has knocked the wind out of my sails. I'll pick this up later, cause there's a lot more smart to celebrate.

Was it $400 billion just for Osama?

I don't remember which talking head on which news show suggested that, now that Bin Laden is dead, we can leave Afghanistan. As a reminder, the official reasons we were given for invading Afghanistan: remove the Taliban from power as they were harboring terrorists from Al Qaeda; establishing a democracy; and dismantling the AQ that was there.

Bin Laden dead or alive (which, by the way, George W. Bush, war criminal/criminal against peace/colossal failure, couldn't accomplish) is a subset of that mission, for sure, but is not the entire mission. The cost of the war in Afghanistan so far is a little over $400 billion (here).

I feel like if we stay, it's just a continued quagmire, so HOORAY, WE WON.

Victory in Afghanistan.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Well, it took a while, but it was totally worth it. And I'm sure everyone who lives in America and never sets foot in Afghanistan will agree that we made Afghanistan a better place.

Totally better.

Obammer hates the flag

(h/t Alex Pareene at Salon)

This picture and tweet from ABC's Jake Tapper is proof positive that Secret Muslim/Super Socialist/Non-American Obammer hates the American flag.
@jaketapper One minute to air and they decided to take the flag down from the live shot!
So even though today's not Flag Day (June 14) or Orthodox Flag Day (June 27), let's do a little reminder of some of the etiquette for flying the American flag outdoors, from the United States Flag Code (here):
  • Ordinarily it should be displayed only between sunrise and sunset, although the Flag Code permits night time display "when a patriotic effect is desired." Similarly, the flag should be displayed only when the weather is fair, except when an all weather flag is displayed. (By presidential proclamation and law, the flag is displayed continuously at certain honored locations such as the United States Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington and Lexington Green.)
  • It should be illuminated if displayed at night.
So it's the end of the day, the flag comes down making the background of Tapper's remote less dramatic, Tapper gripes via Twitter, and cue the insanity (from Gawker [here]):
Tapper's tweet was interpreted quite differently in many quarters of the conservative Internet, who thought that Obama had personally ordered the flag taken down. Blogger Doug Ross, for one, wrote,"This administration and, by extension, the Democrat Party are now so thoroughly divorced from the history, traditions and morals of America that we might as well admit the Marxist left has executed a successful coup d'├ętat on this Republic." His friend Michelle Malkin asked, "Does flying the American flag at Ground Zero now constitute 'spiking the football???'" This meme made it all the way to Matt Drudge, who ran the headline, "REPORT: Team Obama takes down US flag before Ground Zero event..."
To her credit, Malkin has corrected her post. So Obammer has her fooled. Now everything she says is whatever they WANT her to say.

Oh, and the "not flown in the rain" part of the code is the reason I don't have a flag flying at my house. Oregon weather is not conducive to that.

Also, Obammer hates America.

A simple case for the impeachment of Obama

This will be sooo much easier than that whole Whitewater investigation (remember that, that's what Kenneth Starr was looking into when the Monica Lewinsky affair came up) that took 12 years and cost the country $274 billion dollars (that statement not intended to be factually correct), so unlike Clinton, this one should go easily and be a slam dunk (and that's not meant in the "Colin Powell/we're totally making this shit up" way).

  • The President (in this case Obama, even if the birth certificate thing is still bugging you) swears an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.
  • The Constitution guarantees due process to American citizens.
  • Obama ordered (or approved the order) the assassination of an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki without even charging him with a crime. Fun fact: due process is guaranteed even to people with funny names.
  • By ignoring the Constitution, Obama is betraying the oath of office, which is a bad thing. Ergo impeachment.

Glenn Greenwald lays out all the details here. Stuff like:
"That Obama was compiling a hit list of American citizens was first revealed in January of last year when The Washington Post's Dana Priest mentioned in passing at the end of a long article that at least four American citizens had been approved for assassinations; several months later, the Obama administration anonymously confirmed to both the NYT and the Post that American-born, U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki was one of the Americans on the hit list."

Yesterday the US tried to kill the dude with drones. They killed 2 others that were almost certainly bad people because, you know, drones know. Doesn't matter, the attempt is enough to justify impeachment.

And, AND, the House does that. So this is John Boehner's chance to shine, his super orangey shine. And to cry, because he probably will.

Now why would I want the impeachment of Obama? President Biden. If Democrats won't primary Obama, and Republicans are only sending the Legion of Substitute Candidates against him, this gets me a new President whose politics I pretty much agree with, without having anyone killed. That's what Obama tried to do, and it's kinda tacky.

President Biden.

The threat of that reality may insulate Obama from impeachment for anything. But the inevitable Biden vs. Trump debates next year (hey, he's a super serious candidate) would be extra fun!

Happy Birthday Rick or Ricky Nelson

I learn some fascinating trivia (also known as "trivia" I guess) when I write my birthday posts (brazenly cribbing from Wikipedia, naturally). Here are some things I've learned about Rick(y) that prompted me to pick him as the birthday for today.
  • He earned a brown belt in karate and I love that his description as a "good martial artist for those times" helps immortalize him. (For those times? WTF?)
  • His first name wasn't Richard, it was Eric.
  • His Grammy is in the Spoken Word category, and not for music (despite his being exactly the kind of musician the Grammys of the 60s and 70s would celebrate [SEE ALSO: Glen Campbell, Ray Stevens]).
  • He had 53 songs make the Billboard Hot 100. I mean, that's a lot. That was actually the thing that cemented it for me. When I started writing this, I could name only 2 of his songs, and one of those wasn't even his song, I was thinking of an Everly Brothers song.
  • And, AND, he was related to Mark Harmon. And Mark Harmon is cool.  (Nelson died before Harmon married Pam Dawber so I don't have an opportunity to rhapsodize about Paw Dawber in Nuts, the TV series [in our dreams] based on the Barbra Streisand movie [which we discussed here].)
Child star, proto-rock & roll superstar, and, AND a good martial artist. Take that Justin Timberlake (who may well have a black belt, he's actually doing pretty well).

This is a hastily rendered Venn diagram of his music.

Here's one of his first hits, a cover of Fats Domino's "I'm Walkin'".

He hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 with a cover of "Poor Little Fool" but he refused to perform the song on Ozzie and Harriet and is said to have loathed it, although it's not clear why and I'm not about to spend 3 minutes looking for a reason.

In addition to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Nelson is also an inductee of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame (OMG there are multiple Halls of Fame related to Rockabilly... discuss!). Here's "Hello Mary-Lou".

His last Top 40 hit, "Garden Party" is a sweetly ironic. He wrote it after playing a concert at Madison Square Garden and having his new music booed by his fans. (That's the non-Alanis definition, look it up.)

Daughter Tracy was on Square Pegs, the show that helped turn Sarah Jessica Parker into whatever she is (star? really? actress? see what I mean) and also had that dude, Johnny Slash, who played Kirk's son David in Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan, and David is immortalized by Kirstie Alley as a Vulcan saying "sir, David is dead."

Sons Matthew and Umlaut (correction, Gunnar) were in Nelson, the band that was almost kinda heavy metal back when heavy metal was really popular but heavy metal really meant heavy metal ballads. Later there would be hair cuts and an evolved sound akin to the post-grunge stylings of The Rembrandts and that "Breakfast at Tiffany" band. Nelson still play the occasional cruise, so can the Clark County Fair be far behind?

Happy birthday dude. Rest in peace.

"I got my calamine lotion"

I came late to the "Velvet Underground appreciation" thing--it was trickle down from Belle & Sebastian reminding me of Felt, and I picked up a greatest hits-type thing (yes, 20-something Rich would have yelled at me, but 40-something Rich will tell you that greatest hits-type things are just efficient) and here we are.

This morning in the gray area of me being awake but not wanting the dogs to know I was awake so I could avoid starting the morning officially I heard Uncle Green's version of "Foggy Notion" run through my head. Theirs was a pretty faithful cover, perhaps with a little bit of The Kinks thrown in but that's nowhere on the interwebz, so let's just go with the original.

My guess is that this is about heroin (yes, I actually bothered to write that about a Velvet Underground song, please nominate me for an Obviousness Award), but I guess it's possible that it's about a severe allergic reaction.

Song of the Day: "I Guess I Planted"

I didn't write much about the Wisconsin labor showdown in March, but I got really frustrated by it. Early in my life I was cynical about unions (Georgia was never a big labor state, I wonder why) but as a middle-aged dude who has never received a penny in overtime pay during my post college professional life, I've started to understand the things that unions do (I am also impressed that when faced with cutting 2 weeks from the school year, Portland's teachers agreed to work several days unpaid rather than cut that much curriculum). Is there a lot of excess and cronyism and largess in unions? Sure. As there is in pretty much every other large organization in the world... hey look, Gov. Scott Walker (R, WI) hired the son of one of his donors, a guy in his 20s with little experience, no college degree, and 2 DUI convictions (details here) to a job in his administration making over $80,000 a year (plus benefits, those horrible selfish benefits), wait, what was my point?

Anyway, in support of labor and its supporters, Ted Leo recorded a version of the Woody Guthrie song "I Guess I Planted" (it was one of the unfinished songs that Sir Billy Bragg and Wilco finished for Mermaid Avenue). It's a few weeks old, but a recent email exchange with a teacher reminded me of this, so better late than never.
I Guess I Planted by tedleo

Song: "I Guess I Planted"
Artist: Ted Leo

The ever-changing 2012 Presidential race

Eric is giddy that Rudy, 9/11, Giuliani, 9/11, is open to the possibility of running for the Republican nomination for President (here). And that, 9/11, makes a lot of sense, 9/11, because back in 2009, 9/11, Rudy didn't rule out the possibility, 9/11, of running for Governor, 9/11, of New York, 9/11 (he didn't run, 9/11). Later, 9/11, in 2009 he decided that he, 9/11, MIGHT run for the special Senate election, 9/11 (he didn't run, 9/11).  And so, 9/11, it makes perfect sense, 9/11, that Rudy would be open to this, 9/11, campaign.  I wonder if he'll run. 9/11

Also Governor Piyush Jindal (R, LA) released his birth certificate yesterday (here), not that anyone noticed or really cared, a clear reminder that he has aspirations for the White House as well. Only he didn't. See below (click to embiggen).
That's NOT a birth certificate. That is a certificate of live birth, which I have been told repeatedly by a gazillion Birthers, that there is a difference between the 2 ("obviously"-D. Trump), so you're not fooling me, Piyush. Release the birth certificate, not this flim-flam document that you probably had printed at a flea market.

A year ago I posited that Sarah Palin was being encouraged in her Presidential aspirations by Karl Rove with his full knowledge that she'd never endure real scrutiny, even the half-assed scrutiny Americans are willing give our politicians (as I type this I realize that the genius of Twitter is that its 140 limit means even Americans will read all of a tweet, even the most ADD-afflicted of us, 9/11... no, wait, false alarm). Then, late into a pre-season filled with chaos, Rove would enter with Jeb Bush, a moderate, safe option for Republicans to rally behind.  I still think that's true.

But then a few months ago I decided that Sen. Scott Brown (R, MA) would be a great candidate for Republicans. He offers one of candidate Obama's greatest assets from 2008: a minimal record of legislation to have to explain (no Romneycare, for example). Also aside from the 1 picture from Cosmopolitan, he has a relatively vanilla personal history; although if Giuliani truly, 9/11, joins the pool, 9/11, Brown would want to divorce and remarry quickly, just to try to keep up with the "traditional" values, 9/11, of those super serious, 9/11, candidates.

Last Thursday, the first debate among contenders was held in South Carolina, and while it was poorly attended, candidate-wise, I feel like Rep. Ron Paul (R, TX) is the real winner. I've long admired his consistency on "small government" rhetoric (he came to the defense of Park 51, the so-called Ground Zero Mosque and 9/11 Victory Over America Praise Allah Celebration, on the core philosophy of personal property rights). Here he turns the idea of legalized heroin into the loudest applause of the night.

There are rumors that Tim Pawlenty (R, MN) attended the debate as well, but I haven't been able to confirm that because I usually get distracted by Words With Friends (jonesrich if you want to play, but be advised that since I play using an Android phone, the game crashes at least twice a week and the time it takes to reload everything is daunting; while some of the apps I ran on my old iPhone crashed, that experience was far more consistent than these last 4 months with Android, even with me using a new phone [it's no like I was trying to run new apps with an iPhone 3G]--with the proliferation of devices using Android, but using different release versions, I think the Android apps world is going to remain challenging and Apple's curated approach to apps will reaffirm their overall strategy... which has nothing, 9/11, to do with Republicans).