Saturday, May 7, 2011

Song of the Day: "Live Those Days Tonight"

I featured Friendly Fires as a song of the day about 2 years ago, when they were short listed for the Mercury Music Prize. And here they are again (great story, right?).

Song: "Live Those Days Tonight"
Artist: Friendly Fires

Friday, May 6, 2011

Colbert recaps the first Republican Presidential debate

Song of the Day: "Villains of the Moon"

Cold Cave is a CBS detective show starring Kathryn Morris who... what? That's Cold Case? Oops, I feel like Emily Litella. Nevermind.

I dig this song, in large part, because of this little xylophone-ish sound that is straight out of "Cities in Dust" (it may or may not actually be a sample, and I'm not saying they are ripping of Siouxsie and the Banshees, I just dig the sound which is distinctive and not overused... yet).

The band is from NYC, so they should say hi to Nick when he gets there.

Song: "Villains of the Moon"
Artist: Cold Cave

David Sirota agrees with me

Or at least he makes the same point at Salon (here) in "The high cost of cheap war" that I made yesterday (here).
"Then it was on to George W. Bush, who coupled long-term military occupations with massive tax cuts. The twin policies, which defied World War II's ethos of domestic sacrifice, suggested to Americans that there is no longer any personal financial hardship associated with war."--David Sirota at Salon

"And when you factor in that we have been at war for nearly 10 years with no images of the real cost of that, AND you factor in that our recent wars are the only time in American history when Americans got a tax CUT during war (normally we actually support our troops and share some of the sacrifice--we come together and act patriotic, but thanks to George W. Bush we can have our cake and let our grandkids pay for it), why it's no wonder Mittens Romney doesn't realize we're at war (here)."--me at the Rebel Agenda
You're welcome David Sirota.

I wonder why the anti-deficit Tea Party members don't rally to get George W. Bush (war criminal/criminal against peace) out to the Hague for some war tribunals, and also rally to change the Constitution (you know, they love it SO MUCH they really want to change it) so that the incredible Bill Clinton can fix our economy again, like he did in the 90s. I mean, if only to make Newt Gingrich go bat-shit crazy. Wait, crazier. OMG, you know what, maybe that would make Newt normal.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

R.I.P. Arthur Laurents

A 3-time Tony winner, an Oscar nominee, and a legacy that includes West Side Story and Gypsy.

He did lots of other stuff too, like launching the career of Barbra Streisand, and writing Rope and The Way We Were (which, while it starred Babs, did not launch her career). My dad and I were talking about Brokeback Mountain (which I liken to "The Way We Were with 2 Dudes" because "The Way We Were for Gays" is kinda redundant), and I asked him if he'd seen TWWW. He said "I was married to your mother for 20 years, I've seen it 6,000 times."

Oh yeah.

Laurents was 93. Now here's Ethel Merman.

Rest in peace dude.

"But his big mistake was him buying her that Ford Econoline"

Young Nick leaves Portland for New York City tomorrow. Nanci Griffith's "Listen to the Radio" was my Atlanta to Miami song 20+ years ago, but I think "Ford Econoline" is a better fit for his new adventure. I guess "Budget rental truck" has the same syllable structure.

Have fun out there dude! Rock on!

I'll enjoy it while I can

I'm enjoying ABC's Happy Endings, a comedy about 6 20-somethings (3 guys, 3 girls) is (cough) nothing at all like NBC's canceled Perfect Couples, a comedy about 6 20-somethings (3 guys, 3 girls) which I also liked. For example, on Happy Endings, there is a black person. Also there is a gay guy who is GAY. And he will totally homosexually remind you that he is gay, although that being said I do find the show funny. Once again: I'm easy.

Maybe it'll be around next year, maybe it won't, but I am pretty sure 'Til Death might finally be off the air.

Here's some funny:

More comments

My blog has become one of the top search results for "Rick Burgess divorce" and "Rick Burgess first wife." The search links to an open letter I wrote to him last June (here). Burgess, a pretty popular DJ in Alabama, criticized the White House for a proclamation of June as Gay Pride Month. The Bible was invoked. Hilarity ensued.

It's actually not a great letter, although the time stamp on the post suggests that I didn't do it pre-coffee. Oh well.

But the post doesn't say anything specifically about Burgess divorcing or his first wife (if he is, in fact, divorced), but it does say the word "divorce" and somehow, thanks to the Google, I get long-delayed visits from people interested in the topic.

And some of the leave me comments.

Yesterday Tammy offered up this:
Why does it bother you so much? If Jesus doesn't exsist then it wouldn't bother you. I don't spend time bashing things I don't believe in because I would rather spend time on things I care about. You must be a very unhappy, unfullfilled person to devote so much time to something you disagree with. Why would you put so much effort into something you hate? If you were happy with the life you lived you wouldn't worry about what goes on outside of your lonely bedroom.
Which brings me to my open letter to Tammy:

Hi Tammy, thanks for reading. Here's why it bothers me so much. Because gays and lesbians are constantly being bullied and told we are some how "less than" or broken, and it kinds pisses me off that Rick Burgess uses a public asset, our radio spectrum, to bully. It's a little convoluted, but AM and FM radio stations are regulated by the FCC, and the airwaves they use are public property.

It's not that I think he shouldn't have the right to say some things, it's just that when he uses public property to do it, I get upset. Philosophically it's not a great argument (that free speech thing is actually really important to me, even if it does apply to people I dislike), and again, not the best post, but you know what, I'm fucking tired of being bullied.

The hypocrisy in Burgess running a Red Lobster commercial right after his statement is lost on a lot of people, but you didn't write me about religion. Yours was more about my personality and why I care enough to vent.

I'm a fucking blogger, I've got to complain about something, it keeps me going.

So let me hold up a mirror so you can answer the same question. I posted because of social injustice and bitchiness. And then you took the time to post a comment to me. What's going on with your ugly kitchen? (Hey, if she is going to call my bedroom lonely, I can call her kitchen ugly)
And if you came here looking for details on Rick's personal life, I don't have any. But if he did get divorced, I don't know how he justifies that, biblically. Although biblically I think he could justify killing a wife or simply taking multiple wives or keeping a concubine. It's good to have options.

[UPDATE: I wonder if Tammy bothered to ask the same thing of Rick. I wonder if she realizes his remarks, my post, and her comments are all of a similar nature.]

Outrage that Obama won't release [NOUN]

It's deja vu all over again as people are all upset that Obama won't release something. Previously it was his long-form birth certificate (by the way, when will Donald Trump's totally real investigators release their official report; according to the Donald who is a very serious candidate and not at all bombastic, they found some really interesting things; oh, AND Obama still hasn't released a long-form birth certificate, he's released a long-form certificate of live birth [which is actually what the state of Hawaii calls that document] and I've heard repeatedly that the birth certificate and the certificate of live birth are very different things and that the latter is VERY easy to get [although none of them has ever demonstrated the existence of the former or the ease of the latter].

Today it's photos of Osama bin Laden's dead body. The anchor on my morning news just said, with a straight face, that critics say release the pictures to end the controversy. JUST LIKE THAT LONG-FORM THINGY DID.

Some Senators have been tricked by faked photos of bin Laden (here--well, maybe it was just Scott Brown, he's still kinda new) which reminds me of this birth certificate fun (you can see my Kenyan birth certificate here).

If Obama stays true to form, he will take this impassioned stand (no release of the photos) for some period of time (let's say 6 weeks), then he will totally reverse himself (so inflaming one group, then disappointing the others but not actually un-inflaming the first) only to have those photos declared fake. It's win/win, except that it's lose/lose/win ("evidence" only serves to fuel conspiracy theories, it seems).

I do wonder whether the real reason Obama won't release the photos is that Osama bin Laden has a tattoo of Obama's college transcripts (which he ALSO won't release... why won't he release the [noun]?! OUTRAGE!!!!). I mean, it would be super embarrassing (and also another total vindication of the always right Donald Trump [third marriage is the "true love always" marriage]) if people saw all his mediocre grades. By the way, George W. Bush's undergraduate GPA from Yale: 2.57.

But Jon Stewart makes a great point in favor of releasing the photos. And when you factor in that we have been at war for nearly 10 years with no images of the real cost of that, AND you factor in that our recent wars are the only time in American history when Americans got a tax CUT during war (normally we actually support our troops and share some of the sacrifice--we come together and act patriotic, but thanks to George W. Bush we can have our cake and let our grandkids pay for it), why it's no wonder Mittens Romney doesn't realize we're at war (here). Oh, and I can't let this pass without reminding people of this from 2007, when asked whether any of Mittens's sons were serving, or would serve in the military:

Back to Stewart, the point that we have far more visceral images in an episode of a cop drama than we do on the nightly news, means that the brutal reality of war gets lost on most of us. Which is hugely unfair to the men and women who are doing all the fucking work. Hey, if you want to feel happy, sad, frustrated and helpless all at the same time, go read some real stories from service members and their families here.

And here's Stewart:

Song of the Day: "Windows Are Rolled Down"

I have this vague notion that J-rod digs Amos Lee, or maybe Allie does. If she doesn't, I think she would given her liking that other dude. You know, the one with that song. I like to confuse him with that other guy, but then I do that a lot.

Song: "Windows Are Rolled Down"
Artist: Amos Lee

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"You may hate me but it ain't no lie"

It's Lance Bass's birthday.

Dude is certified by NASA and the Russians for space travel (or that's a clever way of getting rid of him).

Somewhere in my attic or my basement are some 'N SYNC... um... dolls. Marionettes, I guess. They're totally collectible and besides, I got them for Leland who left them when he moved out. He also left the talking Ann Coulter and George W. Bush dolls. Sucker. I don't have Lance Bance or Justin Timberlake as these were the deeply discounted clearance marionettes. Probably Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone. Wonder what they're up to these days.

And "Bye Bye Bye" is a great fucking single.  I feel like I have to say that.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on.

Congratulations Evil Geniuses, Patti LuPone

Tony nominations were announced yesterday (look who I'm telling that to, you already filled out your ballot, I bet) and the Evil Geniuses (aka Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of South Park) picked up several for their hit musical The Book of Mormon, including Best Book of a Musical and Best Original Score.

Patti LuPone picked up a nomination (I have to write about her, I'm gay).

And close personal friend Marc Shaiman (I mean, eventually) picked up at least 1 nomination for Catch Me if You Can. He really needs to call me about Soapdish or Sixteen Candles. Or just to catch up (we've never spoken... yet).

Sadly Pee Wee Herman didn't rate, not even for Lighting Design (seriously, The Merchant of Venice? that didn't use black light AT ALL). Sorry dude.

All the nominees are here.

And unrelated but OMGOMGOMG... a musical based on Beaches.

Song of the Day: "Grown Ocean"

New from Fleet Foxes. Love this song and I'm having a difficult time explaining why. It's like it meanders, but it's a quick, playful meandering. There's probably a better word, because I think meander means "slow" (I am wrong, it means winding, curvy). The joy is the journey.

Song: "Grown Ocean"
Artist: Fleet Foxes

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Who's always there to make it right?"

It's also Frankie Valli's birthday, and "Who Loves You" is my favorite Four Seasons and/or Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons song. I also have this weird desire to hear The Four Tops do a version of this song, but with most (or all) of them dead, that's unlikely to happen. Until science catches up to my whims.

Hurry up science.

Happy Birthday Sir James Brown

The Godfather of Soul.

The most sampled musician ever, EVER... so far.
"The way I like it is the way it is"

And, AND, Sir James Brown once saved Boston (not the band, the municipality). Apparently race relations in Boston weren't "the best" and then someone named Martin was assassinated and the city was on the edge of an all-out race riot. Brown used his force field energy and psychic powers to convert race rage into shitty driving douche-baggery. It explains why 1) Brown wears a cape, and B) why you can't fucking change lanes in Boston without a fucking gun, assholes, shit.

Actually he played live concerts on their PBS station, tricking the silly blacks inside to watch instead of "venting their anger" [that's White liberal elitist code for "looting a Radio Shack"]. And then he demanded a "gate fee" from the city so he wouldn't discuss the arrangement, further outraging the silly blacks.
"We're people, we're just like the birds and the bees"

I learn a lot of new things when I write these posts. Here's today's WTF (more than "James Brown saved Boston") and I'm almost willing to bet $10 that something will trump this. James Brown, icon and symbol of black power, selected for his personal attorney Strom Thrumond Jr. (the son of the Senator who conducted the longest filibuster in US Senate history, opposing the Civil Rights Act--at just over 24 hours, it's impressive but also evil; I totally want John McCain to be forced to filibuster the next time he makes that threat).
"Don't play him cheap 'cause you know he ain't shy"

There's a lot of crazy in JB's life, but the same was true of a dude named Elvis (also true of Elvis: penchant for capes). So JB gets a pass. And there was some crazy shit. But Elvis never saved Boston. Or he did but kept it a secret. A big pass. One wonders, races reversed, if JB would be the icon that Elvis has become. The Brown family have reached out to the Presleys in the hopes of developing a Graceland style tribute to JB in Augusta, GA, which would give you a third thing to do there, along with the Masters Golf Tournament and getting the fuck out of Augusta.

In addition to his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the one Grammy they gave him, there's a bridge named in his honor in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (a town I'm guessing is a bit white): the James Brown SoulCenter of the Universe Bridge. Rock the fuck on!
"Smokestack, fatback, many miles of railroad track"

Happy birthday dude! Rest in peace.

Song of the Day: "Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair"

New Arctic Monkeys. Bands I used to confused with Arctic Monkeys because of their incongruous combination of modifier with noun: Bloc Party, Arcade Fire. I'm over that.

Bands I still confuse with Arctic Monkeys: We Are Scientists (due to that band's name and AM's album Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not).

The stories of a guy who thinks it's important to blog about music every day, often before he's had coffee, aren't all interesting. OMG I just listened to "After Hours" nearly all the way through: not helping.

Song: "Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair"
Artist: Arctic Monkeys

Monday, May 2, 2011

"She walks the beach at twilight"

Birthday boy Engelbert Humperdinck has a an impressive body of work. Impressive because he has the definitive song about a lesbian seagull: "Lesbian Seagull."

Take that, Take That.

Happy birthday dude! And thanks.

Song of the Day: "Put Your Hands Up"

Nerina Pallet, an Ivor Novello Award winning songwriter, that I've never heard of, is releasing her fourth album, Year of the Wolf, this month. This song was intended for Kylie's Aphrodite album, but didn't make the final cut. The album's co-produced by Bernard Butler from Suede (as opposed to Bernard Sumner from New Order, which is what my brain thought when I saw Bernard Butler). Carry on.

Song: "Put Your Hands Up"
Artist: Nerina Pallet

What a coincidence

Sunday was the eighth anniversary of "Mission Accomplished"

So it's a coincidence that Sunday was also the day that a mission was accomplished. I watched FOX News a little last night, because you know that they will not let Obama do anything without criticism. They were in that frantic state where they still hadn't been provided their official talking points but they were poking around at some options. For example, what IF bin Laden had been taken in to custody, how would Obama have tried him? OBAMA FAIL!

But I don't want to miss an opportunity to point out that George W. Bush is a huge fucking failure, and a war criminal, and a criminal against peace.

Let the war tribunals begin. Please!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Joanna Lumley

As Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous she became in iconic television character. The various attempts to duplicate the show here are almost embarrassing, although credit to Christine Baranski and Jean Smart for making me laugh. And Mary McDonnell. Pretty much anyone but Cybill Shepherd, I guess.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

She never once says "Octopussy"

Birthday girl Rita Coolidge recorded the pop music theme from the James Bond film Octopussy, and it's one of maybe 2 or 3 James Bond themes that fail to mention the title of the movie.


The song itself, written by John Barry and Tim Rice, is easily one of the more forgettable in the pantheon of Bond music. But never let it be said that we fail to celebrate the forgettable. And also it wasn't Coolidge's fault (she sounds pretty good here--she's got a nice solid voice for this unremarkable music; I bet the song was popular at dentist offices for years long after people tittered about the title Octopussy).

Meanwhile I think Coolidge has 2 Grammys, neither of which has anything to do with Octopussy.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on.

Song of the Day: "Who Am I?"

My Spring allergies have officially started. Ergo, it's Spring!

Let's draw a line in the sand (or the muck) to separate that nearly-never-ending Winter with this, newish stuff from Gang of Four.

Song: "Who Am I?"
Artist: Gang of Four