Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Eve Arden

I saw a great special on her, hosted by Joan Cusack, a few years ago. Arden was forever the sassy sidekick. This clip, from Sergeant Dead Head, isn't one of her most acclaimed works, but after reading the description, I had to include it:
An astronaut goes into space with a chimpanzee. When they return to Earth after their orbit, it is discovered that the chimp has the brains of the astronaut, and the astronaut has the brains of the chimp. Complications ensue.
Oh those complications, they do ensue.

She's brassy and sassy in her Oscar nominated role from Mildred Pierce:

She best known today as the principal from Grease, but none of her good scenes are embeddable. So here she is on What's My Line?

Happy birthday dude! Rest in peace.

"My outsides are cool, my insides are blue"

I was reminded of my love of TLC a few weeks ago, when it was one of their birthdays (I did a post, it's been a while, whatev). Glee (aka Teh Gleez) did a mash-up of "Unpretty" with "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story, featuring Lea Michelle and birthday girl Diana Agron. It really worked (I wish I could include the actual video from the show--they created a really elegant scene with nice editing, cinematography and staging). And Agron and Michelle sound good together. At least the output from the Autotune 6000 sounds good.

Song of the Day: "Live Alone"

Debbie Harry joins Franz Ferdinand (Scots!) on their Covers E.P., released for Record Store Day. I'm not sure who did the original, so if you want to show off, leave the details in comments.

Song: "Live Alone"
Artist: Franz Ferdinand/Debbie Harry

Friday, April 29, 2011

Random visuals from my day

First up, Guide Dog for the Blind trainee Tuareg (I may have spelled that wrong).

A picture from the sky bridge over SW 4th Ave in downtown Portland (from the ghost town that is the 3rd floor of the new wing of Pioneer Place to the ghost town that is the 4th floor of the old wing of Pioneer Place).

And finally a picture of the Broadway Bridge. It's been really rainy this Spring.

Now we're talking

Donald Trump, he's SUPER SERIOUS.

And, AND, as a business man, it's great that he thinks our government should be able to fully intervene in someone else's business. Think about it. And the next time you stay at a Trump property, when they give you your bill, tell them you're not going to pay that fucking price. It's what Trump would do. Will do. Cause he's totally going to win.

He knows when to go out

"Open up a box of Cracker Jacks, you can get a real shitty prize"

It's Leslie Jordan's birthday. There's so much to love in Sordid Lives that it defies description. I think my older sister has watched it more than 50 times at this point.

John and I saw his 1-man show, and he (Leslie, not John) won an Emmy as Beverly Leslie on Will & Grace. But if you haven't seen the movie of Sordid Lives, just watch that.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

The highlight of my week

Per The Advocate yesterday (here) Morrissey "slammed" the royal wedding by calling Kate Middleton "Kate MUDDLETON" which I find to be utterly hysterical. I mean it works on so many levels. For one, her last name is Middleton and he called her MUDDLE-ton. Priceless. And also... oh, well, anyway.

Moz, as you will never have guessed, is NOT planning to watch the wedding.

In their defense, William and Kate had no plans to listen to Morrissey OR The Smiths. The happy couple prefer Take That, S Club 7 and Girls Aloud. And old George Michael, back before he was a creepy mopey homosexual.

How will Moz spend the day of the royal wedding? Season 3 of Desperate Housewives on DVD if it's finally back at the library. He totally relates to Susan. And he's cooking a big pot of lentils if he can find that coupon.

Muddleton.... awesome.

The writer of Fast 5


Song of the Day: "Two Against One"

Jack White, take a week off. Please.

Here's Jack with Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi (me neither).

Song: "Two Against One"
Artist: Danger Mouse/Daniele Luppi/Jack White

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mittens at peace

Mittens Romney thinks we are not in a war. Which is as retarded as Sarah Palin and her children.

We are at war.

Were are in multiple wars. (Hey, did you know that traditionally America doesn't cut taxes, it raises them, when we are at war? Who stopped that? War criminal George W. Bush.)

And Mittens may have ended his Presidential campaign before it began (ROMNEYCARE!).
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Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogVideo Archive

Song of the Day: "Crossed Wires"

New Superchunk. Now even chunkier! And LOLZ cat!

Song: "Crossed Wires"
Artist: Superchunk

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bad weather is never just bad weather

According to Pat Robertson, catastrophes are God's wrath. So Alabamans suffering from the devastation of all those tornadoes, y'all must have done some bad shit.

Clearly God's pissed.

Once again I'm an I Love Charts chart!

Although it's just a screen grab from the Daily Show. See it here.

You're not fooling me, Obamer

Thanks to the incredible insight of Donald Trump, I, for one, am not convinced by the release of the so called "long form" birth certificate of one Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

First, Donald Trump said he dispatched investigators (plural) to Hawaii to look into it. Donald Trump said they were looking into it "very very strongly" and were finding interesting things.

Also Donald Trump pointed out that the original document was a "certificate of live birth" and NOT a birth certificate. Trump assured us that those are very different things. Today's long form? ALSO a certificate of live birth. Still no birth certificate!!! (and don't tell me that Hawaii doesn't have an official document called a "birth certificate" you Socialist Muslim Kenyan sympathizer).

So clearly we need to wait until Trump's investigators release their official report.

Any. Minute. Now.

PS, hey White House, Trump asked for grades, so jump little puppets, jump.

Trump 2012, because he assures me he is super serious about all this and he TOTALLY has a platform. Totally.

Song of the Day: "The Road"

Sir Emmylou Harris reaches back 40 years to reminisce about her time with Gram Parsons on this new track from Hard Bargain.

You can download the track free below.

Song: "The Road"
Artist: Emmylou Harris

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RIP Phoebe Snow

One of my all-time favorite musical moments from Saturday Night Live, from 1979.

Rest in peace dude.

Song of the Day: "Virtual Boyfriend"

I put this on my Song of the Day list 2 weeks ago (it was released at the end of March), and yesterday Poly Styrene lost her battle with breast cancer. As front woman for X-Ray Spex she was one of the early women of punk, and while she never had a major hit, either with the band or solo, she's been around, off and on, for over 30 years.

Rest in peace dude.

Song: "Virtual Boyfriend"
Artist: Poly Styrene

Hey look at all these easy-going girls following me on Twitter

I'm sure it's totally a coincidence that all 6 have very casual sounding profiles, totally real (cough) sounding names, B/B- looks, and a tendency to tweet simple aphorisms. Oh, and to retweet the exact same thing. Exact same thing (well, 5 of 6, I didn't bother to go looking on the sixth). Pets AND spambots are both huge on Twitter. [UPDATE: I mean 7... so far.]

Monday, April 25, 2011

Song of the Day: "Strangers"

I like Editors. I like British Sea Power. So one might understand how I could like White Lies.

Although the band apparently isn't keen on the Editors references. They prefer Talking Heads (no, really).  Ritual is their second album.

Song: "Strangers"
Artist: White Lies

Sunday, April 24, 2011

N8, my Easter visitor

Melanie and I decided we would start a new annual tradition and race her child against one of my dogs, and we would do it on Easter, which is so obvious when you think about it. So we did that today.
Drew attempts to wrangle the 2011 competitors.
I know what you're thinking, "why Willy? Why not Gracie?" But come on, Nathaniel can't even walk yet. Willy could beat that.

Actually Melanie and I are probably 2 of the last people who would think "hey let's make a race out of that." Here's N8 (my nickname for him), displaying the usual look of one of my guests after about 5 minutes.
N8's ennui.
I didn't get it on video, but Willy and N8 are now the best buddies. And N8 was able to get some use out of Willy's bunny ears (my mom loves to dote on her granddoggers but costume items get eaten if they are used, so those were filed away).

Happy Birthday Barbra Streisand

Her career is overwhelming. There are more than 30 studio albums, but that's not including soundtracks and cast recordings. She's sold 240 million albums (so far) and won 7 Grammys... wait, only 7? Alicia Keys has 12 and Sheryl Crow has 9, and Babs had something of a head start. You may not be a fan, but somewhere among those hundreds of songs are bound to be at least dozen tracks you like.

Then there are the movies. They run the gamut, from Nuts to Yentl and back to Nuts. We loved Nuts. Nuts, Nuts, Nuts. In Yentl a 50+-year old Barbra portrays a young Jewish girl who... does it matter? She was 50. In Nuts Barbra plays a high class prostitute who... does it matter?

She's won 2 Oscars with 3 more nominations. And she's made some really good movies. My favorite is What's Up Doc? which I can't embed the trailer to. Watch it here.

She has 4 Emmys and 1 Daytime Emmy. And a special award from the people who do the Tonys (plus 2 nominations). Officially she still needs the T for true EGOT. Perhaps she'll earn a Tony the way Whoopi Goldberg did, by producing something. She should totally get on that.

I'm just posting 1 song, her 1979 duet with Donna Summer--a song Streisand hasn't performed since recording it (if Wikipedia is to be believed [here]). The song was co-written by Oscar winner Paul Jabara, and Bruce Roberts. And it's possible that Donna Summer passed out when trying to record the sustained note. According to Wikipedia, Streisand finished her note before stopping to help Summer (it's like the oxygen masks on airplanes--take care of yourself first).

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Easter music

Our Easter Sunday in Portland is cold gray and rainy. Yesterday was sunny and 70, and today is 15 degrees cooler. Sigh.

The first song is Dolly Parton, her cover of Don Francisco's "He's Alive" from her White Limozeen album (her 30th studio album, from 1989).

The second is The Blue Nile's "Easter Parade." As far as I can tell, the song has nothing to do with Easter specifically. I think Easter parade is an abstraction of something that I'm not sufficiently caffeinated to discern (I've only known the song for 26 years now, I don't rush into understanding lyrics). But I do know that the song is somber and its mood matches nicely with Portland's weather.

Song of the Day: "Taken for a Fool"

Another track from The Strokes' Angles album. I think I've managed to download all the tracks through Freegal, a service my public library offers; it gives me 3 free song downloads per week. Details here. If you live in Multnomah county it's free. Which is a great price.

Now to actually listen to the album.

Song: "Taken for a Fool"
Artist: The Strokes