Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Judy Davis

Speaking of Judies, 3-time Emmy winner Judy Davis picked up one of those awards portraying Judy Garland in Life with Judy Garland, Me and My Shadows. Davis is fantastic (as is Tammy Blanchard who portrays the young Garland and also picked up an Emmy), and while I only watch maybe 1 made-for-TV movie per year, I can proclaim that the best made-for-TV movie I saw that year. Probably.

I love The Ref. Love. Here she is with the divine Ms. Kevin Spacey and former birthday boy B.D. Wong.

I probably owe A Passage to India a second viewing. Decades ago I didn't or couldn't appreciate it--it was Davis's first Oscar nomination. Her second nomination, and an award most predicted her to win, came from Husbands and Wives and was the year of Marisa Tomei's surprise upset. About 5 or 6 years ago I came around to really savoring Tomei's work in My Cousin Vinny. But there's no denying that when Davis gets on a tear, she does some phenomenal work.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

50 years ago today: Judy Judy Judy

(h/t John Darnielle via Twitter)
Today is the anniversary of the recording of Judy at Carnegie Hall, called "one of the greatest nights in show business history" (not that gay men ever exaggerate [that's totally 8 inches, measure again]) and the first live album to win the Album of the Year Grammy (also the first album by a girl to win).

The night is so iconic that a C-list musician once recreated it! (Look, I like Rufus a lot, but you won't see Crystal Pepsi recreating Cher's big finale tour thingy;  Rufus is just a talented version of Crystal Pepsi with family connections.)
You've probably heard of 1 of them.
Actually, Rufus did a loving homage, and he is kind enough to provide a little color commentary along the way, as in this contextualization of a Jeanette MacDonald reference during "San Francisco"--hmm, maybe Rufus and Crystal Pepsi should tackle an evening of Judds songs.

Song of the Day: "Blinded"

From Handsome Poets' website:
In 2010 begint een groot avontuur voor de Handsome Poets. Met hun eerste single "Blinded" worden ze Serious Talent bij radio 3FM. In een jaar tijd groeit de band explosief en raakt de juiste snaar bij zichzelf en bij het publiek.

Song: "Blinded"
Artist: Handsome Poets

Friday, April 22, 2011

"Need a crystal ball to see her in the morning"

If for no other reason than it's the first day that it feels like Spring here in Portland, here's Teenage Fanclub from 1995.

Happy Birthday Aaron Spelling

I know people who don't watch TV. Some of them read books, like the paper ones still.

They won't understand.

But you will, won't you Melanie and John?

And this is but a smattering...

Wow, the chords in CA and LB themes are surprisingly similar.

I didn't know they used Love Spit Love for Charmed. Cool.

Happy birthday dude, rest in peace. (2 Emmys, by the way.)

Don't let the door hit you in the ass

Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) once touted as a possible Presidential candidate but recently bogged down with the whole "he fucked his married staff member/payed off his mistress' husband with large sums of money" problems announced his resignation today (here). Apparently all the stress of the ethics investigations against him have just been too much for him to take, blah blah blah.

Which makes him a HUGE FUCKING PUSSY COMPARED TO BILL CLINTON. (Ensign is a fucking hypocrite and Bill Clinton was the greatest President this country has ever seen* so I want to just stop and savor that for a second.)

Actually Ensign is stepping down to spend more time with his family. Bwahahahahaha.... no, fuck them. If he liked his family would he have cheated? Probably, cause that was more about his narcissism, but whatever. No, fuck his family, they're just props.

Ensign is stepping down so the Republican governor of Nevada can appoint a replacement which will make that Republican Senator an incumbent in this November's election. OMG OMG OMG Sharron Angle?! No, wait, can Christine O'Donnell move there today and get appointed? Or Bristol Palin? No, no, Levi Johnston! Whoa, head rush.

It should be noted that Ensign is also a member of The Fellowship, a self-proclaimed Christian organization that has really focused on Jesus's hatred of health care reform and gays. Some of their other titans of family values include Mark Sanford (hey, where'd you go dude?), Strom Thurmond and Jim Inhofe. Good times.

Anyway, look for Ensign to take a job as a lobbyist, probably not with one of the biggest firms, but something in the AmLaw 100, maybe 80-95. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton just keeps on pimping.

* Not really. Clinton was a pretty good President, and his thoughtful leadership plus the economic burst that was the information age/internet economy, was an economic expansion about as big as the Great Depression, and it left us with more than a trillion in surplus and, generally speaking, good will around the world. Plus I don't think we tortured nearly as much. Also George W. Bush is just the worst.

Song of the Day: "The Game"

Das Pop. Yes, of course, via Netherlands' KINK FM (not to be confused with Portland's KINK FM). The band is Belgian so they are from, um, Belgia. Belgium. Just spent like 8-10 minutes at the Wikipedia entry (here). As a 4th grader might report "the history of Belgium is interesting and vast"; now let us never speak of it again.

Song: "The Game"
Artist: Das Pop

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Word usage at a very high level in action!

Donald Trump, the most smartest, most wealthiestest, most most-iest being that ever was or will be has more to say. Details here.
"We're looking into it very, very strongly. At a certain point in time I'll be revealing some interesting things," Trump said on CNN's American Morning.
They're looking into something but not strongly (strongly? how does that modifier even work there?), and not very strongly, but very very strongly.

And, AND, he's releasing some interesting things (I guess already known facts can be construed as interesting). When? Why at a certain point. At a certain point in the what? At a certain point IN TIME.

Maybe I'm just punchy from a wicked week, but jesusfuckingchrist the man is such a pompous idiot that I'm a little disgusted that I spent 3 minutes writing this.

Hey Donald, we all know your dick is 4 inches.

"...I hadn't noticed"

Today's Andie MacDowell's birthday, and while I've may have liked her 3 or 4 times, there's still this scene from an otherwise fantastic Four Weddings and a Funeral (I'm totally the guy who dies). I remember this line being much much worse for some reason, perhaps it's been sped up or dubbed by Glenn Close (it's happened before).

She is totally age appropriate to play Liam Neeson's wife. I mean, I will give her the age.

Anyway, happy birthday dude. Rock on!

Song of the Day: "Post Break-Up Sex"

I hear this song all the time when I listen to radio from the Netherlands. I wonder if it's getting airplay here. It's The Vaccines from England (I guess "The Cure" was taken, har har [brazenly stolen from a youtube comment]).

This appears to be their debut album-type release.

Song: "Post Break-Up Sex"
Artist: The Vaccines

"Always you and never me"

Kim wants to start a tribute band but can't think of a tribute target. While I think she'd rock a meta-new romantic thing, if she wants to work less, she can start with Fuzzbox (formerly known as We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It). There are only 2 albums, and the first is very, um, indie. I will admit to being impressed with the polish of the second, but apparently the scared them into breaking up--they did reunite last year. 3 years on, 20 years off... that's a schedule I can live with (unless it's sex).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Song of the Day: "Together"

New Pet Shop Boys. It's possible they sampled somebody for this track. And it's possible they didn't. It's been that kind of day.

Song: "Together"
Artist: Pet Shop Boys

Song of the Day: "March into the Ocean"

I was in bed with a stomach bug the last couple days, so this is for Tuesday. The band, British India, is from Australia. I think I heard them on Passport Approved on Sunday.

Song: "March into the Ocean"
Artist: British India

Monday, April 18, 2011

Song of the Day: "Civilization"

It takes a little over a minute for this song to sound like a Justice (which is who it is), but that's based on my somewhat cursory knowledge of the band. I do, however, know the band, so that's a start. As with the Coneheads, they're from France (I am old). And they won a Grammy for remixing MGMT's "Electric Feel" like a year before MGMT was nominated for Best New Artist (which is why I was surprised MGMT was included in a latter batch of BNA candidates--oh, I hear the Grammy peeps are dropping a shitload of categories, I need to pontificate on that soon).

So far they've just released this single, with an album slated for "TBA" (this year). And in another example of a generational reversal in attitudes toward licensing songs for commercials (I recently read an interview with Dave Grohl who represents an older philosophy of that as "selling out"), the song was first aired in an Adidas ad. I don't have a problem with bands using commercials or Grey's Anatomy to get their music out, I just wonder why multiple companies feel the need to use the same Vampire Weekend song. Or The Black Keys. I'm okay with Iggy Pop, because I love seeing families enjoying their cruise with a song about heroin addiction playing in the background.

Song: "Civilization"
Artist: Justice

I've solved the air traffic control problem (just like Reagan)

As you know, something like 90% of all air traffic controllers always sleep on the job, and never answer pilots desperately in need of a runway or they will run out of fuel and fall directly to the ground, usually onto an elementary school or animal hospital filled with adorable puppies. [CLARIFICATION: Or it's happened twice out of a gazillion flights over the last, let's say 3 years, arbitrarily.]

I think we can all agree that, phew, at least they weren't union employees. Thanks Ronald Reagan!

Keep in mind that, like many Americans, I learn a lot about various vocations by watching procedural dramas or film depictions of them. So everything I know about air traffic control (aside from "unions are evil") I learned by watching Stephen Stucker as John in Airplane! (rest in peace dude). Just want to be clear that I do know what I'm talking about. Toward. Near.

Why can't we just out-source the air traffic control jobs, like to India, where it's DAYTIME at night and people don't sleep ever, EVER (I also saw Slumdog Millionaire). It's not like a lot of that work is done using direct visual contact with the aircraft itself (I got really good Lasik surgery about 6 years ago, and with better than 20/20 vision I still am not going to be much use unless the pilots are shirtless, and even then I have limits). Plus airlines really innovated out-sourcing this kind of real-time support, and it's worked so well in the past (I remember an animated call with "Sharon" wherein the word "wheelchair" wasn't being made clear, as in I needed a hamburger for my mom between flights). And the FAA is just big government intruding into private business, but I think I'm stopping short of a Rand-ian "winners land first" kind of approach. I worry about the adorable puppies, if I haven't thought that through sufficiently.

But in all some seriousness, couldn't we feed radar to like 8 or 10 centralized air traffic control locations and stick deluxe cameras in the towers for situations where visual contact is needed? They have this cool things called the inter-webz now (it's NOT a dump truck), they should totally look into that. And, AND, maybe people can still go INTO the tower if something goes awry. But nothing ever goes awry. And out-sourcing jobs is always appropriate... America didn't need those jobs, because we'll have new jobs cleaning out foreclosed homes and repossessing autos.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yesterday's yummy: Kenny & Zuke's

It's a testament to Portland's status as the biggest small town in America that 1 of the 3 in my dining party has a history with 1 of either Kenny or Zuke. Tiny town.

The food was great, per all 3. I didn't get a photo of Maureen's meal (I don't reacll what she had, something like "3Ts"?... I regret even more since she paid for brunch), but I did get pics of my meal and Clark's.
Kenny & Zuke's with salt bagel

Biscuits and gravy (pastrami gravy)
All 3 say yummy, but it was a little on the crowded side at 9:30 on a Saturday morning. Just FYI.

Song of the Day: "Sydney, I'll Come Running"

I don't know much about Brett Dennen. I heard this song on the radio and I used Shazam to identify and tag it. And here we are.

And Shazam is awesome.

Song: "Sydney, I'll Come Running"
Artist: Brett Dennen