Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quote of the day

“We have a federal government that is out of control from the standpoint of spending, and I wish I could tell you I knew every Supreme Court case… I’m not a lawyer but here’s what I do know, I know they’re spending too much money in Washington, D.C.”--Governor Rick Perry (R, TX) on Lawrence v. Texas

First, isn't it awesome that Rick Perry is actually collecting a pay check for being governor of Texas what with his not actually doing that job and all. I guess most of the other candidates, and Obama, are equally guilty, but still, hooray.

And second, why does Rick Perry hate Vicki Lawrence so much? That's what Lawrence v. Texas is about, right? That was the case that awarded Vicki Lawrence a billion dollars a year every year, paid directly from unicorn fuckers (that's my term for "job creators" as they are both equally true--I think the ruling actually says "job creators" though) from the money they were totally going to use for new jobs. That damn Federal government and activist judges and all off the spending. And for what? They're not even making Mama's Family any more.

The third thing is...

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