Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's funny 'cause he assaulted all them kids

(h/t Clark, from @MarthaPlimpton)

Of course the officer has been placed on administrative leave which is far more accountability than the UC Davis Chancellor that requested the police clear the tents from the campus grounds (dude, tents... tents kill! unless, you know, they're in a Best Buy parking lot for 3 days so white people can get flat screens for like $200, in which case tents are fine, hippie) or any member of the George W. Bush administration have been held to (to which they have been held?).

Well, they did catch that Bradley Manning dude. I mean, he's being held indefinitely with no actual charges against him, in violation of both the US Constitution and the Military Code of Justice, but whatev, he did really awful stuff (by which I mean he exposed some really awful stuff that others did). [OMG, he gets a day in court! Details here.]

America, fuck yeah!

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