Monday, November 28, 2011

In praise of "clever"

During Community's first season it was a likable enough comedy, even despite Chevy Chase (at least 90% of everything's he done is just awful). I was lulled into thinking Jeff and Britta were the next Sam and Diane, Ross and Rachel, Bo and Luke, or Maddie and David, and in the last episode of the first season, they proved me wrong.

And with the second season they stopped pretending the show was about a community college. It became this celebration of pop culture embracing and eschewing sitcom tropes left and right. When they had a bottle episode, they told us it was a bottle episode.

I don't laugh out loud as much as I do with Glee (which is driven mainly by Brittany, Santana and Emma when I think about it), but its celebration of pop culture is fucking awesome. Especially Abed's love for Cougar Town.

I don't know that its homage to Apocalypse Now and/or Hearts of Darkness (the documentary about the making of Apocalypse Now, not the TNT movie starring John Malkovich and Tim Roth, I think [that's Heart of Darkness, the source material for Apocalypse Now]) was better than other recent episodes, but it's the one that motivated me to do a blog post on how clever the show is.

And here's some awesome karaoke.

Please NBC, don't cancel it (it's going into hiatus)... put The Office out of its misery instead.

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