Sunday, October 30, 2011

Song of the Day: "10Volt"

Comasoft: Burn to Shine
The band Comasoft would still be unknown to me had I not gotten an email from their PR peeps last week (and since that's what PR peeps do, nice job there).

But I probably wouldn't be posting this if I didn't genuinely like the song (there's also the possibility that I didn't have other ideas or they paid me off--I'm not above either of those scenarios, but you already knew that). This time, at least, I really do like the song and I think we can all agree I'd tell you if I didn't.

At least I'd give you a wink.

The song's got a nice mix of rhythmic complexity with big pop hooks. What's not to like?

The band's from Chicago and if you want to know more, their biography is at their website (here) or you can follow them on the Twitterz (here), but I think your best option is probably "fuck yeah, comasoft!" (here), a fan-run Tumblr for the band. I'm a fan of anything that gives me an opportunity to use the word "fuck" and in so doing point out the idiocy of the sensitive ears of Andrews McMeel Publishing. Tumblr must make them cry. A lot.

I don't know much more about the band, though. There are possibly 4 dudes in it. Otherwise do your own research.
  10volt by Comasoft by rebelagenda

Song: "10Volt"
Artist: Comasoft

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