Monday, October 31, 2011

On the town with the girls

OR: what are their names again?
Eric "Jim" (not his real name) sent me a picture of his adorable daughters because they were dining out at my favorite (which is the say "the closest to my office") quick service restaurant, Qdoba. It's right across the street from my office (technically there's a large food court below my office, but I have to go out and double back and take an escalator, while with Qdoba I just walk straight there). I don't actually eat there 3 times a week, but I probably did early in our time in the current office location. I'm a man who likes his ruts. It is very easy to stalk me.

It is less easy to stalk these 2 adorable kids whose names I know but won't disclose because it's possible that people who find my blog after searching for things like "Ray Liotta in a speedo" might... see their picture and think they're cute. Or abduct them and turn them into sister-wives for Mittens Romney.

I cringe even thinking about it. Mittens Romney supporters reading my blog. Shudder.

Anyway, I worried that I wasn't remembering both their names (but I had), but today I decided to call them Lily and Lili in a tribute to the daughter on Gay Dads (the name "Jim" has given to Modern Family).

So Lily and Lili, adorable and secure, until their dad tweets their picture AND their location. D'oh.

If they marry Mittens Romney it is not (entirely) my fault.

And they are adorable.

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