Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Robert Pollard

The dude is a freak. The most musically prolific motherfucker I think I've ever run across. Way more than John Darnielle or Prince (also fuck Prince) or Ryan Adams. A co-worker who's a big fan says he personally owns 72 albums, but that's only the ones he's been able to find (or something... he'd own more if he could find them). If you're unfamiliar with Pollard, or with Guided by Voices, the best way to learn is to dive right in. So here are bunch of brilliant 2-minute pop songs.

First up, Jeremy's picks, starting with one of Pollard's side project--"Pop Zeus"

This live version of "Alone, Stinking, Unafraid" also includes something of a habit from Pollard during his live performances. See if you can figure it out (check here for the answer).

Toggle over to Eric who tossed in "Gold Star for Robot Boy"

And "Over the Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox":

Me, I'm going total poseur, well known songs, like "Teenage FBI"--it would have been so nice to have a catalog of songs around 1:30 to 2:30 back at the radio station, to help me walk up to the news without worrying about dead air:

At over 3 and a half minutes, "Hold onto Hope" is truly GBV's "November Rain" (and Glen Campbell covers it on his final album):

I've got nothing particular funny to say about "The Best of Jill Hives":

How I Met Your Mother ended the Ted/Stella relationship with a sly twist and used this song to convey Ted's exuberance. It. Was. Awesome.

There's more. Like a shitload more to his music, his life (did was quite a jock in high school and college--he pitched a no hitter), but I'm too into work shit.

Sorry dude, but happy birthday! Rock on!

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