Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Didi Conn

Apparently there is not an agreed-upon spelling for Conn's character name from Grease (Frenchie) and Grease 2 (Frenchy, per IMDB). Or that was an unrevealed plot point (she legally changed her name) that you can discover on the audio commentary. I know Conn from Grease/Grease 2 (while inferior in nearly every possible sense, Grease 2 did have Adrian Zmed and Lorna Luft, and those are both fun names to say). I kinda know she's involved in You Light Up My Life (in the movie she wrote the song, while in real life the dude who wrote the song killed himself [RIP]) and Benson.

To see the scene in which she first sings the title song from YLUML, click here. Reading the description now, it sounds like a movie I would normally like (especially if it starred Dinah Manoff), but seeing as how I saw Star Wars [OMG, Episode IV A New Hope, nerds!!] 8 times that year, I'm sure the opportunity just never arose. Fun fact: while Conn can sing, she lip-synced the performance; the real singer was Kasey Cisyk, not Debbie Boone (although Debbie did cover the song to considerable success, and was never heard from again). I seem to recall a clip, possible Siskel & Ebert reviewing the movie, wherein Conn was writing commercial jingles and tells the clients (the "egg" people) that special eggs don't make omelets fluffy, milk does.  Clearly the character hasn't lived in a world contorted by client perceptions for long (I have, and will stop typing about that now).

Here she is joining Olivia onstage for a song from Grease:

And here she is on Password with Fred Grandy, which is really perfect in a late 70s kind of way.

She's a spokesperson for autism (her son has the condition), and is (or if she's like me, WAS) a supporter of Barack Obama.

I feel like there's an interesting project for her, Shelley Duvall and Talia Shire out there somewhere, if only someone would write it. It's the kind of thing Robert Altman would have done (possibly because he did 3 Women which starred Duvall).

Oh, Lily Tomlin can be in it too! Clearly we need to reincarnate Altman for this one. Let's just go ahead and say they fight vampires AND zombies, since that will get it backing even if all 4 actresses made the mistake of turning 40.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

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Marlynn said...

My favorite Didi movie, Almost Summer. With Bruno Kirby and Lee Purcell, it is a classic!