Thursday, July 14, 2011

Congratulations and you're welcome!

Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and my elaborate "for your consideration" posts are obviously paying off again this year. How else could you explain nominations for Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope) and, um... hmm. I'm thrilled Dot-Marie Jones (Glee) was nominated, but I'm surprised that she was eligible for Guest Actress (6 or fewer episodes during the eligibility year). Chloris Leachman (Raising Hope) was nominated as Guest Actress as well and that REALLY has me confused.

Matt LeBlanc (Episodes), Louie C.K. (Louie) and Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory) were all nice, non-Charlie Sheen surprises. And while I have not been able to sit through an episode of Mike & Molly, I'm happy that Melissa McCarthy is having such a great year (she got an Emmy nomination and is in one of the summer's big hits [she's Shia Lebouef's new girlfriend in Transformers]).

And I love that Mary McDonnell (The Closer) competes with her Passion Fish costar Alfre Woodard (True Blood... wait she was nominated for that?) in the Guest Actress in a Drama category. Alfre is one of my favorite actresses, but since she's won 4 Emmys with an additional 11 nominations before this one, I think maybe we can give Mary a chance. Now Julia Stiles (Dexter) will win, just wait.

Okay, gotta run to work, but congrats to all the usual loves like Colbert, The Daily Show and the evil geniuses (Matt Parker-Stone and Trey Stone-Parker).

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