Tuesday, June 7, 2011

There were 2 crimes at this crime scene

So Portland is experiencing the kinds of gang activities most metro areas dealt with back in the early 90s. Perhaps it's just Portland's hipster retro thing and we're doing it ironically. Either way, there was a shooting close to the house last night.
B=shooting, A=me
But the real crime is this: Clark slept in and didn't know that KPTV's Marilyn Deutsch, our favorite condescending morning reporter, was a mere 10 blocks away! He totally could have been interviewed (they need to know how people who live near the scene of a news story feel about that news story, that's just good journalism).

Clark's real good at the local news interviews. One time, 15 years ago in Dallas, when we walked out of my apartment to find a 5 block kids' parade on my street (preventing us from going to a movie or Denny's or something), a local reporter asked as to comment on the parade (which had taken us by surprise). Clark declared that it was great that the little coloreds and the little spics and the little white kids could all march together in unity, even when it's hot outside.

Actually he did no such thing, but joked that he wanted to after we both declined.

I'm kinda sorry I didn't think of that.

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