Saturday, June 11, 2011

For Your Consideration: Hot in Cleveland

For the episode "Meet the Parents"
Suzanne Martin and Liz Feldman (Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series)
Wendie Malick (Actress in a Comedy)
Hal Linden (Guest Actor in a Comedy)

"The last fight we had was about whether the gun was loaded."
This was the first episode of Hot in Cleveland that I saw, and watching it again this morning I realize why I adore this show. This episode is the perfect introduction to the characters at their funniest. It's a great episode for Jane Leeves and Valerie Bertinelli, but Malick gets to play a touch of human in her otherwise over-the-top character.
"He seemed upset. And I think it was real; he didn't use any gestures or cheat to his good side."
Linden plays Malick's dad perfectly, and watching the two of them one-upping each other is a delight. And Linden could use a little Emmy love, going 0 for 7 for Barney Miller (he does have a nice set of Daytime Emmys, but is that even an award, or is that like "World's Best Dad"?! [commence your anger, now, Whoopi]).
"These track suits don't bedazzle themselves."
The show embraces traditional sitcom aesthetics so unabashedly that I don't mind the laugh track. Hopefully the show picks up more than just those few nominations, but I'm being parsimonious in my FYCs.

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