Sunday, February 6, 2011

Notes on The King's Speech

Now that's what I call a damn fine movie. Why wasn't this garnering more accolades during critics' awards season?

I feel like TKS will pick up Best Picture over The Social Network, in part because I think voters over the age of 60 (a non-trivial portion of the Academy) just won't get the relevance of TSN. Or, like me, they just won't get the hype.

I think it's pretty much a lock for Colin Firth to win Best Actor, and I couldn't argue against that if I tried. The ability to act a stammer like that has to be at least as demanding as any accent or ailment any actor has depicted since, let's say My Left Foot. I haven't seen Javier Bardem in Biutiful, but the recent nature of his Oscar win for No Country for Old Men suggests he won't win this year, but one never knows (but Bardem won't win, unless you're in my Oscar pool, in which case he totally will). For James Franco and Jesse Eisenberg, the phrase "an honor just to be nominated" ought to get used a lot. Also the gift bags are super nice.

Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush are both excellent, but they benefit a lot from the writing, and have less showy roles. I need to see The Fighter, but Christian Bale and Melissa Leo are both feeling stronger to win.

There's so much I like about this movie, that I feel like it could pick up 7 or 8 Oscar wins: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay (sorry Lisa Cholodenko), Best Actor, Best (cough) Cinematography (sorry Roger Deakins), Best Costume Design, and Best Art Direction. Maybe Best Editing.

I don't see Rush or Carter winning, which leaves Sound Mixing which tend to go to movies with submarines or lasers, and while Inception doesn't have either of those specifically, it's still a bone that could be thrown to that blockbuster. Ya know?

I don't see it winning Original Score, but not sure why.

Anyway, holy shit, really loved it!

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