Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Kenny Loggins

No, seriously, Kenny Loggins. I've been lax on birthdays, so I need to ease myself back into things.

I've always admired Kenny's beard/chest hair. If he were gay, he'd be an otter. And he'd be called Kenneth.

Among Kenny's accolades is a 1989 ASCAP  Award for Most Performed Songs From Motion Pictures (the award went to 5 different songs, just 1 to Loggins) for this song from Caddyshack II. I have never heard this song before today, and the 1989 songs from movies that didn't make the list includes that Bobby Brown song from Ghostbusters 2, that Cher/Peter Cetera song from that movie with those people (you know the one), and "Batdance" from Batman (also, fuck Prince). This is an award-winning song for its ubiquity. (I don't begrudge Kenny any of his soundtrack success, but this?!)

Kenny has 2 Grammy wins, and I'm starting to recall an album of his was a popular "sing-along when cleaning" album of my mother's. I get some of my musical talent from my mother. (At least the dogs don't complain.) In addition to sharing Song of the Year with Michael McDonald for writing "What a Fool Believes," Loggins picked up Best Pop Male Vocals for "This is It"... this was on that album my mother loved. And this IS it, if it is Michael McDonald singing back-up vocals. Favorite comment from this video: "Micheal Mc Donald soups up any song." What a polite way of saying that.

Kenny has an Oscar nomination. He does. Actually I was surprised he only had 1 since I thought for sure "Danger Zone" was nominated (not). Rather than post Kenny, I thought I'd re-use a video I shot in Covington, Louisiana at "the only bar we could walk to from our hotel" (if it has another name, I don't think I caught it) where I paid the largest cover charge in, um, possibly forever? $7... why back in my day, cover was a nickel...

I would be remiss if I failed to share these comments regarding the song:

emla 01/05/11,14:27
this is the most amazing song ever write, you hove to be def not to like it! the lyrics make so much sence to the movie I love it!!!
Footloose Lover 11/20/10,11:53
I pity anyone who doesn't like this song, they must be mindless robots...
elizaebeth 11/09/10,07:20
i love this song and it is also a good movie
Hannah :) x 11/01/10,02:44
Me and my friend did a dance to this last year , it was so cool . Love this song :)x
Diedre 07/04/10,10:27
I love this song, it's so cool the beat and everything. Who ever don't like this song is realy in a bad mood and totaly uncool. Who would not like this song.
Michelle 06/15/10,15:11
I love this songg sooooo much!! I love this song and the movie!! I've watched the movie loads of times! (:
hayley 05/11/10,20:03
this song is soooo cool we we r doing this song for our talentshow and will win!!!!!!!
becka:) 04/29/10,22:15
if u dont like this song then why are u looking up the lyrics???
Elizabeth 04/18/10,16:44
i loveee this songgg...i love the movie tooo..if you dont like this song your just in a crappy mood...its impossible to not like this songg... i cant get the music to play can yall???taylor johnson:(
AJ KAtzung 03/08/10,13:30
i love this song!!!
You probably don't know that Kenny Loggins's EGOT credentials go even further. An Emmy. A (daytime) Emmy. It's every bit as good as a regular Emmy, or so Whoopi Goldberg insists (until she gets a real Emmy, at which point I'm sure she'll become more selective). "This Island Earth" is from This Island Earth, and should not be confused with the Kander & Ebb song "Sorry I Asked" which won the actual Emmy the same year. I have no idea how many people thought they were voting for "This Is It" because they could only be bothered to read the first 6 letters in the title (hey, a Kenny Loggins song is a Kenny Loggins song).

Hey, did you know Yacht Rock was a genre of music? Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, possibly others. (Toto and Boz Scaggs... this sounds funny.)

I leave you with the shoulda-been Oscar nominee "I'm Alright" from Caddyshack (which would make a MUCH better Broadway musical than Spider-Man, patent pending). Nominated instead? "People Alone" from The Competition (a movie I recall liking but am surprised to discover there was a song... it was clearly a popularity contest with Lalo Schifrin besting Loggins).

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

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