Saturday, December 18, 2010

A recap on songs of the day November 2010

And here's November.

Trashcan Sinatras - "The Engine"
Fitz & the Tantrums - "MoneyGrabber"*
Stornoway - "Zorbing"*
Fyfe Dangerfield - "She's Always A Woman"*
Dr. Dog - "Take Me Into Town" *
Crystal Castles/Robert Smith - "Not in Love"
Michael Bublé - "Hollywood" *
Bess Rogers - "Favorite Day"
Susan Boyle - "Perfect Day"
Fran Healy/Neko Case - "Sing Me to Sleep"
Jennifer Hudson/Quincy Jones - "You Put a Move on My Heart"
Eternal Summers - "Pogo"
The Moondoggies - "It's a Shame, It's a Pity" *
Stornoway - "Watching Birds" *
!!! - "Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass" *
The Corin Tucker Band - "Riley"
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - "Bartolomeo And The Buzzing Of Bees" *
Adele - "Rolling in the Deep"
Robbie Williams/Gary Barlow - "Shame" *
Laurie Anderson - "Only an Expert"
Kings of Leon - "The End"
Jamie Foxx/David Banner/Quincy Jones - "Give Me the Night"
Hot Chip/Hot City/Bernard Sumner - "Didn't Know What Love Was"
The Drums - "Me and the Moon"
Tired Pony - "Dead American Writers"
David Gray - "Indeed I Will" *
Kids of 88 - "Ribbons of Light"
Clinic - "I'm Aware"
Guster - "This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken Heart"
Girls - "Heartbreaker" *

* Songs I really liked!

A recap on songs of they day October 2010

To try to minimize my end-of-the-year list-making work, I'm doing October and November stuff now, in between pie-charts. Here's October (there was a 3-day break for my trip to Louisiana):

The Nautics - "Black Light Doves"
Of Montreal - "Our Riotous Defects"
Frightened Rabbit - "Swim Until You Can't See Land"
Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band - "Cadence" *
Janelle Monae featuring Big Boi - "Tightrope" *
Heart - "Wheels"
Cee Lo Green - "Fuck You" *
Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs"
Miike Snow - "The Rabbit"
The Vaselines - "Sex with an X"
The Radio Dept. - "The New Improved Hypocrisy"
The Ting Tings - "Hands"
Sufjan Stevens - "I Walked"
Belle & Sebastian - "I Didn't See It Coming"
Jenny and Johnny - "Switchblade"
Arcade Fire - "Ready to Start" *
Typhoon - "Starting Over (Bad Habits)"
Belle & Sebastian - "I'm Not Living in the Real World" *
David Byrne/Fatboy Slim/Alice Russell - "Men Will Do Anything" *
Twilight Singers/Ani DiFranco - "Blackbird and the Fox"
The Nautics - "Quarterlife Crisis"
Ra Ra Riot - "Boy"
Sisters - "Highway Scratch"
The Extra Lens - "How I Left the Ministry"*
Of Montreal - "Famine Affair"
Neon Trees - "Animal"
Janelle Monáe - "Cold War"
Belle and Sebastian - "I Want the World to Stop"*

* Songs I really liked!

There's still time for Obama to veto

Thanks to Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), the Senate has passed a bill repealing "don't ask/don't tell." Reid deserves credit for this, since he did some fancy foot work to make it happen. If Republicans were interested in legislating, and not just stalling to embarrass Obama, it wouldn't have been necessary. It SHOULDN'T have been necessary. But it was.

Reid should have been an easy target for Republicans to unseat back in November, so special thanks to Sharron Angle for being so batshit crazy that she helped him keep his seat. And to candidates like Christine O'Donnell and Joe Miller for letting Reid keep control of the Senate in January.

Obama has long said that he was eager for a chance to sign the repeal of "don't ask/don't tell" but then, he says a lot of things. Like letting the temporary Bush tax cuts expire for the wealthiest 2% of Americans, and closing Guantanamo. None of those things happened, so until he actually signs the bill, I expect him to disappoint me again. I'm getting used to it.

But in case he actually stands by his word, orgy in the showers! (Not really--that paranoia is juvenile, we really wouldn't endure those uniforms just for sex, not with craigslist.) Still, here's a song...

2010 Singles: "Oh, The Divorces!"

It's entirely possible that Tracey Thorn could have released an auto-tuned-to-hell-and-back cover of "Tardy for the Party" and still made this summary of my favorite songs. But she didn't. And she wouldn't. "Oh, The Divorces!" was the first single from her third solo album, her second since the EBTG hiatus. The song is a waltz, and all the more impressive when you watch her do it live, as you will here.
"He was a chamer
I wish him bad karma"

Song: "Oh, The Divorces!"
Artist: Tracey Thorn

2010 Singles: "Good Morning (The Future)"

Rogue Wave turned in a rock solid album with Permalight. Apparently the band is featured in the little seen Jennifer Aniston movie Love Happens (it's like Love, Actually meets "shit happens")--my dad watched this movie at my place when he was visiting for Thanksgiving, and I missed that pivotal scene (the Rogue Wave show is sold out, and there are NO TICKETS TO BE HAD [really... really?] so Aniston got a utility truck with a cherry picker so they could watch the show... really?).
"So they ordered up a love machine
Directions to your house were demanding"

Song: "Good Morning (The Future"
Artist: Rogue Wave

2010 Singles: "Shadow People"

I don't know if I'm exposed to a lot of Dr. Dog because I listen to Philly radio while at work, or if Dr. Dog truly is a band on the rise. Or both. Either way, I'm digging it. Them.
"It's the right night for the wrong company
And there ain't nothing 'round here to look at
Move along, move along"

Song: "Shadow People"
Artist: Dr. Dog

Happy Birthday Alan Rudolph

Dude is a top notch director, in my book. His movies are filled with fantastic performances, and a strong, but subtle style. It's also Spielberg's birthday and I find his movies difficult SINCE THEY ARE REALLY VERY OBVIOUS ABOUT EVERYTHING THEY ARE TRYING TO DO, AND IN FACT THEY WILL MAKE SURE--WELL IN ADVANCE--TO LET YOU KNOW ANY RELEVANT PLOT TWISTS THAT ARE COMING, AND THEY ARE, THOSE PLOT TWISTS, SO TRY TO ACT SURPRISED AND ALL WHEN, BAM!!!, HEY LOOK, A PLOT TWIST.

Not Rudolph. There's a great scene in Afterglow, when everyone's taking a hot bath (alone), and I literally thought about how Spielberg would have murdered that montage. This was 10 years ago, and I honestly had no idea they shared a birthday but I vividly recall that thought. Weird.

Made in Heaven is much better than this trailer makes it seem. Also, check out Timothy Hutton's chest. Nice.

Dude demonstrated that Demi Moore really can act. Check out Mortal Thoughts.

I can't find clips for Choose Me, The Moderns, or Trouble in Mind, but they all have something worthy of a review. The big finish? His 1994 biopic of Dorothy Parker, starring Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Happy birthday dude! (Bet you didn't see that coming.) Rock on!

Song of the Day: "Discoverer"

In the last decade, new R.E.M. is met with as much, if not more, trepidation as it is with excitement. I think it was Monster, but secretly I think it was earlier, with "Drive"---it sounded NOTHING like The Cars version, so why remake it???!!!! Olly olly olly, baby.

All was, largely, forgiven with "Superstitial Sacrosanct Slip & Slide" a couple years ago. We good. He's an ode to their favorite cable channel and/or credit card. New album in 2011, which really is just 2 weeks away-ish.

Song: "Discoverer"
Artist: R.E.M.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The importance of the week after Christmas

Second only to Shark Week for Christians.

One of the 9/11 first responders was on The Daily Show and pointed out that police and firemen don't see working on Christmas as an insult to Christians, so maybe the fucking Senate shouldn't either. Fuckers.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Christmas Holy Week
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And is Jesus too liberal for a Christian America? (Sorry, "Christian" America)

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Jesus Is a Liberal Democrat
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Happy Birthday Gregg Araki

Araki makes some brash, balls out darkly fun movies, and yet I am so lame I haven't seen many of them. Certainly none of the recent ones. Sorry dude, I will try to atone (get in queue though).

Here's the trailer for 1992's "Thelma and Louise with AIDS" movie, The Living End.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "It's Christmas"

It's Talia Shire's little boy... what's his name, dude. From Rushmore. And Bored to Death. He's a Coppola but not by name. I don't think.

Oh, the band is Coconut Records, that much I know.

Song: "It's Christmas"
Artist: Coconut Records

2010 Singles: "Dear God, Sincerly M.O.F."/"Dear God 2.0"

Monsters of Folk, the 2009 album  that was a collaboration of Jim James from My Morning Jacket, Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes, Coner Oberst from OMG it's Coner Oberst!!!!/ everyangsty 10th grade girl with reasonable taste in music's English notebook and also Bright Eyes, and M. Ward.

As with Avett Brothers, if you think this belongs on the 2009 singles list, you should file a complaint (in triplicate--remember triplicate?).
"Well I've been thinking about,
And I've been breaking down without an answer"

Song: "Dear God, Sincerely M.O.F."
Artist: Monsters of Folk
Bonus version, "Dear God 2.0" with The Roots.

Song: "Dear God 2.0"
Artist: The Roots/Monsters of Folk

2010 Singles: "Bloodbuzz Ohio"

Will it be #1? #3? Top 5 for sure, right?

This song is hypnotic to me, and has been since I heard it back in the Spring.
"I still owe money to the money to the money I owe
I never thought about love when I thought about home"

Song: "Bloodbuzz Ohio"
Artist: The National

Thursday, December 16, 2010

R.I.P. Blake Edwards

"We're after the same rainbow's end"

I've written about my love of his work, even the low brow stuff, here.

All of Henry Mancini's classic music is from collaborations with Edwards, from themes to Pink Panther and Peter Gunn, to this classic.

Re-watch one of his low brow movies over the holidays. You'll be glad you did.

Rest in peace dude.

2010 Singles: "Even Heroes Have to Die"

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists is (are? is? is!) 2010's "long established band that I'm just now hearing" and they kick my ass, in a really good way, with each additional listening. If you haven't heard 2010's The Brutalist Bricks, start there--or come back here, there will be at least 2 more singles that I need to remind myself of... otherwise try Shake the Sheets or The Tyranny of Distance.

Smart lyrics, straight-forward guitars, and explosive drums. I can happily give up Gaga for this--is that an option?
"But working anyway, did we miss the passing of the time?
In your own flame you can wither, though your passions still outshine"

Song: "Even Heroes Have to Die"
Artist: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

2010 Singles: "Crying Blood"

It's possible that VV Brown deserves to be on the 2009 singles list, but here we are. File a complaint if you're so inclined.

I'm not saying she got a record deal only because Amy Winehouse had a big hit record (see also: Adele and Duffy). No, I probably am. Still, fun song.
"Obviously it is hard to see that the sun will never shine when we are together,
How can you be so ignorant to the fact that I'mma be in this pain forever"

Song: "Crying Blood"
Artist: VV Brown

Well, duh, he meant it ironically

Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, the Obama Administration's key envoy in Afghanistan, passed away earlier this week. His last words were "you've got to end this war" [in Afghanistan].

Fortunately we don't have to wonder what that kinda clear sentence means, as the State Department has stepped in with a clarification (details here).
"Apparently, Holbrooke was in pain and couldn't relax before surgery, and he joked to his doctor that his stress was because of the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan....the doctor said she would do the worrying for him, and Holbrooke replied by telling her to end the war (though the exact words were unknown).
The aide emphasized to the Post that Holbrooke's statement 'was made in painful banter, rather than as a serious exhortation about policy.'"
Also it was opposite day.

And he had his fingers crossed.

But really, a doctor, who's a WOMAN? That's just unbelievable. I'm sure they meant a nurse.

End the war... pfff.

Happy Birthday Ludwig von Beethoven and Joyce Bulifant

If you look at the list of the most popular people born on December 16 at IMDB (here), Beethoven, one of the most influential figures in all of music of ever, EVER, is #40. Sure, it's a movie database, but his music has been used in a gazillion films. Hell, the fucking ringtone of "Fur Elise" has probably been in more movies than #20 Joyce Bulifant.

For context, Jane Austen is #22 today, and Benny Anderson of ABBA is #30. The guy who directed Revenge of the Nerds is ranked #39.

I guess it's just that LvB never actually DID anything specifically for movies, unlike Jane Austen. Remind me to check next week and see where Jesus is ranked.

Oh, here's Beethoven's most famous symphony.

And here's Joyce Bulifant's most famous symphony, er, thing. Look for her at 1:30.

Happy birthday to both of you dudes! Rock on and/or rest in peace.

Song of the Day: "Empire"

I think I've heard this song 2 times a month since last summer, never quite figuring out who it is. Now that I know it's Jukebox the Ghost I'm really still at square one.

But, that being said, its bright, optimistic chords are a pleasant respite from my gloomy, doom-y mood (hey, solstice is almost here and the days will start getting longer [in the northern hemisphere], so it might just improve).

Song: "Empire"
Artist: Jukebox the Ghost

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010 Singles: "Need You Now"

I first heard the song when Lady Antebellum performed at the Grammys back in January. It wasn't a nominated song that year (it wasn't eligible until this current Grammy year, and it's up for Record of the Year and Song of the Year, and the band has 4 additional nominations).

They're a slickly packaged group but they do sound great together. And I'm pretty sure that they actually can sing and aren't just auto-tuned to hell and back. And, AND, the band co-wrote the song with Josh Kear, so there's that. Expect them to pick up at least 1 of Record, Album or Song of the Year at the Grammys next month.
"And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time"

Song: "Need  You Now"
Artist: Lady Antebellum

2010 Singles: "15 to 20"

It's really unusual for me to want to roller skate. It's insane when I want to backward skate (I don't know that I even can). This song makes me want to backward skate.

I also love the audacity of calling one's band The Phenomenal Handclap Band. They're not the More than Adequate Handclap Band, they're the Phenomenal Handclap Band.

And don't you forget it.
"We got the full cooperation of the local police
They're more than pleased, I just spoke to their chief"

Song: "15 to 20"
Artist: Phenomenal Handclap Band

2010 Singles: "Dream About Me"

The Depreciation Guild. That's about as much as I know. Oh, and this could have come out in 1988 and I would have loved it then. Or in 1994. Or it 2002. There's an indie Brit timelessness to it.

I will be totally surprised when I find out they're from Arizona or something.
"Softly, candy-sweet
Like sugar from the hills"

Song: "Dream About Me"
Artist: The Depreciation Guild

2010 Singles: "Silvia"

I am still pretty much confused by Miike Snow, and maybe that's for the best. They're Swedish. And they have other, separate musical identities. See, confused. Also it's late. And I want a cookie.

But damn if they don't make music that I find weirdly infectious.  But here it's a sweetly spare arrangement except when it's not, and the beats go crazy and it's all just a little trippy. Totally Swedish.
"And it's all my fault for not getting off
And you made it start, can you make it stop?"

Song: "Silvia"
Artist: Miike Snow

2010 Singles: "Kick Drum Heart"

This is from Avett Brothers' 2009 I and Love and You. Jared hated it (and since he first told me about the band, he can be as big a snob as he wants), but I think he's slowly warming to it. I think he dislikes the gimmicky toy piano sound.

Me, I think it's got a feel similar to Wilco's "Heavy Metal Drummer" and will leave it at that.

"It's not the chase that I love
It's me following you"

Song: "Kick Drum Heart"
Artist: The Avett Brothers

2010 Singles: "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart"

This won't make the top 15, but I could see it in the mid-30s somewhere. Maybe. Regardless, it deserves a reminder.

And it gets one! Wow, someone listens to me.
"Why don't you hold me, need me?
I thought you told me you'd never leave me"

Song: "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart"
Artist: Alicia Keys

"Painting heaven and hell much brighter (es estrella de oscuridad)"

Birthday girl Julie Taymor is a genius. The transformation of Lion King from annoying cartoon to stage brilliance is the only thing I need to present as evidence. It's not her fault that it's an hour too long. I'm sure it's not.

She directed Salma Hayek's labor of love, Frida. Among the film's 6 Oscar nominations, was one for Taymor, along with composer Elliot Goldenthal for "Burn it Blue." This totally goes on my mix tape of "songs you wouldn't know were nominated for an Oscar (but not because they aren't any good)"... I'll get around to that eventually.

Now she's up to her neck with the musical of Spider-Man. Good luck with that. And rock on.

Happy Birthday Don Johnson

I'm not naming names, maybe this is just totally a coincidence. A friend's brother once moved to LA, taking work in "show business" (you know, all the really crap jobs that are adjacent to, or service, people who are famous). He was a personal assistant to a TV star. The dude had 2 shit hit shows--he even influenced the way douche bags dressed for months, and quasi-ironically, for decades.

Apparently his big responsibility involved ridding the star of various females with whom the star had fleeting, at best, relationships.

"Mr. Johnson Celebrity is not available for you today/tonight/any more," was the standard line.

His step up in show business? Editing gay porn. (Oh yeah, he's straight--the brother and possibly the celebrity too.)

Possibly unrelated, here are some duets with Barbra Streisand.

Happy birthday dude! "Rock" on.

Song of the Day: "Yeah Yeah (You Would)"

If I tell you who's behind this, you probably won't like it. So listen to it first.

Can you believe it's Miley Cyrus?! Me neither.

Cause it's not.

Here's who I went looking for: Grace Jones. I don't hear her anywhere.

This is Puff the Magic Dragon Dirty Dog Money Diddy Dugout Pity Party Puffenstein (or it will be next week: Sean Combs can't remember shit so he keeps pretending that he MEANT to change his name). Diddy Dirty Money is Pity Party, plus dude (girl dude) from Danity Kane, plus dude (girl dude) from Kalenna (except that's a person, so she's just Kalenna, technically).

Where's the Grace Jones? I don't know. [UPDATE: I am told she is :20 to :23 of the song.]

But you know what I do know? That I was so fucking impressed with the song, that I don't care that this is Diddy's Dumbo Doldrums. I don't.

Fuck, now I have to order this album from the library. I mean the Popo Lolo Berry. But then you knew that.

Song: "Yeah Yeah (You Would)"
Artist: Diddy Dirty Money

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not lame duck, lame as fuck

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Lame-as-F@#k Congress
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Happy Birthday Celia Weston

Recently I ranted about the waitress-to-customer ratio at Mel's Diner in the later seasons of Alice. In my recollection, they had Alice and Vera and Jolene and Belle and Flo after Flo's spin-off failed (and Mel in the kitchen). That was entirely too many waitresses for the square footage. Fortunately John had a better sense of the show's evolution, where Jolene replaced Flo, who then returned. The stunt casting of Diane Ladd as Belle (she played Flo in Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More, which has about as much to do with Alice as the movie M*A*S*H does with the show of the same name) happened later, in the show's last season. It's much less egregious if you view it as a slow build (like cooking a lobster, I imagine). Thank you John.

Weston played Jolene, the "basically the same but slightly different" replacement for Flo, and then seemed to disappear after Alice went off the air. By the way, Alice was on television for 9 seasons, so would it kill you to say "thank you" to Philip McKeon when he's making your latte at Starbucks? Leave some change in the cup, dude's gotta pay rent too. (Actually, I'm typing Philip McKeon specifically to see how long before I get a search for his name.) Hey, here's a low quality video of the season 5 credits (and continued credit to Melissa for coining the phrase "the increasingly self-indulgent vocal styling of Linda Lavin.")

She played Adam "Adrock" Horovitz's in Lost Angels, a movie that's considerably less memorable than its promotional line: "You've got the rest of your life to be an asshole, take a day off." She's only in like 3 seconds of the trailer (here) so I'm not going to embed it. As one of the 18 people who actually saw Lost Angels in the theater, I was a little surprised to find out she was in the movie (that's an indictment of the movie, not her).

She resurfaced with great back-to-back roles in 2 favorite movies from 1996: Flirting with Disaster and Dead Man Walking. Her scenes in both movies are pretty limited, but her work with R. Lee Ermey in Dead Man Walking is great—they both are.

I had no idea that she is in the new series Memphis Blues Beat with Jason Lee and Alfre Woodard. Also I had no idea Alfre Woodard (an all-time favorite, but then you probably know that already) is in Memphis Beat (hey, when did they change the name?). I don't want a new show, but hopefully it's got a Monk vibe where I can watch an episode or 2 during some holiday weekend when I'm avoiding other humans (which could be any holiday, or pretty much any weekend). Here's a promo for Memphis Blues, are they saying "new kind of cop" or "new kind of car"? Also, Super Channel? It was working in the police lab when it was hit by a bolt of lightning, and became blessed with super speed.

Yes, I know Celia's not in the clip. And Alfre Woodard is a much better actress than that accent might lead you to believe.

But here's what you CAN get behind. She. Is. Cam's. Mother.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson/Celia Weston in Gay Dads which is, technically, called Modern Family

That's right!!! Gay Dads (Modern Family), tomorrow night, Cam's mother. God I hope she makes me forget that they were talking about Delta Burke for the role. Shelley Long and Fred Willard were both inspired, but Ed Norton had "opportunities for improvement." Fingers crossed.

Gay Dads, tomorrow night, ABC. Set you DVR!

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

"The answer to all sorrow in a box beneath the tree"

I've posted this song before, last year on Christmas Day. It's one of the original songs from Stephen Colbert's 2008 Christmas special, A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All.

It's easy to gloss over the lyrics, but they really speak to me and my on-going struggles with faith. The song was written by Adam Schlesinger and David Javerbaum (yes, the people who brought Cry-Baby to Broadway... what do you mean you didn't know they made a musical out of Cry-Baby?). The song picked up an Emmy nomination but lost to the Oscars' opening number. They did share in the Grammy won by the album of the special's music.

"There are Much Worse Things to Believe In"
Elvis: There are cynics, there are skeptics
There are legions of dispassionate dyspeptics
Who regard this time of year as a maudlin insincere
Cheezy crass commercial travesty of all that we hold dear

Stephen: When they think that
Well, I can hear it
But I pity them their lack of Christmas spirit
For in a world like ours, take it from Stephen
There are much worse things to believe in.

Elvis: A redeemer and a savior, an obese man giving toys for good behavior
Stephen: The faith in what might be and the hope that we might see
The answer to all sorrow in a box beneath the tree
Find them foolish
Elvis: Sentimental
Stephen: Well you're clearly none too bright
Both: so we'll be gentle
Stephen: Don't even try to start vaguely conceiving
Both: Of all much worse things to believe in

Stephen: Believe in the judgment, believe in Jihad
Believe in a thousand variations on a dark and spiteful god
Elvis: You've got your money, you've got your power
You've got your science, and all the planets going to end within the hour
Stephen: You've got your dreams that don't come true
Elvis: You've got the ones that do

Stephen: Then you've got your nothing
Both: Some folks believe in nothing
But if you believe in nothing
Then what's to keep the nothing from coming for you

Stephen: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
Now if you'll forgive me there's a lot to do here
There are stockings still unhung
Colored lights I haven't strung
Elvis: And a one-man four-part Christmas carol waiting to be sung

Stephen: Call me silly, call me sappy
Call me many things, the first of which is happy
You doubt, but you're sad
I don't, but I'm glad
Both: I guess we're even
Stephen: At least that's what I believe in
Both: And there are much worse things

Song of the Day: "Down by the Water"

Decemberists. It's December. Get it?

You people are impossible to please sometimes, sheesh.

Oh yeah, and Pete Buck on guitar. He plays on 3 tracks.

Song: "Down by the Water"
Artist: The Decemberists

Monday, December 13, 2010


I was watching Rachel Maddow this afternoon—my schedule has been thrown off from when I watched her regularly, and I don't think I've seen her in nearly 2 months. They discussed the judge who ruled that the individual mandate portion of Obama's Healthcare Reform is unconstitutional. And they decided that ruling was partisan.


I actually agree with the Republicans on this one. And yes, I'm well aware that the individual mandates idea originated with Republicans. Fortunately one side being wrong and then the other side buying into that wrong doesn't make it right. But also when Mittens came up with the idea, it was for a state government. State governments have a lot of latitude when it comes to ideas like that.

The gist of the US Constitution is that if it's not a specifically enumerated power of the Federal Government, the states get to do it [UPDATE: okay, there's a little more to the Constitution than that, but the gist of the Federal vs. State power share]. The mistake was in calling for a uniform national mandate instead of instructing each state to determine their own mandate.

Sure the government can't force states to comply, except that they can. I believe all 50 states adopted seat belt laws when the ramification of not adopting a law was losing all your roads funds.

And you're welcome to call this ruling partisan, but only after you find me a section in the Constitution that lets the Federal Government require insurance.

Oh, and the individual mandate in the absence of competition is just fucking insane.

Song of the Day: "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me"


Written by Diane Warren.

What else might you need to know?

Okay, this is from Burlesque and it's Diane's stab at a seventh Oscar nomination and, perhaps, an actual win.

Actually I was hoping for a dance remix of this. I know there's one (12) out there.

Song: "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me"
Artist: Cher

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra

The Chairman of the Board. 11 Grammys, an Oscar, and a 20th Century Icon. I love the rumor that he might actually be Mia Farrow's father, that her mom, Maureen O'Sullivan was separated from John Farrow at the time she got pregnant. But I'm totally sure that's not true and that any physical resemblance is just an awkward coincidence, and not at all something that should make you squeamish.

Hey, here's a song.

Happy birthday dude! Rest in peace.

"Boys with small talk and small minds really don't impress me in bed"

It's Sheila E's birthday and "The Glamorous Life" really is one of the greatest singles of the mid-80s. Despite Prince (also FUCK PRINCE).

Shelia E Glamorous Life
Uploaded by Celtiemama. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Happy birthday dude! Rock on! But without Prince, because (and I can't say this enough) FUCK PRINCE!

2010 Singles: "Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)"

I thought this single might be nominated for Record of the Year or Song of the Year at the Grammys. I was roundly mocked for that thought... by someone who was SURE that the live Carole King/James Taylor album had a lock on an Album of the Year nomination. Wonder how that turned out...

Anyway, love this song, regardless of its Grammy performance, here's Jay-Z, Rihanna, Bono and the Edge.
"And the tears fall, and we fight back
Story ain’t done, it can’t end like that"

Song: "Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)"
Artist: Jay-Z/Rihanna/Bono/The Edge

Song of the Day: "Tiny Tree Christmas"

New seasonal music from Guster, whose recent Easy Wonderful is great. This isn't from that, but a new song recorded for a major retailer who cares more about its ultra-wealthy stock holders than it does its gay and lesbian customers.

I haven't shopped there in a while, and when I did, I certainly spent way less than I ever did in the past.

I'm sure the stock holders benefit more from tax cuts than from having a gazillion gay and lesbian couples registering for their weddings at that store. Totally sure of it.



Enjoy the Guster song, and even download it free, but I'm sure you'll find that Fred Meyer is m-u-c-h more convenient than traveling to that other store. Unless you're a multimillionaire, in which case enjoy the lines.

Song: "Tiny Tree Christmas"
Artist: Guster