Saturday, December 4, 2010

Song of the Day: "Only Existing Footage"

Another track from The Extra Lens, the collaboration between John Darnielle and Franklin Bruno.

Song: "Only Existing Footage"
Artist: The Extra Lens

Friday, December 3, 2010

John McCain, the bigot remix

Whiney bitch.

A nerd can dream

And since I haven't said it in a while, fuck Andrews McMeel Publishing and their defective fucking products. I need to review some more products on Amazon.

Happy Birthday Daryl Hannah

I'll let Paula Poundstone cover this one.

Happy birthday dude! Um... see you in your TNT original series? Or on SVU. No, TNT.

Unemployment is up

That means Americans are lazier than ever, right Sharron Angle?

Hurry up with those tax cuts, and ensure the Koch brothers don't get a tax increase because... something something tax cuts!

They pay for themselves except when you're not already a socialist country (which we totally aren't).

Fuck I hate everyone today.

Here are those pics

The pics my dad took on Wednesday night.
My dad's pic of The Palms
My dad's pic of The Alibi, cropped by me

John McCain, the sorest of sore losers

God damn he is a little whiney bitch. And I don't mean that in a misogynistic way, because most women I know are nowhere near as whiney as he is.


PS: John McCain doesn't understand sampling. He really is odious.

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Akron is a little disappointed in you, too, it seems

LeBron James played in Cleveland last night and was met by boos every time he touched the ball. Basketball, I think.

One of the chants: "Akron hates you."

Which is awesome. I hope the children of Cleveland are learning about sportsmanship sportspersonship sportsmanship (fuck it, it's Cleveland, girls need to learn to sew).

More awesome? That he made scored [UPDATE: thanks Jared, this is totally butch!] 38 points in only 3 quarters of play, more than the Cavs starting 5 combined.

I'm curious about who Akron's currently okay with, and how well they did in the sports stuff last night. Because, you know, it doesn't look like being on Akron's good side is that important.

Unless I'm missing something.

A week of 2 Richards Jones

Richards Jones or Richard Joneses? Regardless, dad was here for a week, and here are some pictures.
Junior / Senior at Russell St. BBQ
Dad with new best friend Gracie
My dad was apprehensive about meeting the 2 "pit bulls" that I rescued 3 years ago. Here he is enslaved by Gracie, who has him working on rubdown duty. And he's rocking my ghetto fabulous  hoodie.

After trying to find Clark's car by Overlook Park, dad took some pics of the funky neon sign at The Palms on Interstate Ave. Hopefully his pics turned out better than my pics of him taking those pics.

And finally a pic of me with the 2 of the kids (the vicious pit bulls).

Song of the Day: "All I Want for Christmas is New Year's Day"

(h/t Leland)

He says this is totally 80s, but I think it's totally old David Gray (you know, the tolerable David Gray). Thoughts?

Oh yeah, the band is Hurts, and they were up as SotD back in September with "Better Than Love" (when we learned of the musical genre "new wave disco lento").

And this counts toward this week's seasonal selection. That might be a thing, or I might forget. Or both.

Song: "All I Want for Christmas is New Year's Day"
Artist: Hurts

Moral Relativism

(h/t Glenn Greenwald at Salon)

This from MacLeod Cartoons (here).

Journalists Fucking Stenographers and Pundits Dumbass Talking Heads are in an uproar. I would be too, if someone so clearly demonstrated what a fucking loser I'd been at doing my "job" over the last 10+ years. Like if someone came to my office and made pretty pie charts AND was nice to people... I'd be pissy too.

I mean, I probably already am pissy to being with, so it's not a stretch.

The would-be Portland bomber

Have you seen the totally edited and devoid of context video of him ranting about people taking "our land," "raping our women," etc.?

I think he's just watched Avatar.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Republican economic plan

They've made it simple to summarize.

Because nothing else matters.


Song of the Day: "Endangered Species"

If you looked at the list of Best New Artist Grammy nominees and thought "who the fuck is Esperanza Spalding" you're not alone. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she's from Portland, OR, ergo she's cool (as are Quarterflash and New [UPDATE: thanks Eric] Nu Shooz)--here she is covering an old Wayne Shorter track. This sounds suspiciously like jazz, but it's jazz from Portland, ergo it's tolerable.

Song: "Endangered Species"
Artist: Esperanza Spalding

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Treat Williams

When Chris and I went to Vegas for Becky's wedding, we stayed in the MGM Grand. The hotel was decorated with a lot of classic Hollywood photos, and 2 really confusing photos in our room. One was an unidentified blond in a photo that appeared to be from the 40s. The other was a similar era tough guy that bore a striking resemblance to Treat Williams.

I took pictures with my camera phone and sent them to Leland and my mom. We kept coming back to Treat Williams.

And it was. In addition to period photos, they included some more contemporary actors and actresses styled from old Hollywood. Treat Williams and Cathy Moriarty. I like them both, but damn was that annoying.

I like Williams, and was trying to figure out why, when you think about the work he's actually done, I like him. I think it has something to do with him parading around in a towel in his first film role, The Ritz back in 1976. Written by future Tony/Emmy/Pulitzer-winning playwright Terrence McNally, starring future Tony nominee Jack Weston, future Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham, future Emmy nominee Jerry Stiller, and soon to be full EGOT winner Rita Moreno (she won her Tony for The Ritz on Broadway), and directed by Richard (Help!, A Hard Day's Night, and Superman II) Lester—wow, it almost sounds respectable!

It's really future Teen Choice Award nominee Treat Williams (he has other nominations as well) that shines brightest. Not really, but he did rock that towel. And 30+ years later, that's what we remember. I remember.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Happy Birthday Laura

Ah Laura, she recently moved to, I don't know, upstate New York? And she killed her old email address. And I realized a few seconds too late that there was an email from her in my bulk folder (after I clicked empty). Sigh. Maybe she'll resend.

Years ago I remember her falling in love with the music in the 1989 movie Parents. I'm not sure it was this track, but it played over the credits (I remember she said the music playing over the credits, and having a vaguely mambo feel). And I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the only reason she likes the music is because Parents stars... Randy Quaid. He's the man.

Happy birthday girl! Rock on! And resend your new email.

Happy Birthday Lisa

Lisa said something about visiting Portland. If she did, and we had lunch or something, and I've just forgotten that it happened (it's within the realm of possibilities), then "hey that was fun."

I don't think either Lisa or I were huge Robert Earl Keen fans, but I think we both appreciate his music. Factor in that she IS a big fan of Hank Williams, and this REK song, "The Great Hank" will make a little more sense if you're only hearing it for the first time.

Happy birthday girl! Rock on!

Happy Birthday Melanie

3 of my peeps have a birthday today. Melanie is the most recent addition. After crumbling to her demands and scheduling a visit to Seattle, she told me she's in Louisiana (I made it seem so cool when I went in October), taking the new baby to visit his grandparents and introducing him to grits. SIGH!

I guess I'm seeing Dina Martina alone. I mean, with the other hundreds in the audience, but without Melanie.

Happy birthday girl! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "Remember When"

Jamie Cullum provides the vocals for this track from Dutch producer Sander Kleinenberg. Kleinenberg is the, um, Willie Nelson of Progressive House Music (as far as you know).

Cullum crossed my path about 2 years ago when his song "Gran Torino" was nominated for a Golden Globe. That song is a gajillion times better than its movie (Gran Torino, natch) which isn't really saying much (they couldn't get Detroit Lions tickets, really?), and this song is better than that song.

Song: "Remember When"
Artist: Sander Kleinenberg/Jamie Cullum

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Robert Guillame

2 Emmys (including being the only black actor to win the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Comedy), a Grammy (parlaying his role as Rafiki in The Lion King to a Spoken Word Album for Children win), and a Tony nomination.

He was the quirky voice of sanity during Soap's first 2 seasons, and as all television success in the 70s did, it led to a spin-off centered around him assuming the role of head of the Governor's mansion staff under a vaguely Jimmy Carter-esque governor. Benson ran 7 seasons to Soap's 4. Benson holds the distinction of the earliest television series reference to the Internet, back in 1985 (ARPANET), and in firing Jerry Seinfeld after 3 episodes in 1980.

Guillame caused a touch of controversy when he played the lead in Andrew Lloyd Weber's The Phantom of the Opera. Guillame is the only black actor thus far to play the role. The character of the Phantom is a fucking pedophile (he starts stalking Christine when she's a young girl)—we're all okay with that. But a black man?! Ohnotheydidn't.

But his best role is in the complicated, poorly executed Sports Night. The show is brilliant and engaging and smart and funny, and it's totally undermined by the god-damned laugh track in the first season (I think they dropped it with the second season). Guillame the man suffered a stroke in the first season and they wrote that into the show. Back then I thought it was sensationalistic of them, but now I feel like it's an earnest reflection of how someone like his character would have behaved. Men like that have to come back, even if only briefly, to end things on their terms.

Sports Night deserves a better legacy than it's been given. Seriously, can they zap the laugh track for another DVD release? It really is a compelling show. And to steal from the show itself, it's about sports the way Charlie's Angels is about law enforcement.

Guillame has 2 movies credited as 2010, so he's still working.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "Heartbreaker"

The only band more frustratingly named than Girls is The Drums. Try to search for material from either band in a library's electronic "card catalog" and you'll see what I mean.

Girls appeared on my radar last year with "Lust for Life" (which made my top 20 singles) and "Laura" from their debut Album. (Seriously, go search for "girls" + "album" and see what you get.) They are back with a new EP, Broken Dreams Club.

I'm loving that the economics of the digital music industry allow bands to release stand-alone singles and EPs, at their own creative rate, rather than being pushed into a full album every 18th months (since it costs as much to ship a CD single as it does a full length CD, assuming the packages are the same). So bring on the EPs!

Song: "Heartbreaker"
Artist: Girls

Monday, November 29, 2010

TSA bumper stickers

(h/t to Eric)

Not all great, but there are some keepers.

Song of the Day: "This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken Heart"

Another track from Guster's Easy Wonderful album, which is ready for me to pick up from the library. Woohoo.
This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken Heart from Guster on Vimeo.

Song: "This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken Heart"
Artist: Guster

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Remnants of fire set at a Muslim Community Center in Corvallis, OR
Sad. Weak. Pathetic.

Yes, the dumb fuck from the attempted tree lighting bomb attended services there. So? Do not fucking set fire to these places.


RIP Leslie Nielsen

Sigh. His career shift to wacky comedy, beginning with Airplane, continuing with Nuts* and on into the Scary Movie franchise, was the best thing that could have happened. For him. For us.

Rest in peace dude.

* Some say Nuts isn't a comedy. Isn't it? Isn't it?

Song of the Day: "I'm Aware"

This could be an angst-laden track from any number of modern rock artists (U2, Coldplay, Travis, Keane), but it's a band called Clinic. They've been together since 1997, but I don't recall hearing them before now. You?

Song: "I'm Aware"
Artist: Clinic