Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gnomeo & Juliet: this looks promising

I recently discussed dropping animated features from my movies-to-see list AND I know I've written about dropping 3D movies, so I will hold off until cable. But it speaks to my 8-year-old-with-ADD sensibilities, so eventually I will see it.

Happy Birthday Groucho Marx

"You left out a Hungadunga. You left out the main one too."

Born Julius Henry Marx, he became one of the funniest people of ever, EVER!

And smart enough to work with a core ensemble of players who make the movies really effective. The wonderful Margaret Dumont played an uptight upper-crust foil in 7 Marx Brothers movies. The actor as the butler was a regular too, I think. It's early, sorry.

You know what, just enjoy the clips!

Happy birthday dude! Rest in peace!

HuffPo on women's magazines

(h/t Franke James via Twittah)
A little old, but I'm just seeing this: Huffington Post (here) published a take on women's magazine covers written by men (my favorite above: "Why your man needs to buy that new TV, and why you shouldn't say anything about it."

But what's new is The Frenemy, which could save regular buyers of women's magazines hundreds of dollars a year with 17 things you will see in every women's magazine (here); here are a couple:

#3 Know your face shape. Face shapes include: oval, slight oval, circle, and Tyra Banks. This face shape will help you determine the correct sunglasses to buy, haircuts to get, and how many ugly children you might have.

#6 You need to eat salmon. Eat some fucking salmon! It’s full of healthy fats! Come on, eat some egg whites for breakfast! Peanut butter? Only if you measure it!

#13 Buy some fucking boots. Wear them with all the sundresses we encouraged you to buy last spring and a "chunky" sweater and BAM--summer to fall wardrobe! Jazz hands, statement piece!


Song of the Day: "Our Riotous Defects"

I'm not sure when I officially became an 8-year old with ADD, but last night I went to a friend's wedding reception and within an hour and 10 minutes I was all "OMG I am bored let's go!" And when I got home? Straight to bed.

Bored? No. OMG I am boring!

But aside from the absence of wedding cake (and oh will I feel silly if that came out at 10:30—I asked wait staff who said they knew of no such item, and I doubt there would have been a good reason to keep a cake in a secured location) it was a lovely time.

Congratulations to Kelly V-vowel-consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel (both her maiden name and her married name have this structure) and her permanent "plus one" Joe. I know she's an Of Montreal fan, and we discussed her playing this song for the reception. She already had an O.M. song planned, so I will dedicate this to her today. Congratulations dudes.

Song: "Our Riotous Defects"
Artist: Of Montreal 

Friday, October 1, 2010

"What's up with that?"

Zach Galifianakis also has a birthday today--here he is taking his act to a pre-school.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Happy Birthday Randy Quaid

He sued the producers of Brokeback Mountain because he didn't get a suitable share of the profits because he was hoodwinked into taking a reduced salary for the film. If you're anything like me, Randy Quaid is the only reason you saw the move... a reason you saw the movie... someone you recognized when you saw the movie.

Who else but Randy Quaid could have played that part? Aside from Dennis Quaid, Beau Bridges, Jeff Bridges, Jeff Daniels, Liam Neeson, Mitch Pileggi, Dan Ackroyd, Daniel Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin, Dan Butler, David Carradine (he was alive at the time), Keith Carradine, James Caan, Dan Lauria, James Sikking, Garrett Morris, Stanley Tucci, the guy who plays Monk, Tom Selleck, the helicoptor pilot from Magnum P.I., Darrell from The Office, the guy who played the CFO on The Office, the guy who plays Creed on The Office, the guy who plays Amy Poehler's boss on Parks & Recreation, Bill Murray (did I say him yet?), either of the other 2 Ghostbusters (the white one who directs or the black one), Jimmy Smits, Harry Hamlin, hell anyone from L.A. Law that can ride a horse (or learn) including Susan Dey, or any of the guys from thirtysomething or Hill Street Blues, Dennis Leary, Quincy Jones, James Earl Jones, Vanessa Williams, James Denton, Jane Lynch, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Michael Schoeffling, Anthony Michael Hall, Bruce Davison, Michael Richards, oh my god my hand is cramping... this might have been easier to list people who couldn't do the role credibly. I'll let you know if I think of anyone.

Meanwhile Randy and his wife have taken to squatting in not one, but two different homes they sold.

Here's his recent mug shot.

Of course, I'm only writing about Randy because I know a huge swarm of Randy-maniacs will be visiting the site and pushing my stats past 30,000 in no time. By like the end of the night.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "Black Light Doves"

Fitting nicely in the neighborhood with The Drums' "Let's Go Surfing" and Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti's "Bright Lit Blue Sky" is this track from The Nautics--a surf rock quartet from Medford, Oregon.

The dudes are starting a short tour next Monday, working their way down from Seattle to as far south as San Diego. They're in Portland at Tonic Lounge next Thursday (Oct. 7) with Xousoux and ToUs. You've been warned.

Song: "Black Light Doves"
Artist: The Nautics

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A recap on songs of the day (September 2010)

To try to minimize my end-of-the-year list-making work, I'm keeping up with stuff quarterly. Here are the songs of the day for September:

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "Bright Lit Blue Sky"*
Macy Gray "Beauty in the World"*
Morcheeba "Even Though"*
The National "Afraid of Everyone"
Beck "Ramona"
Sufjan Stevens "Heirloom"
S. Carey "In the Dirt"
JP Jones/Chrissie Hynde/The Fairground Boys "If You Let Me"*
Kid Cudi/Rostam Batmangli/Best Coast "All Summer"*
Mystery Jets "Flash a Hungry Smile"*
Belle & Sebastian/Carey Mulligan "Write About Love"*
James "Crazy"*
Tokyo Police Club "Hands Reversed"
Superchunk "Digging for Something"*
Klaxons "Echoes"
Kings of Leon "Radioactive"
The Morning Benders "All Day Day Light"
No Age "Glitter"
Le Kid "We Should Go Home Together"*
Fred Schneider/The Superions "Fruit Cake!"
OK Go "White Knuckles"
Marina and the Diamonds "Shampain"
Lady Gaga "Alejandro"
Michael Davis & D.O.A. "Something is Not Right With Me"
Teenage Fanclub "Dark and Lonely Night"*
Bryan Ferry "You Can Dance"
Miniature Tigers "Bullfighter Jacket"
Hurts "Better Than Love"*
Junip "Always"*
Deerhunter "Revival"

* Denotes songs I really liked.

A recap on songs of the day (August 2010)

To try to minimize my end-of-the-year list-making work, I'm keeping up with stuff quarterly. Here are the songs of the day for August:

School of Seven Bells "Windstorm"
The xx "Basic Space"
Mumford & Sons "Winter Winds"* & "Little Lion Man"
Dirty Projectors/Bjork "When the World Comes to an End"
Paul Weller "Up the Dosage"* & "Aim High"
Wild Beasts "All the King's Men" & "Hooting & Howling"
Dizzee Rascal "Dirtee Disco"* & "Holiday"
Kit Downes Trio "Tambourine" & "Skip James"
Laura Marling "Devil's Spoke" & "Goodbye England"
I Am Kloot "Northern Skies" & "To the Brink"
Tame Impala "Solitude is Bliss"
Rooney "I Can't Get Enough"
NeYo "Beautiful Monster"*
Usher/Pitbull "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love"
Guster "Do You Love Me?"*
The Thermals "I Don't Believe You"*
OMD "If You Want It"*
The Clientele "Never Anyone But You"
Bell X1 "How Your Heart is Wired"*
Jens Lekman "The End of the World is Bigger Than Love"*
Kylie Minogue "Get Outta My Way"*
The Like "Wishing He Was Dead"*
Alexander O'Neal "I'm Back"
Villagers "Home"*
Scissor Sisters "Any Which Way"
ceo "Come With Me"*
Maximum Balloon/Aku "Tiger"*
Mark Ronson & The Business International/Q-Tip/MNDR "Bang Bang Bang"*
Ben Folds/Nick Hornby "From Above"*
Sleigh Bells "Tell 'Em"
Sky Sailing "A Little Opera Goes a Long Way"

* Denotes songs I really liked.

A recap on songs of the day (July 2010)

To try to minimize my end-of-the-year list-making work, I'm keeping up with stuff quarterly. Here are the songs of the day for July:

Brandon Flowers "Crossfire"*
Black Francis "Six Legged Man"*
Jenny & Johnny "Scissor Runner"
Metric "Eclipse (All Yours)"
The Pipettes "Call Me"*
Club 8 "Shape Up"
Crowded House "Saturday Sun"*
Neil Patrick Harris "Girls vs. Suits"
Local Natives "Airplanes"*
Tracey Thorn "Late in the Afternoon"*
Florence Welch/David Byrne/Fatboy Slim "Here Lies Love"*
everyBoy "Another Love (Tanqueray)"
Allison Moorer/David Byrne/Fatboy Slim "When She Passed By"*
Macy Gray "Kissed It"
Bat for Lashes/Beck "Let's Get Lost"
Paul Weller "Fast Car, Slow Traffic"*
Nada Surf "Love and Anger"*
Enrique Iglesias/Pitbull "I Like It"
The Naked and Famous "Young Blood"*
Monarchy "The Phoenix Alive"*
Chromeo "Don't Turn the Lights On"*
Teenage Fanclub "Sometimes I Don't Need to Believe in Anything"*
Passion Pit "Tonight, Tonight"
Foals "Total Life Forever"*
Corinne Bailey Rae "I'd Do It All Again" & "Closer"
Sara Bareilles "King of Anything"
Admiral Radley "I Heart California"*
Biffy Clyro "Bubbles"* & "The Captain"
Villagers "Becoming a Jackal"* & "Twenty Seven Strangers"
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "Round and Round"*
Cyndi Lauper "Romance in the Dark"

* Denotes songs I really liked.

Happy Birthday Fran Drescher

I'm sure I'll catch a little shit, but in the long list of shows I will admit to enjoying (but not watching with any regularity, I swear) is The Nanny. And Blossom. And Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And King of Queens. God I have crappy taste.

But like a frozen dinner, there was a convenience/reliability to the show, and as trite as it became going to the same jokes over and over, it still delivered laughs. The same way my frozen Mac & Cheese still delivers comfort.

And the opening theme song was brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

Here it is in Russian (not embed-able, but here).

In Spanish:

In German:

And the original recipe, written and sung by Ann Hampton Callaway (and John is a fan of her sister Liz, a Tony nominee for something and also she did something else and it was good, he assures me, unless I'm confusing the sisters with Barbra Streisand and Rosalind Kind):

There's more to The Nanny than Fran, and there's more to Fran than The Nanny. But tonight we celebrate the overlap in the Venn diagram (mainly because it gets me closer to bed).

Well, that and Cancer Schmancer: Drescher fought uterine cancer and created a non-profit organization to raise awareness of the early warning signs of cancer, and has become a vocal advocate for a variety of health awareness issues. Gotta respect that.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Dogs and the coast

Took the afternoon and drove west to the Oregon coast with 3 dogs and Clark. And we had fun. And some of us got really dirty. (Click to embiggen.)

Gracie, Midge and William H. Macy in the Pacific
The best part of the trip was watching Gracie get in the water. When we all went to Sauvie Island last year, Gracie wasn't having any of the river action (Willy avoided it a while and finally gave in and had a great time). At one point today a wave came in really quickly and I couldn't tell if she was pooping, confused, or stuck in the sand. But everyone survived and it is dead quiet in my house right now.
Midge rolling in desiccated fish, Gracie shaking off water, Clark and Willy.

It was at least 80 at the coast today, absolutely a great afternoon off. But it was insanely sunny so most of my pictures and videos are glare-y. Try to cope. I will post video later (the dogs aren't the only ones who are tired). Here are a few more pics:

R.I.P. Greg Giraldo

Not my favorite stand-up comic, but certainly reliably funny, and way too young.
Greg Giraldo - Drinking
Greg Giraldo Stand-UpGreg Giraldo JokesHasselhoff Roast Videos

"In the balls"

My cousins' cousin is "Jimmy Donn for Congress" in this Daily Show segment—I am insanely jealous that he works there. He's now a Segment Producer (I assume that's better than Intern). Rock on dude!!! In the balls! (Also it appears that some might not realize that clip was not real... )
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorRally to Restore Sanity

R.I.P. Tony Curtis

Reports that Tony Curtis died yesterday at 85 leaving behind a legacy of classic film roles.

Rest in peace dude.

Song of the Day: "Revival"

There's a popular topic among marketers called "word of mouth" marketing. Here's an illustration: yesterday Leland sent me an email to GO BUY THE NEW DEERHUNTER!!!!

There may not have been as many exclamation points, but there was a sense of urgency conveyed by him. The good people at 4AD Records should totally thank him somehow, possibly by sending him the new Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti disk so I can borrow it.

Meanwhile, here's something from the new Deerhunter. I've heard it's good.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"I'm Pat Fucking Tillman!"

By all accounts, "I'm Pat Fucking Tillman!" were, if not Tillman's last words, then among them. Normally when I recap movies, they're in the framework of notes to myself about awards possibilities. Since documentaries operate under their own rules, and use a blue ribbon panel, I'm not going that route. I'm just gonna summarize The Tillman Story at a high level so as not to ruin it for Sonya.

It's a smart, compelling documentary that isn't nearly as painful as I expected. It's about as frustrating, although I only said "I fucking hate George W. Bush!" once during the movie.

I also said "I fucking hate George W. Bush!" during the trailer to Fair Game, the movie based on the despicable traitorous outing of Valerie Plame in an attempt to undermine the credibility of her husband (oh, by the way, he was right)—remember back when Bush said he would fire anyone in his administration who participated in her outing. Remember Scooter Libby. Remember that George W. Bush, war criminal/criminal against peace/bratty blue blood/former prep school cheerleader/liar, he PARDONED Scoot Libby. Maybe "pardon" and "fire" mean the same thing in Bush's limited vocabulary. I went to trivia night last night and was surprised that I've been confusing the Yiddish words kvell and schvitz for some time now (sorry all)—maybe that's what Bush has been doing. But back to The Tillman Story.

The Tillman Story is really 4 stories:
  • the story of Pat Tillman, a man called to serve his country to the surprise and dismay of most Americans; 
  • the story of the Tillman family, a remarkable and interesting family who share the same frank, honorable traits that called Pat to serve; 
  • the story of the lie invented by the government to turn Tillman's death into a shiny pretty story that Americans would be comfortable with; 
  • and the legend of Tillman that no one person is controlling, but that America is creating around Tillman. 

On leaving the theater I thought of it as 3 stories, but I think the legend, which is still in its nascency, is its own story. It's just a story that's still being written.

Pat Tillman seems like a helluva a guy. And here's to the whole family, whose unfettered use of the word "fuck" only serves to make them all the more admirable to me. Rock on! Fight on! Find peace!

[UPDATE: There was something, sadly, about the Congressional testimony that reminded me of Costa-Gavras's 1969 movie Z. Sadly.]

Adorable puppies!!!

(h/t to Leland)
Mookie and Alvin
I am about to go swim then see The Tillman Story. I think I will need adorable puppies to look at during my train ride home after the movie.

Wow, seriously?

(h/t J-Rod Eric and Regretsy)

Oh to have been at that meeting.

Song of the Day: "Always"

The band is Junip. That's all I got. Well, that and I totally dig the song.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, try again.

The nominations for the 2011 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame were announced today, and Chic are up again. This is their sixth shot, and I'm torn.

Chris Wilson woke me up to how totally underappreciated they are as a band. Hell, I've written about Nile Rodgers about a year ago (here)—he and Bernard Edwards have left a distinct and lasting imprint on the sound of rock and pop from the end of the disco era through the 80s and into the 90s.

But does Chic as a band deserve to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Does Madonna? How about Jimmy Cliff or Run D.M.C.? If this is a "pop music" hall of fame, or a "good music" hall of fame, then fuck yes! But if this is about rock & roll, I'm hard pressed to rationalize any of these four. But of these four, Chic is the most reasonable inclusion (aside from Run D.M.C.'s collaboration with Aerosmith, they didn't do anything outside of the rap milieu).

Chic have long struggled with disrespect, even back in the 70s at the height of their popularity and hits, they couldn't fucking get into Studio 54. The club played the shit out of their songs, but they couldn't get in the front door (they're black you know).

"Freak Out" is them saying "fuck off" to the club. Here it is live, with Slash on guitar.

The full list of nominees is: Alice Cooper; the Beastie Boys; Bon Jovi; Chic; Donovan; Dr. John; the J. Geils Band; LL Cool J; Darlene Love; Laura Nyro; Donna Summer; Joe Tex; Tom Waits; and Chuck Willis.

At this point it's difficult for me to guess who will actually get selected. There's no logic that would allow Run D.M.C. in but keep the Beastie Boys out. Donna Summer is as "rock & roll" as Madonna (if not more—Summer at least won a Grammy in the Rock field), but Madonna's shear volume of sales dwarfs Summer's.

Radio Room's Tom Waits
My evening cocktails (including one named after nominee Tom Waits) courtesy of Radio Room's trivia night are conspiring to send me bedward, but I will leave you with "the goddess" (per A Home at the End of the World), Laura Nyro. She died at age 49 from ovarian cancer. I've started to appreciate how her work as a writer and as a performer reached across traditional boundaries for artists, especially by including LaBelle on her Gonna Take a Miracle album (LaBelle including Nona Hendryx, bitches!). Melissa Etheridge, you totally need to cover this one.

"Buck up or stay in the truck!"

Matt Taibbi at (here) takes on the Tea Party with "Tea & Crackers." The title of my post is a quote in the article from one Sarah Palin, about which Taibbi asks, "What the hell does that even mean?"
A hall full of elderly white people in Medicare-paid scooters, railing against government spending and imagining themselves revolutionaries as they cheer on the vice-presidential puppet hand-picked by the GOP establishment. If there exists a better snapshot of everything the Tea Party represents, I can't imagine it.
Warning: he probably says "fuck" at least once.

"My best unbeaten brother"

It's also John Sayles's birthday today. He's a long-time favorite of mine (here) including (and especially) Matewan. Matewan features a young actor named Will Oldham who has since become a musician and adopted the named Bonnie "Prince" Billy.

So here is the title track from Billy's 1999 album I See A Darkness:

And here's Johnny Cash's take on the track (with backing vocals from Billy) from his American Recordings III: I Need to Pay Off This Boat Solitary Man:

And happy birthday to Sayles! Rock on dude!

Cunt du Jour: Joe Biden

Cunt du jour 9/28/2010
This was probably inevitable. Joe Biden makes me seem tactful, almost diplomatic.

But if someone makes me look thin, or even fit, that doesn't make it so, and the reality is that they are just, well, Jabba-esque.

Taking a cue from Phil Gramm, Joe Biden told the Democrat base to quit whining about President Obama.

You know what Joe, shut the fuck up.

Once you and Obama close Guantanamo, stop assassinating American citizens, stop covert wars, stop torture, bring the troops home, don't cave to Wall Street and big banks, stand up for your fucking cabinet appointees to get some of them fucking approved, repeal Don't Ask/Don't Tell, and put together a real, substantial jobs program, then I'll stop whining. Until then, do the job you promised you'd do.

Meanwhile, take a little of your own advice. Can't handle the whining, retire. You're 67 and with 1 in 7 living in poverty, someone could use that job more than you (you have full pension and Medicare).


Happy Birthday J.T. Walsh

Character actor James Thomas (J.T.) Walsh seldom played likable roles, but he was, by all accounts, a really likable, professional actor with a lot of friends and fans in high places. If you don't know the name, you probably know the face (if you're older than 30)--he's the guy who takes of his jacket (you might not know Donald Sutherland, so just clarifying).

If you don't know me super well, you might be surprised that I, who avoid scary movies, saw Stephen King's Needful Things in the theater, but I did. Three words: starring Ed Harris. Walsh steals the movie--this isn't his best scene but he does get a nice range of scenery chewing.

But if I'm gonna recommend just one movie of his, look up John Dahl's Red Rock West--a smart noir thriller with Walsh confusing a drifter with the man he hired to kill his wife.

Walsh worked in this weird anonymity where everyone knows you and no one knows your name--the fantastic Stephen Tobolowsky suffers through this, and Jane Lynch only recently escaped. I love watching these actors escape with a breakout role (Walsh might have ended up as the lead on a CSI or some villain on Desperate Housewives, but alas he passed away in 1998 at age 54). The folks at Fametracker (a site I'm not familiar with) have dedicated their "Hey! It's That Guy!" page (here) to Walsh with this explanation:
This section of Fametracker owes its genesis to two seminal sources. First, it owes its name and its concept to Fametracker friend Sars, who has been playing this game with The Biscuit for some time. Second, it could not exist were it not for the late character actor J.T. Walsh, who was the "Guy" of "Hey! It's That Guy!" throughout his long and illustrious career. The purpose of this section is to attach names to actors previously known only as "That Guy!" and to track both former "That Guy!"s who've graduated to identifiable-name status, and those former "name" actors who've declined to the well of "Hey! It's That Guy!"

In addition, Jack Nicholson dedicated his Oscar for As Good As It Gets to Walsh, and 3 movies that were released after his death were also dedicated to him: The Negotiator, Hidden Agenda, and Pleasantville.

Happy birthday dude! And rest in peace.

Song of the Day: "Better Than Love"

The is Hurts. Did you know "new wave disco lento" is a genre of music? It is. Here's an example (apparently).

I like the song (ergo I present it to you). I say that so as not to sound dismissive when I say that this is a love child of a touring member of Depeche Mode and a second cousin of Nitzer Ebb--musically, I'm not giving you the actual background of the band and if any of it happens to be true, it's totally coincidental (and it means I have an amazing ear).

I mean all that in a good way. Hell, in a GREAT way. See for yourself.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Waiting. For. Daddy.

(h/t to Clark for this photo of William H. Macy)

Welcome to Mars! It's open all hours.

Yes, that's a lot of weasels

How many hungry weasels could your body feed?

Created by Oatmeal

"I'm crying icicles instead of tears"

Meat Loaf (aka Marvin Lee Aday, aka Michael Lee Aday) also has a birthday today. I don't love him. I don't hate him. His Bat Out of Hell album was one I grew up hearing in the house--I think both parents liked it enough to play it. Others my age grew up with Dean Martin and Doris Day; I had "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights."

Truth be told, the work he does with Jim Steinman is really theatrical but I don't have a problem with it at all. Even the easily mock-able "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" isn't as bad as 80% of music released that year. My only problem with him is this: he called an album Bat Out of Hell 2: Back Into Hell instead of just calling it Back Into Hell, like we are too stupid to pick up on that reference.

And since American record buyers made that album successful, he's since released Bat Out of Hell 3: I Need To Pay Off This Boat (it might as well be).

Here's another song for Tim McGraw to cover (it's better than anything on Southern Voice), from 1977:

Happy Birthday Google

The company, which will change its name to SkyNet to fulfill the prophecies laid out in The Terminator movies, turns 12 today.

Terminators will be built, like all Google/SkyNet innovations, to assist in advertising. The "Term"-inators (as in search terms), are meant to look and act like humans, to mingle among us in places where people aren't actively online. Like in rest rooms, or the subway, or church (I said actively online, not offline altogether)--these human looking "Term"-inators will be there to react to the things you do or say, to provide you with relevant ads.

It will play out much like those Bing ads, except the search results will actually kinda make sense.

The "Term"-inator future, it's inevitable. But since Google provides my Blogger account to me free (and my youtube, and my gmail, and my Google Voice I haven't used), I say "all hail our new insect overlords."

Happy birthday dudes! Rock on! (Not that I could stop you--I need a buff Linda Hamilton, which requires a time machine.)

Song of the Day: "Bullfighter Jacket"

Miniature Tigers, whose "Cannibal Queen" was a favorite a few years ago, are back with another great pop song. The video itself is also fun: it's a Where's Waldo? activity book with, and you need to trust me on this, a LOT of bare flesh as well (I mean by all means watch, pause, look--it's there; my mutant powers are the ability to accidentally offend, and to see shirtless men--it's how I noticed, there are other flesh options as well). Enjoy.

Cunt du Jour: Ann HART Coulter

"Marriage is not a civil right--you're not black"--Ann HART Coulter
Cunt du Jour 9/27
Coulter is the reason I stopped watching The Today Show after DECADES. She is abrasive, distorting, and, technically, I think the positions she takes aren't actually wrong, which makes rebuttal difficult.

But I'm confused. Is marriage a civil right IF you're black? Cause if that's the case, it's a civil right if you're gay. And even if you're black and gay (which, according to depictions of gays in pop culture happens, but only very rarely--actually there was a whole show about it [Noah's Arc] but I've never seen it because I perpetuate stereotypes!).

My point, aside from Ann HART Coulter is a cunt, is that Ann HART Coulter is a fucking cunt. And what the hell IS marriage if it's not a civil right?

Oh, it's just a thing we do to certify unions, but only certain types of unions, just not yours. 


Of course, her take on 9/11 widows is even more thoughtful.

But THE most mystifying thing about her (I call Ann HART Coulter a "her" because it's polite to address people by the gender the dress as) is that she gets paid to be a fucking cunt. She gets paid a lot more than I do. How? Why?

(See, I'm just totally jealous.)

By the way, she's Ann HART Coulter because for more than a year I had to listen to her call our current President (yesterday's cunt du jour) Barack HUSSEIN Obama. So that must be how her tribe addresses people.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Look at the pretty princess


Europe according to gay men

(h/t Slate)

Maps based on stereotypes from Alphadesigner (here). Click to embiggenand follow the link because there's more.

Notes on Toy Story 3 (in 3-D)

Yeah, I'm done with 3-D. If I have the option, I'd rather not get a sweaty face. The glasses at today's venue were like having a diving mask on.

The movie was a bit of a disappointment for me, mainly because I fucking LOVE the first 2. After the second and third Matrix movies, I've been limiting the number of sequels I see. I feel vindicated in only seeing the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

So I had trepidation about the movie, but months later I had an opportunity to see it on a good screen with a cocktail, so I went for it. Meh. By any standards a great movie, and it honors the characters well (until the pedophile stops and plays with the little girl at the end while her parents just pretend everything was fine, la la la).

But this isn't a review, it's about tracking Oscar categories: Best Picture (why not, it's 99% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes), Best Animated Feature, Best Original Screenplay, Best Sound, and Best Sound Effects Editing, all strong shots. Not sure on Best Visual Effects or Best Editing. I think there's a Best Original Song in there, so "strong shot" on that as well, but maybe not the score. Also, yawn, the music wasn't impressive, but the Gypsy Kings' take on "You've Got a Friend in Me" was fun.

None of the actors turn in voice work that I think will break through the Oscar nomination glass ceiling, so I don't see anything much going on there. No great loss, all are solid (Tom Hanks is great, everyone else is solid).

OMG I'm going to the movies today

Here's a hint...

Cunt du Jour: President Barack Obama

For asserting the power to have American citizens killed, and applying state secret privilege to that act, so his assassination program can't be debated in court, he is not just perpetuating the most egregious sins of the war criminal/criminal against peace George W. Bush; he's also ordering individual murders. Details here.

Way to go.

Any truly progressive candidate who wants to start a campaign for President in 2012, please wave your hands. Cause Obama is just like George W. Bush Jr. (technically W. is NOT a Jr., because he doesn't have "Herbert" in his name, so don't correct me).


Happy Birthday Tracey Thorn

Are you over her yet? To recap, there are posts related to this

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"Down among the heretics, the losers and the saints, You are here amongst your own"
I feel like I've written enough, so here are some stray songs I haven't gotten to, but enjoy. I'll start with my favorite track from her Out of the Woods album in 2007, "Grand Canyon":

"Don't let the grass grow under your feet, The sands of times keep running"

From The Language of Life, "Meet Me in the Morning":

"Turn your back and lay to rest the ghost of your unhappiness that floats around from room to room"
From Idlewild, "Shadow on a Harvest Moon," written by Tracey, the trumpet is James McMillan (from her cover of "Over the Rainbow"), this one's for Val:

"In love and war there is nothing sacred"
Also from Idlewild, "Tears All Over Town" with a note to Trisha Yearwood; cover this, you'll totally rock it... and you're welcome:

"When all's well, My love is like cathedral bells"
It's a little overwhelming that this song is 25 years old. From 1985's Love Not Money--any song with the word "dross" in the lyrics makes me happy in a really geeky way. They really need to remaster their early albums though.

"This is not some Bible, like 'On The Road,' It's just a song about coming home"
My favorite from Worldwide, "One Place"--in the end if you take care, you can be happy or unhappy anywhere:

"How many men, unhappy, crammed inside their skin, Wordless to explain, stand at someone's door?"

I'm at a loss to explain "Horses in the Room"--it's one of the last things EBTG released before their hiatus to treat Ben's illness. It was on the EP with their cover of "The Only Living Boy in New York." My take on the lyrics is an ambivalent optimism, if such a thing is possible, and I think it is, cause I think that's me distilled to 2 words. Ambivalently optimistic. But don't tell anyone.
Horses In the Room by rebelagenda

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

And thanks, the last 26 years wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without you.

Wow Whitney Houston sure looks mad at Tracy Morgan

Cunt du Jour (9/25) Eddie Long; his wife will NEVER leave his side... cause she know.

Song of the Day: "You Can Dance"

I hope you had a great Tracey Thorn's Birthday Eve and you woke to find presents under your Thorn-y Bush.

Other people also have birthdays today.

Some of them are even musical legends (Olivia Newton John).

But Bryan Ferry is a musical legend with a birthday today, and has a new album out next month, AND is planning to tour with Roxy Music.

Sorry Olivia, but if you promise to tour with Roxy Music, you WILL be song of the day ASAP.

Olympia is Ferry's 13th solo studio album. I'd been naive to think BĂȘte Noire, which we played at the college radio station back in the day, was his first solo album--that was his seventh. D'oh. Today's song of the day suggests it might be a Madonna cover, but it's not--and there are several other tracks that suggest they are covers, but probably aren't (check out the list here and you'll see what I mean). Anyway, enjoy...

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!