Saturday, September 18, 2010

The follow-up to the sidedish war

Let me start with this--the chilled peaches I took last year, yeah, someone made those this year. Someone copied my last year sidedish.

I win!

Also my caprese was pretty much gone within an hour. Damn it was good. Trust the dirty hippies on tomatoes.

But these were good, carrots in a something something (like dill sauce):

And there were yummy desserts courtesy of the hosts (who, by the way, have an amazing yard because they spend a lot of time making it pretty--sha, whatev).
If you look past the cake, you'll see some shortbread that was part of fresh strawberry shortcake things. Damn good.

But still, I win. That's all you really needed to know.

In the quiet war of neighborhood sidedishes

I intend to win.

I'm leading with Erin's fun and easy salad of watermelon, feta and mint. The secret ingredient is lime juice and now that you know the entire contents of the salad, you can defend against this the next time we try to out-sidedish each other. Should it come to that. By the way did you ever see Kill Bill? No reason.
Something something watermelon from PSU farmers market.
Yes, they're not seedless, but they are fresh from the farmers market and, oh yeah, they're not pink, they're orangey yellow bitches. Ooooh, weren't expecting that were you? I take my sidedishes very seriously.

And the feta cheese is also from the farmers market!

And so are the heirloom tomatoes.
Heirloom to the left; roma to the right (duh)
Heirloom tomatoes appear to be tie-dyed or something. But I can blame any insufficiency of the caprese on a tomato with which I was unfamiliar being FORCED on my by some dirty hippie farmer type. You know how they get, all up in your face with "ooh, this is good for caprese" as if I asked (and just because I had, do you think that gives them permission?)...

But here's how it looked:

Now I'm just waiting on Clark to figure out what pretty outfit he's going to wear. He doesn't realize this is war. Sidedish war.

Danger Zone!

It's also Aisha Tyler's birthday and I can't wait for more Archer!!!!! It's on FX, and it's funny shit!!!!!

Happy birthday Aisha! Rock on!

"That depends on the tip"

It's Greta Garbo's birthday, and her second-to-last film Nintochka is wonderful! My all-time classic favorite Billy Wilder co-wrote the screenplay, Ernst Lubitsch directed, and Garbo smiles! Technically it's not the first time she did so on film, but that's how the studio marketed it. It's sweet and quirky and fun, and a great movie if you are hung over after bar hopping in WeHo with Chris Wilson. Or, you know, so I've heard.

But here's what's cute--they don't realize that socialists and communists are ALSO nazis--gosh, it's almost like the understanding of that era doesn't agree with the insane depiction of it by tea party idiots. Sheesh, people back then were SOOOOO dumb.

"In other words you don't know." "No." "Thank you."

Hysterical! Highly recommended, even if you're NOT hung over. But dammit, call Chris Wilson and see if he will join you, he doesn't go out much, but when he does (making the "drinky drinky" motion here). I wonder if he knows if that acid ever got used. (That, um, hydrochloric acid that was going to be used to, um, clean a sink up.)

And happy birthday to the great Greta Garbo. Rest in peace dude!

Happy Birthday Jada Pinkett Smith

Why has no one found the ADORABLE actress that Keenen Ivory Wayans featured in A Low Down Dirty Shame?

Guess I might need to check out HawthoRN, just in case.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "Glitter"

It's entirely possible that you recommended this to me, whoever you are. I don't quite recall running across this, but it's got appeal, that's for sure. The song isn't a Mariah Carey cover, always a plus. The 2-man band format sounds, in the best ways, like House of Freaks, another plus. The band itself is No Age--did YOU tell me about them? Yes you.

Friday, September 17, 2010

About Time: A Project Runway micro-recap (week 8)

If you had shown me this week's designs in the context of "science fiction prom dress" or "uniform for a sport you've never heard of" I would be less surprised with the output from the designers.

Also, as each week passes, it's more and more difficult to convince myself that Valerie is NOT Rachel Dratch in some extended, kinda unfunny SNL skit gone awry. Actually, in that situation, the outfits from last night make a LOT more sense.

In the Venn diagram that is "things Jackie Kennedy would have been caught dead in public wearing" and "things that are remotely considered sportswear," I think maybe 2 designers found the overlap--Mondo (the winner), and Ivy (who should have won).

Most were outside of both circles. Painfully so.

Which brings me back to "who the fuck are these people"? Seriously, this season is lacking. Can we fast forward to Ivy and Gretchen and, okay, Mondo in the finale? Please.

The sweet spot of encouragement

I've joined a new gym this month, and I've actually gone TWICE already. And actually that's just this week, so hooray.

I had every intention of going this week, but my boss sealed that by telling me that a certain Grammy winning musician was at the gym. A handsome Grammy winning musician, at that. Well, kinda handsome, kinda weird-looking.

I'm not naming names, but his band's name rhymes with grain.

It turns out, I'm just enough of a star fucker to have been motivated by the desire to see dude from Train (rhymes with grain) at the gym that I got over there. So I decided to tell my boss, a dedicated healthy person who runs and exercises with a laudable regularity, to mention that he just saw _______ (name of a believable B- or C- list celebrity who is also kinda handsome) at the gym.

And I will get my ass over there.


But I need to give some clear guidelines. First, think believable: Justin Timberlake is NOT going to work out at the Hilton gym, but pretty much any other boy band member from the late 90s might. Kenny Chesney, no; Kenny Chesney's drummer? Sure. Do you have any idea what Kenny Chesney's drummer looks like? Me neither, but if you say it like "duh, everyone knows him, sha" I'm not gonna doubt you; I will go check it out. [UPDATE: He has a name, Sean Paddock, and now he has a photo--I guess Kenny doesn't want to be upstaged but still, not bad.]

Contestants on Survivor or members of the band Survivor would both work; Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman wouldn't.

I did figure out that there's a low end that will not motivate me: K-Fed and Danny Bonaduce are both at that end of the pool. I'm guessing they're decidedly D-list (I'm not saying "appear on VH1 with regularity" is a litmus test, but let's keep that in mind), but I couldn't decide if Ryan Leaf is D-list or just ironic footnote (oh, ouch, here I'd thought Leaf was picked ahead of Peyton Manning, but I was wrong--Manning went first and Leaf went second, ahead of Matt Hasselbeck. There he is in the middle:
Where was I? Oh yeah, no D-list, or ironic footnotes.

Nearly anyone who was on a WB show that is no longer working is fine. Stars of CBS's Monday night sitcoms are not--they're either not going to be believable (I'd know if Neil Patrick Harris was in town), or they're not going to be motivating (I don't really need to see the King of Queens at the gym), or they're Charlie Sheen (which is to say neither motivating nor believable).

If you are in a pinch, just say "that guy from the thing you like, you know, the dude" and say it with sufficient confidence that I will just trust that it's someone.

I'm sure I will have just missed them, but it will motivate me to go earlier, and/or stay longer, both of which are good things I'm sure. And it's for my health--cause losing me for 3 months to a massive coronary won't be fun for anyone.

A tale of two directors

An interesting pair of directors share a birthday: Baz Luhrmann and Bryan Singer. One of them has directed some of the gayest movies in recent years but isn't gay, while the other has established himself with more traditionally masculine fare and is gay. I should probably point out that I don't really care about their sexuality, but I can't resist the contrast. Is that wrong? Probably. Will I let it stop me? Nah.

Moulin Rouge! is the finale of Luhrmann's red curtain trilogy (Strictly Ballroom and William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet are the others). It wears style and sentimentality as badges of honor and if you can embrace those, you will fucking love it. Note the exclamation point, it's a part of the movie's title!!! Kylie Minogue has a part in this movie! Gay!

The movie picked up 8 Oscar nominations including Best Picture but not Best Director, which I think gets it backwards--I didn't care much for the movie as a whole, but clearly Luhrmann put together a really fantastic, bold piece of cinema and that style deserved some acclaim. Since I haven't seen Black Hawk Down or Mulholland Drive, and I can't stay awake enough to watch A Beautiful Mind, I'll say that Luhrmann clearly deserved a nomination ahead of Ron Howard and leave it at that. It won the Oscar for Art Direction and for Costume Design, both of which were shared by his wife Catherine Martin. So Luhrmann's wife: 2, Luhrmann himself: 0.

Meanwhile, Bryan Singer made one of the most intense and acclaimed thrillers of the 90s: The Usual Suspects. It's currently ranked #25 on IMDB's Top 250 list, and while there's some gay shit in there (Kevin Pollack's secret longing for Stephen Baldwin; Kevin Spacey), you'd be hard pressed to convince your average movie-goer that this movie, and not Moulin Rouge!, was directed by the 'mo.

There are a LOT of things that I love about The Usual Suspects, many of which point directly to Singer: the cinematography is bold, the editing is driven. I mean Christopher McQuarrie gets credit for his Oscar winning screenplay, and the actors are solid, but Singer's clearly wielding some real talent.

Now that being said, I've not seen Luhrmann's R+J or Australia, nor have I seen Singer's reboot of Superman (tried, yawn) or Tom Cruise-as-a-nazi Valkyrie. But both these guys are truly talented directors, and they both deserve a birthday shout out. So happy birthday guys! Rock on!

I will leave you all with Luhrmann's hit single, "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)."

It's puppy time!

First up, important stuff:

I am mentioning the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive and hopefully PEDIGREE is donating a 20 pound bag of dog food to a dog shelter. I am all about shelter dogs and rescuing critters from a life of anything less than being treated like royalty. My mother said if she's reincarnated she wants to come back as one of my dogs. Yeah, I'd like to come back as one of my dogs too (I know that's not gonna work with the time/space continuum, but work with me peeps).

PEDIGREE dog awesomeness engage: details here!!!!!!!

And, AND, here's the new office puppy/Guidedog for the Blind trainee, Tuareg.

All of that with no superfluous (or even fluous) obscenities. You're welcome canines.

Happy Birthday James Urbaniak

Yeah, he's done other stuff, but who cares, he's Dr. Rusty Venture on The Venture Bros. Don't watch it? Lame. Lame lame lame.

Fucking hysterical!


Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Happy Birthday Anne Bancroft

If you didn't read about her glow last year at this time, go here and do it.

Happy birthday dude! Rest in peace.

Song of the Day: "All Day Day Light"

(h/t Leland for this recommendation)

The Morning Benders from this year's Big Echo.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maybe, if you ask politely, they will give you one

(h/t Countdown)
"American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains."--Christine O'Donnell, Republican candidate for US Senate from Delaware
Ms. O'Donnell has a variety of interesting thoughts on a large number of topics.

Sadly, she has spoken out against masturbation, so I can't really give her my full support.

Say what you will, but masturbation is sex with someone I respect*.

* Apologies to Woody Allen for the variation there.

"Maybe I was wrong to ever let you down"

"But I did what I did before love came to town"
15-time (and counting) Grammy winner B. B. King is celebrating his birthday today--here he is with 22-time (and counting) Grammy winners U2. This song holds up well after 20 years, in my never-humble opinion.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Did you know an electric RAV4 can go 60+ miles on a single charge?

You would if you talked to the delightful Ed Begley Jr. at a party. That's how I found out. And he IS delightful. I mean, he's not as much of a delight as me, fuckers, but he is quite pleasant.

Happy birthday dude! Keep fighting! And rock on!

And you, e.e. cummings, learn to capitalize!!!

Here's the thing, I totally love it when random people stumble across the blog. I'm not pushing myself on others (aside from a core group who will not fucking just pretend they read it) but lots of search terms seem to brings lots of people here. For example "Chris Isaak penis" is a popular string.

And, for no good reason, "Rick Burgess first wife." I had an open letter to him (here) with regard to his comments about homosexuality not being a biblically something something (I don't know, some morning drive douche doesn't like homos, and I called him out, lather, rinse repeat).

Someone left me this anonymous comment:
Congratulations. Anything profound you might have said was lost in your inability to express your views without using superfluous profanity.
It's not funny. It's just unoriginal and stupid. Have a nice fucking day.

Hey, fucker, it's NOT superfluous. That's how I talk. It's... fluous.

But I'm sure your blog is all cool and clever and, oh wait, no link... oh well. We'll never know how you might have said it, all mature and shit. Fuck, what a disappointment.

By the way, in the time it took you to complain, 160 defective fucking Dilbert fucking page-a-day calendars got by you, and your fucking Andrews fucking McMeel fucking Publishing coworkers. Asshat.

How will Democrats fuck this up?

The Daily Show on this week's Tea Party victories.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Tea Party Primaries - Beyond the Palin
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

Clearly this means we need to extend tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy

"Percentage of Americans in poverty rises to 14.3% in 2009, highest in decades, Census Bureau says."--per CNN alert I just got via email
I blame this on George W. Bush (war criminal, criminal against peace, drunk, dumb ass, smug entitled blue blood bitch pretending to be a cowboy). But since his elitist fucking base WANTS this country to shift to 2 classes, I'm sure they love him.

Hell, if your household makes more than $250,000 a year you probably love everything he's done too. I mean, fuck, it's SOOO much easier to shop at Banana Republic these days, amiright? Sure, there aren't as many lackeys to take your stuff up to the register, but at least there are far fewer other customers getting in your way. 

Of course, people living in poverty are just lazy, right? Lazy lazy unemployed, lazy lazy senior citizens who had their 401ks and their home values fucked. Wait, why don't we privatize social security, which would totally something something profits!

It's gonna be a great day.

And hey, if you want a stock tip, I just paid $9 for a small bag of dry dog food from 7-11 because I didn't know I was totally out when I could have done something cost effective. So 7-11 stores are making a profit (they're like an airport store, but without the security hassles)--stock tip: buy!

Oh, and if you un-ironically think that this crappy economy is exactly the time to extend the Bush tax cuts, where the fuck have you been this last decade? The Bush tax cuts are why we are here!

There are no new jobs. There is no trickle down. Nada. Fuck the Bush tax cuts. Anyone out of work should oppose extending ANY of them.

Happy Birthday Alexis Bledel

Can you believe we haven't celebrated Alexis yet?! She's one of the 2 (3, technically) Gilmore Girls! OMG!!!

Her high school graduation speech (Rory's, not Alexis's, but whatev peeps, they're one and the same) still makes me cry. Me and Luke--we're equally aloof and grumpy and surly, and now you know who he's based on.

Who reads books?

Anyway, happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "Radioactive"

New Kings of Leon, much like old Kings of Leon, which isn't meant derisively. Not at all.

Hey, is that black people drinking malt liquor and orange soda in the video? Awesome!

Watch as I save investigators more than $1 million

An elementary school student in the Portland area went missing months ago. The county sheriff's office has spent more than $1 million to investigate.

Using the power of statistics and common sense I will now solve the case: his step mother is responsible for his disappearance. He is now dead.

Let's accept these 2 facts and move forward with our lives please.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

About Time: A Project Runway micro-recap (weeks 7 & 8)

I'm falling behind, I admit it. I didn't set out to blog the show with regularity, so technically I'm not really letting anyone down, but yeah, at some point I either need to decide I'm doing this or give it up.

Here's a graphic I ran across at the wonderful I Love Charts (click to embiggen):

I am frustrated by the annoying Michael "x"? (Whichever letter is the dude from Palm Springs.)

I am happy Casanova is gone. He made for good TV, but annoying otherwise. Kinda reminded me of a guy I went out with very briefly in Dallas--don't remember his name at all, but he was code-named "Cajunman" because of his kinda sexy, but ultimately annoying, accent.

I still think there are a ton of losers on the show, but I didn't see what all the negativity about this was for:
Wait, that's not a boy in drag? Ouch.

I will try to stay current moving forward.

Song of the Day: "Echoes"

New music from Klaxons, baby, from Klaxons. I'm more excited about the idea than about the song itself--hopefully that reaches equilibrium soon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Not fuck myself in the head with stupid men"

Happy birthday also to Ms. Amy Winehouse. This song always spoke to me--and the way it samples 2 songs simultaneously is freaking brilliant.

Rock on!

Happy Birthday Walter Koenig

Star Trek's Chekov--here he is on Gidget, 45 years ago:

Even further back, in The Untouchables:

And finally, as Davy Jones's brother, in some version of Star Trek:

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

How sharks don't attack, and other statistics

(h/t I Love Charts)

From Wend (here)--one of my favorite summaries of statistics was about how people would go to the beach, freak out about the idea of sharks, get back in their cars and drive home with no sense that deaths by auto accident are insanely more likely to kill you than a shark. (click image to embiggen)

But I had no idea falling out of bed was such a risk.

After 9/11, a group of coworkers at my 18th floor office expressed concerns about their safety being in the "target building" in (cough) the likely target city of Portland OR. Right before they went downstairs for a cigarette break.

I have a LOT of friends, why do you ask?

Apparently tyranny is the old tax rate

Here's Ginni Thomas, wife of the very worthless Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas, rallying stupid people to fight back against "tyranny," to "take the country back" while she's being paid large sums of money by the billionaire Koch brothers.

It's not so complicated, Ginni, it's not so technical. You are a shill for billionaires who are trying to keep more of their money and not pay tax rates that will actually help fight the deficit. A deficit created by George W. Bush (war criminal, criminal against peace), the man YOUR HUSBAND installed in office when the Supreme Court heard Bush v. Gore, a case that should have stopped in the Florida Supreme Court.

Oh, and just so you know, Ginni was a member of a cult earlier (for reals, here), so you can never trust what she's saying, cause she's kind of an idiot.

Um, pass

(h/t Salon)

Training your dog to attach sluts (click image to embiggen)... wrong for many reasons, not the least of which is, well, let's just say there are sluts living in my house. I'm not saying who, but one of them is me. Well, at least I try.

Baby's first Gaga outfit

(h/t Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon)

More at The Frisky (here).  I'm thinking that for infants, maybe meat would be cost effective (well, unless mom is a vegetarian--Melanie, you can save the meat for my dogs).

Happy Halloween everyone. Here's the University of Oregon's On the Rocks a capella group:

Song of the Day: "Digging for Something"

If this is a good representation of Superchunk's sound in the 90s, then I missed the boat, cause I fucking love this song.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sad... and very true.

(h/t Scott at Bill in Exile)

Ed at Gin and Tacos (here) summarizes nicely the fact that the 9/11 terrorists won. They did. 19 dudes with box cutters fucked this country up in a serious and last way.

They did.

George W. Bush, war criminal, criminal against peace, said it was because they hate our freedom. It wasn't, but he's also a liar. And a drunk.

They hate our freedom. So George W. Bush fucked us all by ceding our freedoms to the cause of, I don't know, anti-terrorism. Fuck the first and fourth amendments. Fuck the notion that America doesn't torture. Fuck all of that.

They won.

"Unlike Americans, Islamic terrorists do not relate everything back to World War II. They see themselves not as an opposing army but as the Joker to our rule-based Batman. They are interested mostly in causing chaos, in destabilizing tenuously stable economies and societies through fear, panic, and a small number of well-timed and -executed actions. They thought we needed a better class of criminal than the Soviet boogeyman that was so hard to sell after 1991. And they gave it to us. [/Batman analogies]"
 And he has more:
"They won. Nineteen people plus a loose network of associates who helped them execute their stunningly simple plan at a total cost of about $400,000 (per the 9-11 Commission) gave up their lives to kill a few thousand innocent civilians and in the process drove an entire nation insane. How can we look at America circa 9/11/2010 and attempt to argue that they did not accomplish their goal? America is a neurotic basketcase dog-paddling in its own toxic vomit of xenophobia, proto-fascist politics, and an alarmingly large social divide. We pursued an utterly pointless war at the cost of over a trillion dollars, thus bankrupting (not to mention demoralizing) the nation and setting us at one another's throats even more violently as we fight over the scraps of a once-mighty economy in the shadow of an external threat that is, for the most part, in our heads."
This has nothing to do with our unjustified invasion of Iraq, and everything to do with removing our shoes before we can fly. Surrendering toothpaste. Body imaging that shows total strangers what you look like naked to CONFIRM, aside from the metal detectors, that you're not packing heat--unless you're hung, which is only metaphorical heat (oh wait, not it's not, but it's also unlikely even the most well endowed could take out an airliner, not these days).

Oh yeah, Bush said he'd "git" Bin Laden, "dead or alive." He's a liar, but technically, when he's found years after his death, Bush can finally rest easy. Fucker.

Dear The Hague, when you coming for him?

Here's the Dixie Chicks.

Happy Birthday Nell Carter

An Emmy and Tony winning actress, both for Ain't Misbehavin' (she got additional Emmy nominations for Gimme a Break!), she passed away 7 years ago due to complications from diabetes. She had several rough patches in her life, but let's just celebrate a moment when 2 icons, taken too soon, finally met--here's Nell with Andy Gibb.

She really was a great go-to for really theatrical musical numbers. That voice, wow. There are a lot of women with big voices like hers (I'm partial to a Broadway performer named Lillias White), but Nell had the voice, the acting, and the charisma for live appearances and TV.

Have you heard the Mary Tyler Moore theme sound as good?

I'll leave you with 2 versions of the theme for her hit show Gimme a Break!--the second version might be the most 80s thing I've heard in a million years.

Happy birthday dude! Rest in peace! Andy too!

Cher had the what now?

Mary Elizabeth Williams is a writer at Salon who I generally enjoy. It's just that, well, awards show recaps aren't her strongest suit. Or maybe it's an editor-free environment. Her recap of the VMAs (here) is excessively filled with too cute references to inappropriate behavior at every reader's wacky family events (Uncle Tommy's funeral, your daughter's fifth birthday, your eHarmony date... totally relate-able, each and everyone). All this is fine, I guess. I have my own style issues. But nothing beats this recap of Cher's appearance (click to embiggen):
"The oldest chick with the biggest chair..."

Like a Hoveround chair?

For your Monday

May you not have the same client I have.

Song of the Day: "Hands Reversed"

Newish Tokyo Police Club, from Champ.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Ben Folds

I was at a family reunion in, who can say, mid late-90s, I don't even remember where we were. We were out by the motel pool, and one of my cousins, probably 15+ years younger than me was blasting Ben Folds Five. When "Song for the Dumped" came on I mentioned to my sister that the song features some language that might be considered inappropriate for the kids under 10 playing in the pool.

For some reason, most people don't think "give my money back you bitch" is polite language, let alone "fuck you too." Whatever, prudes.

There was a quick splash of activity as my cousin came out of the water and rushed over to the very 80s boom box and turned the volume down. At least someone in my family has the decency to think about the children. Make a note of that people.
"And don't forget to give me back my black t-shirt"
So let's start Ben's birthday celebration with Ben Folds Five's "Song for the Dumped":

It did lead me to ask the question "wait, why is my cousin listening to Ben Folds Five?" After all, this was a little indie band that I heard via KERA-FM in Dallas, the band that reminded me of Joe Jackson (in the best way). How did "Brick" become the third-biggest hit song ever about abortion? (Second biggest hit: "What It's Like" by Everlast; Biggest hit: "Sara" by Fleetwood Mac.)

"I'll sing a song yeah, and it won't be the blues, 'cause I don't miss Juliann(e)"
I heard or read an interview with Ben where he talked about writing songs specific to real people or events, and then changed the name. So "Julianne" isn't about anyone named Julianne. I put this song on my MP3 player after I left my shitty 6 months in LA, and loved to do cardio to it when I'd hit the gym in the morning, because while the events depicted in the song are nothing like my time in LA, I definitely did not miss my old boss, Juliann. Bitch. Actually, that's not fair: condescending idiot, was really the problem.

"Alice the world is full of ugly things that you can't change
Pretend it's not that way, that's my idea of faith"
I have "Alice Childress" among the songs loaded on my phone/media player/otherwise painful to use device thanks to AT&T's crappy data network. I love the way the song's arranged--it makes the most of the band's limited instrumentation and has a timeless feel to it.

"An errant dog who occasionally escapes and needs a shorter leash"

I don't think my love for his 2008 duet with Regina Spektor, "You Don't Know Me" is driven by his comfort with the word "fuck" but that certainly doesn't hurt. I love the sentiment too. I hope Ben never gets a defective fucking Dilbert fucking page-a-day calendar from Andrews fucking McMeel fucking Publishing (they make all the defective Dilbert calendars)--cause they won't replace it, they fucking won't.

He didn't write this song

I love his cover of The Cure's "In Between Days"--he tackles in such a way that this is clearly a loving homage and not some novelty goof.

He didn't write this one either

His cover of "Bitches Ain't Shit" is exactly the opposite, and wonderful for that reason.

"2,000 people here in Charlotte are here to cheer you up"
Merton is the guy who first started writing songs for Chatroulette, but many folks thought it was Ben Folds. Folds picked up the idea and performed tributes to Merton on his tour. Chatroulette seems so dated now that we have cam4. And if you don't know cam4, I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about. Also that's not me.

"I see that there is evil and I know that there is good, and the inbetweens I never understood"
I'm so happy Ben is out there--there's something about his style, his musicality, and his flagrant use of the word "fuck" that gives me hope for humanity. So when I go back to the first album, don't think I don't like his recent stuff, think "Rich really likes that first album" because, dammit, I do. According to the liner notes of Naked Baby Photos, this song may or may not be about Ben's penis.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

So clearly we need to attack lupus

(h/t Salon)

Wonkette, the best source for political snarkiness created a post perfectly titled "Here’s a 9/11 Death Chart To Drive Your Wingnut Relatives Crazier" (here)--they compiled data and this is the result (click to embiggen):

Using the same logic that had us invade Iraq, surely death from diabetes means we should attack lupus.

PS: 104,000 dead in the unprovoked Iraq War makes George W. Bush QUITE the criminal against peace. Dick Cheney too.

Song of the Day: "Crazy"

Never realized how much of Keane's sound comes directly from James, but their (James') new single kinda brings that home. Don't call it a comeback... technically that was last year's album.

"Whatever it takes, Baby I'll do it for you"

A long distance dedication of 1979's top-10 hit "Stumblin' In" from John in Portland to, well, John didn't say who stole his heart, but maybe it's Suzi Quatro whose proto-lesbian motif launched a quarter million she-mullets and Joan Jett's career (mullet included). Or maybe it's Chris Norman who is... a... person. His? Her? A person who sings? A person who seems uncomfortable with multiple cameras while lip-syncing. (I do that too, I need a single camera and low lighting, otherwise I'm easily distracted and forget the words I'm faking.)

Since he doesn't specify, I'm going to assume it's a long-distance dedication to Monica Kaufman. It's been a year for him away from Atlanta, and that's got to hurt.