Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Song of the Day: "Please Don't Follow Me"

One of 8 or 9 original songs James Murphy wrote and recorded for the original soundtrack to Greenberg (he also wrote the movie's score, and just to confuse me in terms of which hat he's wearing, there's also an LCD Soundsystem song on the soundtrack). When this song came on, late in the movie, I was fascinated enough to use Shazam to identify the song, oblivious to the fact that I just got the soundtrack from the library last week. I just needed to confirm that it was an Anthony and the Johnsons song. (It wasn't, it was James Murphy, somehow that's super fascinating to me, but if you find all this tedious, just click play.)

There's something about this song that makes me think I've been too quick to dismiss the movie. I hate that, being forced to reconsider things--why couldn't I be more like George W. Bush (war criminal/yadda) and just declare any rash conclusion I draw as final? Having his family's CIA connections would be cool too (you know his daddy assassinated John F. Kennedy [or was it Barbara on the grassy knoll? with those shoulders she could handle that caliber rifle with no problem... hmm, if something happens to me Barbara Bush killed JFK]). Now are you ready to listen to the song?

Song: "Please Don't Follow Me"
Artist: James Murphy

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