Friday, December 31, 2010

Song of the Day: "Ass on the Floor"

I close out 2010's songs of the day with another track from Last Train to Paris that I will, begrudgingly credit to Diddy-Dirty Money. In the (cough) highly unlikely event that Diddy changes his name in 2011, I will, of course, regret showing him a modicum of respect.

When I heard "Yeah Yeah (You Will)" I was instantly taken with it, and surprised at its Euro-disco feel. I don't mean to trivialize the things that triggered this album, and its musical themes, but I think it's safe to say "Diddy really likes Ibiza." This track starts with a more traditional hip hop sound thanks to Swizz Beatz (who is American), but in trying to described the music, "drum and bass" isn't really appropriate. It's like a marching band's snare drum is driving the song--for the purposes of this post, just start listening at 0:35.

Lyrically (yes, fuck you, I said "lyrically), the song provides key advice for your New Year's Eve plans: "When you're in the club, get your ass on the floor." If you go out to a party or nightclub tonight, dance. If you go to Club Couch (hey Melanie), try sitting on the floor in front of the couch--it's a totally different experience!

Since this comes so late in the year, I'm giving it the "singles" label, along with "song of the day" (because I know you care about my label taxonomy and its application), and all my "singles" labels get lyrics included. Employees of Andrews McMeel Publishing should stop reading now.
"You're the love of my life
But you hurt my heart twice
Now I'm drunker than a muthafucker
Trying to find my way back to your heart you muthafucker"

Song: "Ass on the Floor"
Artist: Diddy-Dirty Money/Swizz Beatz

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