Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Ben Kingsley

You have to love a top-rate actor with a great sense of humor. Earlier this year he did a video audition (a la Heidi Montag) for Michael Bay and the next Transformers movie. (Rerun, but worth it.)

Here he is as Don Logan, his character from Sexy Beast, and Anthony Hopkins:

And finally, he brought Don Logan to Live Aid in a series of promos:

Ben has an Oscar and a Grammy, along with 4 Emmy nominations. Clearly he needs to pick up an HBO miniseries role to get the E in EGOT, then it's on to Broadway. I'm sure he'd handle My Fair Lady just fine (as Henry Higgins, NOT Eliza Doolittle, although that would be interesting to check out). If you thought I was going to say The King and I, almost.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on.

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