Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cunt du Jour: Ann HART Coulter

I know naming Ann HART Coulter as a cunt du jour might seem like me naming Midge dog of the day, but you might be surprised to learn that I actually go out of my way to avoid her. I gave up 10+ years watching Today to avoid her 3 or 4 appearances a year. As a whatever-the-fuck-she-is (pundit? policy expert? human-sized novelty vagina?), she says or writes things that I have trouble rebutting. That frustrates me. I know she's wrong when she says things like "9/11 widows are harpies" but I lack physical evidence, like non-harpy DNA evidence from each of those widows.

So I avoid. I keeps my high bloods under control (that plus Dynacirc CR).

Anyway, I didn't go looking for Ann HART Coulter when I saw this (thanks a fucking lot, Towleroad).
"People who are promoting this could not care less about the military. They would like to destroy the military and so it's a win-win for them, either it works, which it won't, or it doesn't work and 'yay the military is wrecked. When we're putting girls and gays in the military we are not taking the military seriously."--Ann HART Coulter

First, let me make sure we're all clear that she's saying women in the military are undermining military readiness. Got that?

Anyway, this was good, really. It was revelatory, in fact. It was with this that I realized why I can't rebut Ann HART Coulter. Because Ann HART Coulter is making shit up, and there's just no fucking way to rebut someone who is batshit crazy.

Here's my official rebuttal: PROVE IT, CUNT.

Seriously. She asserts that everyone (EVERYONE!!!) working to end "don't ask/don't tell" wants to destroy the military.


Olive drab, maybe, but no, she's saying the WHOLE MILITARY. Yeah, cunt, we want to join a club to get it closed. God she is clueless.

What does "destroy the military" even look like?

Normally I'd point to all kinds of empirical evidence of other countries whose military forces have effectively integrated both girls and gays. In fact, I think most Americans who aren't cunts think that girls thing is basically a non-issue here. So normally I'd use this kind of logic, but today I don't have to.

Here's today's rebuttal: PROVE IT. (Sorry, PROVE IT CUNT.)

Give me one factual piece of evidence that suggests any kind of coordinated effort by opponents of "don't ask/don't tell" (like the Joint Chiefs of Staff, why would they want to destroy the military, that's their job) to destroy the military.



(I really do try to avoid that word, and I really REALLY try to avoid it with Ann HART Coulter because I don't want to seem misogynistic, but I checked with my lesbian neighbor and she said, "oh no, honey, have at it" and she's black, so I think that gives me bonus points or something.)

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