Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Singles: "Tightrope"

Janelle Monae opened for Of Montreal, and she ALSO suffered both from the venue's shitty acoustics, and from wasted effort on needless theatricality. Seriously, 3 to 5 minutes setting the stage for a robot persona traveling back through time, Cindy Mayweather (shit, that name I can remember?! are you kidding me), and I think we forgot all about that within the next 15 minutes. I have no problem with people aspiring to be the next Ziggy Stardust, but maybe they need to listen to Chris Gaines again before they try. Just a thought.

Monae's The ArchAndroid is one of the best reviewed albums this year (wait, crap, technically it's The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III) so I think we're getting on thin ice), and Metacritic ranks it as the 33rd best reviewed album in the history of that site with a normalized score of 91 (here), so I expected an Album of the Year nomination for it (along with Rosanne Cash's fantastic The List, with a "generally favorable" score of 79). I hadn't considered the epic mediocrity of Katy Perry (Metacritic score of 52); thanks Grammy voters.

I instantly fell in love with the song. The video is great and not embed-able (seriously, Janelle, can you set up a proper Vevo channel?), so you'll never know unless you make an effort. I tried to figure out what it was that was so unique but familiar. It's Big Boi from Outkast--it's got some of the best aspects of "Hey Ya" (and I'm not suggesting it's derivative). And the girl tore this song up live.
"When you get elevated,
They love it or they hate it
You dance up on them haters"

Song: "Tightrope"
Artist: Janelle Monae/Big Boi

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