Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Singles: "Hollywood"

When I made this song of the day back in November, John wondered why the video didn't include Buble himself. THAT video wasn't embed-able (at the time), so I went with the lyrics video. Watching the Buble-included video now, I don't think I would have felt as good about the song had that been the video that got used. I like Buble (by the way, how do you get the little "not an umlaut" thing over the e?) but there's something about the various costumes (or just the Bieber one at the beginning) that has an aura of a John Mayer-esque douchiness.

Wait, is it misogynistic to use "douche" as a pejorative? And did Reggie Bush really not understand that "no homo" might be insulting to teh gayz? Nigger please. (BTW, who's his dad again? Cause he doesn't look like Jeb or George W. or Neil.)

Back to Buble: the "play different characters in the video" thing won Taylor Swift an MTV Video Music Award, which in turn caused Kanye West to interrupt her acceptance speech, which in turn caused a groundswell of sympathy votes which enabled her to win a Grammy for Album of the Year. So I expect big things for Buble coming out of this video. Also, is it just me (it usually is), or does he look a lot like dude from How I Met Your Mother in the car crash scene? (Tall dude, not unfunny dude or Neil Patrick Harris.)

"Well, remember when you're rich that you sold yourself for this
You'll be famous 'cause you're dead"

Song: "Hollywood"
Artist: Michael Buble

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Becky said...

I have a theory. If you're a lame/middle of the road band or singer... Releasing a song called "Hollywood" or with the word "Hollywood" in the title, is just a cheap ploy to get your song on any television show depitcting people who LIVE in Hollywood, or are just ARRIVING in Hollywood, or maybe a lame played-out singing reality show where the winners are told "you're going to Hollywood". It's called selling out. Cashing in, whatever.

With that, I wish Michael Buble continued mediocre talent and all the 40 something housewives he can handle... oh, and he deserves to hang with the likes of Josh Groban. bleeeeeech!