Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Singles: "Dark and Lonely Night"

I've mentioned how much I love Teenage Fanclub's Shadows album (duh, they're Scottish). It's their 10th studio album and they're 20 years into their career, so they, along with Trashcan Sinatras, are my "early 90s Scot flashback happy thing" for the year.

"Dark and Lonely Night" isn't even ON Shadows, it's on the something something version of Shadows that you can only get from either iTunes or Amazon, and not from Amazon or iTunes. Let me just speak on behalf of ALL former crazed b-side collectors turned middle aged people who WANT to be more engaged with music: QUIT IT. If you want me to buy your album, just give me a fucking album. Don't make me compare the track listings at different sites to figure out which version of an album will satisfy the complete-ist in me. Because Paul Weller has salted that earth (go see how many actual albums The Jam had, then look at how many "greatest hits" albums The Jam has)--I adore my Style Council boxed set, but it also mocks a good amount of time, money and effort I put into getting every fucking piece of vinyl he put out. So bands with core fans over 40, QUIT IT. Make it easier to keep up with your music, and we'll thank you for it. Maybe we'll even buy your music.

This song has a strange formality to the lyrical style (The Avett Brothers had something similar with "I and Love and You"), and I'm not sure what it is about the song that caught me and keeps me. But it's still got me.
"I have held you in the morning bed your sleeping body I do know
Only you could cure the pain and suffering that I do undergo"

Song: "Dark and Lonely Night"
Artist: Teenage Fanclub

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