Thursday, November 4, 2010

Song of the Day: "She's Always A Woman"

Sometimes you never know what YouTube is gonna suggest when you finish a video. I got through a variety of clips by Stornoway (loving them still) and this came up. It could have easily been a mess in any and every number of ways.

And it's not.

Not even a bit.

Fyfe Dangerfield is the lead singer of the Guillemots (or gUiLLeMoTs if you will... you won't? me neither), who were Mercury Prize short listed back in 2006 (back when Hillary Clinton was a lock for the Democratic nomination). But Fyfe is also a solo artist (like Phil Collins and Genesis, let's say), releasing Fly Yellow Moon early this year.

But this track wasn't initially on the album. This was used in a television ad and its popularity prompted prompted a "deluxe edition" release with this song included.

None of that shit is nearly as interesting and his version of this 33-year old song is. Check it out:

Song: "She's Always A Woman"
Artist: Fyfe Dangerfield

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