Thursday, November 25, 2010

Song of the Day: "Dead American Writers"

The band is Tired Pony, a supergroup (a group with special powers from Earth's yellow sun) with dude from Snow Patrol, a someone from Belle and Sebastian (not dude though), Editors, Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows and Pete Buck. The album, The Places We Ran From, was recorded here and, well, that's about all I know.

That and my turkey is done cooking, I'm pretty sure (I turned it off and forget to check the temp and now it's cooled). But the crock pot is pretty fool-proof, and lest you scoff, it's actually really moist (you just don't get the golden delicious skin, but really, it's so moist, whatev).

Now to clean the house before my dad arrives.

Song: "Dead American Writers"
Artist: Tired Pony

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