Wednesday, November 24, 2010

OMG someone used teh inter-webs for a hoax!

(h/t Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon's Broadsheet)

Previously, in a post titles "Frivilous or pathetic?" (here) I wrote about a couple who was allegedly putting to the whims of a random internet poll whether or not to abort his wife's latest pregnancy.

Turns out (quelle surprise) that the dude and his wife are actually expecting (but if the God of the Old Testament is paying attention, not for much longer), but they were never going to abort "Baby Wiggles." Yep he named the "unborn child" because people just, you know, randomly have abortions cause they're SOOOO much fun and everyone else has them (10th one is free!) and they have really great tote bags full of arugula for you when you leave, and maybe THAT would give them something to think about.

So an Old Testament wrath would be that she miscarries this pregnancy. A Dickensian fate would be if his wife dies in child birth. I think the O Henry meets Quentin Tarantino outcome is that the kid grows up and kills the parents. [UPDATE: I thought of a fourth on my way to work, in which the child grows up to perform late term abortions... AND IS A LESBIAN.]

Maybe I'll put it to an internet vote and they can act on that like they're going to act on the outcome to their "should we get an abortion" vote (hell yes, did you see those tote bags?!).


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