Saturday, November 27, 2010

Macy Gray... in a role that will surprise you

Macy Gray/Mohamed Osman Mohamud
I Tried, the wacky story of the failed terror attack in Portland, Oregon, coming soon to Comedy Central.

Okay, a quick minute here. There's a terror attack in Portland and none of you checked on me? (Sure, it failed, but hello, you weren't even a little worried?)

And dude said he wanted to attack Portland because "no one ever thinks of it." Oh snap. You know what bitch, fuck you. Also, you know where no one really ever thinks of? Columbus, Georgia. Go there instead. That square is a block from my office—had that bomb actually gone off, I would have been inconvenienced (I'm sure they would have closed that MAX stop, and it's like 6 blocks to the next one). That's just rude.

I'm eagerly awaiting hearing about how this is a failure of Obama's, which I'm sure we will got on Monday.

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Lisa Ransdell said...

You, the kids and Mr. French were the first thing I thought of (really!). I just knew there would be a post at some point. You're like the British during the Blitz: make a joke, keep a stiff upper lip, keep soldiering on.... Very glad your commute wasn't affected. Very glad this dude was FOILED. And yes, I'm sure Obama is to blame.

Denver Lisa